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Friday, March 23, 2018

Zakharchenko denied entry to the DNI the former elite of Donbass

On the official website of the head of the self-proclaimed DND Alexander Zakharchenko on Thursday evening appeared a decree prohibiting entry to Donetsk certain. the list includes 49 powerful people. As explained, the measures introduced in order to “protect the interests and security of the” Donetsk people’s Republic.

photo: youtube.com

Alexander Zakharchenko

Something like that should be expected. To the former owners of the life of the Donbass attitude of the authorities of the DNI are now more than cool. “These people will not be here! Nikolai Levchenko, if you cross the border,with a good situation for himself will get into the basement. The only question is who will arrest him first” I explained informed person of the government of the Republic recently. The conversation was related to the fact that in Donetsk for a short time with the permission of the local authorities on family matters drove the former Secretary of city Council Sergey Bogachev. He winter of 2014 played a significant role in the Donetsk events. It was believed that in the office of the Secretary of the city Council seated its just the people’s Deputy Mykola Levchenko.

Now Bogachev and Levchenko in Moscow. Nikolai, whom you can often see in so many political talk shows on Federal channels, branded in Ukraine as “separatist” that appeared in the list of Zakharchenko. In General, posted a list like the rating. First place at the Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. Second – the head of the presidential administration of Ukraine in recent days, Yanukovych Andriy Klyuyev. No alphabetical order – brother Klyuev, a former people’s Deputy from Party of regions Sergey Klyuev on the list in 26th place.

Noteworthy is the fact that the stay on the territory of DND banned the most famous Moscow exiles and opponents of the Maidan – the former General Prosecutor of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka and former interior Minister of Ukraine Vitaliy Zakharchenko. The list includes all of the “the guards of Yanukovych,” but there is no Yanukovych. And all industrial powerhouses in the region – the same Klyuev brothers, owners of the concern “Ukrpodshipnik” and enterprises of wind power in the Crimea.. Yuri Ivanyushchenko – the owner of a controlling stake of Mariupol “Azovmash”. Now he., say, in Europe. But his Palace in Yenakiyevo is not touched and carefully guarded. In the same way a businessman and a former MP Volodymyr Vecherko, but his father-in-law, the owner of the mine Zasyadko Yefim zviagilskiy, the list is not ranked.But there is a banker Igor Yushko, living in Paris Alexander Leschinsky, the owner of the group “Nord” Valentin Landik. And many others the real owners of technological chains of Donbass. The owner of confectionery concern “Roshen” Boris Kolesnikov together with Yuriy Boyko are in the management of the current “Opposition bloc” of Ukraine.

photo: youtube.com
Last time saw Akhmetov in Donetsk in March 2014.

Zakharchenko has made the list of “generals”, which are unlikely in the near future asked the DNR. Sources in Donetsk say in one voice that “opal” on the former elite of the region associated, primarily, with the business, and only secondarily with politics.

The self-declared Republic on the saving mode. To collect taxes is not really with anyone. The largest enterprises are operating under Ukrainian jurisdiction, small and medium businesses barely alive and increase the tax burden on it immediately causes social unrest.

The Ministry of industry and trade of the DNR begins its work, – has explained a source in the Cabinet of Ministers of the DNI – To large enterprises will enter the public administration, then it will change the form of ownership. The goal is simple – they should not work in the fiscal system of Ukraine, and in our. It is a sensitive issue, to each enterprise will come up with a separate plan, to ensure sales are not in Ukraine, and in Russia, to organize the supply of raw materials. We all understand that. The first list of enterprises needs to be approved at the Cabinet meeting in the near future. Call it nationalization or whatever you want”.

The second version of the list appears secondary. It is associated with the upcoming elections in DND. The former mayors of the city (Lukyanchenko and the Fisherman), the oligarch Akhmetov and his people, of course use whatever political influence. But not now and not in the current situation – in the elections this year nobody believes.

On the outskirts of the shells are broken, Avdiyivka, zaitseve, Hnutove fights every day. Last night a full cannonade rattled until half past three in the morning in the Maryinsky direction. Then as if the war doesn’t slip.

The analyst of the Ukrainian network “OPORA” Alexander Kluyev believes that the list Zakharchenko – a powerful message from Moscow that with the old elites in Donbass is over and now we need to negotiate with the new, formed in 2014.

Well , there’s this opinion.

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