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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Medina advised Pavlenkova drinking kefir

On the second day of the book festival “Red square” captured kinaliada. The place at the Mausoleum to talk about film, where you accidentally remember the words – “While the people are illiterate, from all arts for us the major are cinema and circus”. The walls of the Kremlin yesterday staged both. The program begins with a presentation by writer, historian Vladimir Medinsky.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

Topic of conversation – the 100th anniversary of the Brusilov breakthrough. Only Medina spoke like next to it, the music started – Peter Nalich for the play of Ramtha “Odyssey of the North”. (The singer especially for the festival prepared with a team of fragment production.) Culture Minister outraged the sound coming from the stage – two minutes later it’s choked. Included “Cruel romance” Ryazanov, Medina then began to tell about the operation, history, and mentioned on “Leviathan” Zvyagintsev. In his opinion, such films cannot be removed by the state. But most of all from the Minister went to Andrey Zvyagintsev and – Pyotr Pavlensky.

Medina: “I accuse all and Sundry that I do that are destroying actual art, implanted ideology. Just yesterday I had an unpleasant discussion on this subject: that the Ministry of culture harms contemporary art implants and Stalin, Imperial and monarchical ideology. We don’t think so. We honestly try to support everyone who loves his country, his story. I don’t understand why modern art must be associated with genitalia drawn on the bridge (about the action group “War” – K. K.)? Why do we have this to present state awards? We are not going to do that!

I do not think the art of nailing herself for the private parts to the cobblestones of red square (About Pavlensky – K. K.). This mentally sick man, he needs to undergo treatment, the yogurt at night to drink the tea good and strong, not to abuse alcoholic beverages. His behavior has nothing to do with art. There is a “Innovation” award, which is supported by Our national center for contemporary art. This year, on her Grand Prix was announced the same well-known artist (don’t want PR) with the performance of the arson of the doors of the FSB at the Lubyanka. We must pay tribute to the leadership award, which found that performance is not glamorous and did not give him first prize. Then the part of the jury resigned in protest, but it’s wrong (apparently, to present the award for such action – K. K.)

Ideology is simply a set of ideas according to which man feels in the world; it is a set of ideas about how to proceed should and should not what is black and what is white. People without a set of ideas – monkey. She only eats, drinks and is able to nail himself to the pavement. I consider ideology in this sense”.

Dear readers, sorry I quoted Medinsky in large volume. But how can you not give the words of the first representative of the country’s culture at the cultural event? After meeting the writer read a long time argued why during his speech showed “a Cruel romance”. And then someone remembered a phrase from the movie: to the question Above – “so Do you chain?” – Larissa Ogudalova said, “Worse… the Shackles!”. So after the Minister had the impression that our culture is also in shackles.

…Second day of the festival was a success. Andrei Konchalovsky, Mikhail Shvydkoi presented version of the most controversial premieres of the season – the rock Opera “Crime and punishment”. It was conceived 35 years ago as a parody of “Jesus Christ superstar”, but implemented a large-scale project only recently. Libretto by Yuri Ryashentsev explained that “Dostoevsky, like no other Russian classic, gives rise to modern musical expression.” It in statement is sufficient, because the music was composed by Eduard Artemyev. The festival has limited itself to showing videos of performances and two arias of Rodion Raskolnikov and Sonya Marmeladova; only in the rock Opera involved 60 artists, including Yefim Shifrin.

– We had to give up a lot from the novel, but at the same time, didn’t miss anything, ” says Director Andrei Konchalovsky. – Took complex philosophical material, requiring huge performance impact. It was difficult, because in this work it is difficult to hide a lack of talent: acting, music, choreography. At the time, Dostoyevsky said that you can do anything, the main thing is to keep the spirit of the novel. Think: we did it.

Another of the curious – the final contest of reciters “Live classics”, where defined the strongest guys who read works from the curriculum. Between the presentations provided guests with clowns, acrobats and tightrope walkers. Meanwhile on the court next to fantast Sergey Lukyanenko admits that he wants the film adaptation of “patrols” more based on his books (now we make the show on his works). And Tatiana Ustinov talks about his experience as a screenwriter. It turns out, together with Stanislav Govorukhin she wrote a script for a children’s movie. All day the festival shows cartoons: kids with parents, Teens and the elderly are lying on cushions, as in chair home, and look at the five-meter-high screen at the Museum of history – a strong impression.

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