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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Dmitry Medvedev read poems on red square

Under Peter I the walls of the Kremlin read on the benches, there’s been immersed in the literature on the loungers under Dmitry Medvedev. The Prime Minister walks through the main pavilions of the book fair, publications receives a gift so that the guards did not have time to relate them. Some essays merit special attention LADIES: he’s run his eye along the poetic lines of “Moabit notebooks” by Musa Jalil and curiously flips through the publication of the correspondence of Boris Yeltsin. Accompany the premiere of two of Michael Seslavinsky and Kusnirovich and two of Vladimir – Tolstoy and Grigoriev. This time on red square namesakes are a dime a dozen, but the laurels go to the two Evgeniy – Evtushenko and Vodolazkin

Photo courtesy of the author

For a speech at red square the Poet came from Cuba: “This place means a lot to me. My mom came with the red army to Berlin and sang at the Reichstag, so it was important for me to look at saluting of victory on red square”. Yevtushenko reads favorite poems, really new about the “Immortal regiment”, and a Chapter from “the Execution of Stepan Razin” – directly under the chiming clock. During the break, is calling to the stage his wife and says: “Mary I by training a doctor, but now, as I became a teacher.” Hundreds of guests clapping and laughing. The notice is accompanied by Yevtushenko as to the performance and autograph session: four hours he signed books.

The success in the literature argue Maxim Amelin, Vladislav Otroshenko, Vladimir Vishnevsky, Irina Prokhorova, Alexander Snegirev, Elena Kotova on the discussion “Who lives well in Russia”. Discuss the conditions under which in the 90s was having the iconic names in the literature (Pelevin, Ulitskaya, and Sorokin), who still live freely and fun. When the situation cleared up with the writers, one of the attendees lashing out on the publisher Irina Prokhorov to say: you live too prosperously, and the people cry the Blues. What Irina Dmitrievna immediately retorted: “don’t confuse me with my brother. I deal only in scientific activities and even do not have accumulated savings for a rainy day”.

After that, Ms. Prokhorov has ceased to pester, but switched to Aleksandra Snegireva. Not given him and offers to finish the sentence began to interrupt and shout. But the writer to the rudeness has responded more than adequately (apparently tempered trade jackets on the market!), which caused even more respect from fans. However, after talking “to Whom in Russia to live well” hung in the air surprise, because most of the writers admitted that too few read. Guests tried to explain it with an anecdote about the Chukchi not the reader and writer. Then we asked Andrew Gelasimov:

– For you not strange that writers don’t read much?

It’s just endless employment and hard work over own text. When you write a piece and set it a specific ringtone – alien sounds can upset your tool. Someone doesn’t read due to laziness and such, I just fear for your own intonation. In the literature a lot of music. If the syntax of the writer there is no music, so he’s completely deaf. The story and the child can tell, but to make it music is a complex task.

Gelasimov finished as the music began – first the violin, Vadim Repin, and then the orchestra “New Russia” directed by Denis Vlasenko. Music program “Anna Karenina” with fragments of film adaptations of the novel plunged the Red square in the rapture. After the concert it began to rain. Holiday it did not spoil: the organizers gave out raincoats frog color. Funny picture: in front of the main stage of the festival are people in the same street clothes (like one incubator) and watching the play “Nine letters”. It is based on “Nine letters on the tenth, neuroshima, and eleventh – received – correspondence of Marina Tsvetaeva summer of 1922 with the publisher Abram Vishniac. Read them Alice Grebenschikova, Pavel Artemyev, located opposite each other at a table a few meters. The actress read the letters with the soul, by heart. Grebenshchikov has experienced a string, what can be said about the Artemiev. He didn’t raise his eyes from the paper: we read with artificial nervousness, with aplomb. However, this is the only failure during the first day of the festival.

– Little to be proud of in life, but about his idea to hold a book festival on red square will tell my grandchildren”, admits the head of Rospechat Mikhail Seslavinsky. – Imagine a sun lounger on the background of the Kremlin walls and Gum in it man reclines and reads a book. I don’t know much places with such great power and beauty. All mixed up on red square and saddest moments of our history, and joyful. I recently noted here the Day of Victory. Why not celebrate in red square and humanitarian holidays, such as Russian language Day and Pushkin’s birthday.

From Calvary to the Historic Museum is housed cushions, deck chairs, wooden benches in the form of letters. They occupy children, teenagers (even the Chinese), moms with strollers, the elderly – all of them read books from fiction to non-fiction. Area roam Pushkin After another master-class in painting the children happy ran to the buffet for ice cream or a Duchess. All this makes the festival of peace.

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