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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Zakharova offended by “samurai”, who told of her diplomatic error

The official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented on the article in Japanese newspaper “Sankei”, which tells about how internal letter of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, signed by Zakharova with the requirement not to give the newspaper interview, by mistake was sent to the mass media itself.

photo: youtube.com

Zakharova, according to “Rain”, confirmed that such a letter over her signature, was indeed, as was the incident.

It also explained why he had called the newspaper “nationalistically aroused” allowing “the attacks, the repeated distortion of reality” and “transmitting a negative point of view”. As an example, Zakharova cited article of the publication under the headings “Russia stole the Kurils, and now gives them their own” as well as “the Meeting between Putin and Abe, Japan will bring only harm”.

The very sending of the letter instead of the desired state of the addressee in Moscow Bureau of the newspaper Zakharova explained the “technical plate carrier, or even in some way”.

In any case, said Zakharov, a letter to the media was not designed, but they assign it to myself. Of course, the samurai do not behave like this. But giving publicity to this letter, the newspaper had committed an act of anti-public relations in respect of themselves”.

In the opinion of the representative of the foreign Ministry, the reputation of the newspaper has suffered significant damage.

The publication ended with a sarcastic paragraph about the fact that “recently, the state institutions of Russia with zeal slavishly follow His Excellency, the President that has lost his grip in the present cases”. Editor Endo, Reske expressed the hope that the issue of the Northern territories (Kuril Islands) Ministry of foreign Affairs will be the “most concentrated”.

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