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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Not partners and rivals: Germany has called Russia a threat to national security

The German government edited by the Ministry of defence “White paper” – a document that is a guide for the implementation of national security policy. An updated doctrine, expected to be approved soon. It lists the main threats to the security of Germany .

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who spoke yesterday about the prospects of the common economic space of Russia and EU

Newspaper Die Welt lists ten points, recognized as the most important from the point of view of national security. Thus, the document primarily refers to the growing threat of terrorism. The authors of the doctrine is considered dangerous for Germany the return of the volunteers from “hot spots”, as well as the possible radicalization among sympathizers. It is noted that terrorists have broad opportunities to promote and carry out terrorist attacks, and they regard Germany as one of their targets.

It is noteworthy appearance in the list of threats to Russia. In the German government say that Russia is no longer a partner of Germany and now Berlin is inclined to consider her as a rival. Most Germans wary of Russia’s willingness to defend its interests even by force, according to the doctrine. Also the authors of the strategy note of the increased Russian military activity at the external borders of the EU.

“Eating is not going to happen a fundamental change of the policy of Russia, this country in the foreseeable future will be the security challenge for our continent,” says the White paper.

In the list of threats to appear on Germany and migration in Europe. The authors emphasize the doctrine that is considered dangerous is the uncontrolled migration and not the phenomenon itself.

The authors also 80-page document see a risk to the cybersecurity of Germany in connection with viral attacks. Another danger they see radical nationalism, which, as highlighted in the White paper, has become a problem for the whole United Europe.

In addition, the text focuses on escalating the arms race, driven by the desire of developing countries to modernize their armed forces.

Details updated doctrine came just after German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the economic rapprochement of Russia with the EU and spoke about the prospects of creating a common economic space “from Lisbon to Vladivostok .”

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