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Sunday, March 25, 2018

No money, but here’s Kudrin

The new head of CSR Alexei Kudrin has named the main problems, they are also “systemic risks”, modern Russia. In the first place in the black list is “inadequate to the challenges of governance and corruption”. The situation is somewhat reminiscent of the old Soviet anecdote about a plumber, who said, seeing the bathroom in the city party Committee: “Yes then the whole system needs to be changed!” However, if the plumbing-the free-thinker went on the first number, then Mr Kudrin, on the contrary, becomes more and more important power. She really really wants to change?

New rise of the former Minister of Finance is impressive in its swiftness. April 26, Alexei Kudrin was elected Chairman of the Board of the Foundation “Center for strategic research” — one of the major brain centers of power. 1 may was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Economic Council under the President (Chairman of the Board — Vladimir Putin himself). May 17, headed the working group of the Economic Council in the direction of “Priorities for structural reforms and sustainable economic growth”. Finally, Kudrin, has led them to the CSR, the ordered development of the socio-economic development after 2018, which should be ready by the summer of 2017. “This is the order of the President”, — stressed the contractor.

Mr Kudrin went to the government with all seriousness. Last Saturday, the CSR held a conference “Challenge-2017”, which was attended by leading Russian experts, government officials, businessmen, representatives of civil society. According to the results of the discussions should be created a comprehensive “risk map”, on the basis of which there is a written strategy.

But the main elements of this sad landscape, the head of CSR Kudrin has decided to designate, without waiting for the complete systematization. In addition to the above bribery and sloppiness is “the problem of Russia’s positioning in relation to global capital markets and commodity markets, as well as the high level of uncertainty and unattractiveness of domestic investment”.

Frankly, on this listing you can, perhaps, and finish. To continue this sad list is to resemble the characters in another famous example of folk humor: “Why didn’t you shoot?” — “First, there was no cartridges…” there are questions and to the purpose of the document ordered by Putin. From an economic point of view in a rapidly developing crisis strategy, which will be written a year and who knows how many after that to be negotiated and rest, makes no sense. It risks to become obsolete even before it is delivered to the last point.

Well, unless, of course, it will not be a set of truths and good intentions. But in this capacity it does not need. Oh, what, with what, and with programs full of liberal dreams, napryazhenka in the country. Take the “Strategy-2020”, commissioned by the government in 2011. This remarkable document on more than 800 pages has not lost its relevance today: which page nor open — things are there. And there is great doubt that the same fate does not befall kudrinskoe creation.

And it’s not that Kudrin may again fall out of favor. In fact, past his overthrow apalai in the strict sense can not be called: from the circle close to the President former Finance Minister gets thrown out. Which, incidentally, can be considered a response to the question of the compatibility of Putin and Kudrin is perfectly compatible. As well as other “systemic liberals”. But it is equally clear that the ideas they declared, are very poorly aligned with the “General line”. Say, one of the favorite expressions of the past President was: “Now let’s hear Kudrin and did it your way”. And reason to believe that this approach has changed radically, yet. Kudrin broadcasts — the caravan moves on.

However, work on a new strategy as tireless and expert work of Kudrin as a whole, filled with lots of political meanings. First, it is a powerful sedative for alarmed liberal society and liberal oriented business: the return Kudrin should demonstrate to the public that the government has not lost touch with reality and with the wise of this world. It is probably also a little signal to the West: wrong, they say, those who believe that the Kremlin puts on the “isolationists” and “dirigiste”. Thus, remarkably, none of the ideological opponents of the head of the CSR in the experiment were not injured. The position of economic adviser to the President continues to hold Sergei Glazyev, a second Deputy in Putin’s Economic Council and became its assistant Andrey Belousov — another long-time opponent of Kudrin.

Second, the new commanding heights of Alexei Leonidovich may well be a launching pad for a much more high-flying. In the premiere of Alexei Kudrin is tipped for a long time, and the latest developments this version at least does not refute. Unlikely, of course, the change of government will happen before the presidential elections: the contract signed by Putin and Medvedev in the fall of 2016, this option, apparently, excludes. But after the elections nothing can be ruled out.

If by the time the crisis is over, and it is more than likely that the current government the concept of “no money but you keep” will have to change something. Such replacement option, as “there is no money, but here’s Kudrin who knows how to get the money”, doesn’t look so fantastic.

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