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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Turkey vs Germany: why the scandal with the recognition of the genocide is beneficial to all

The scandal with the decision of the German Bundestag on the recognition of the Armenian genocide caused a lot of questions about how to further develop the German-Turkish relations and the influence of this incident on the Syrian crisis and the problem of the refugees arriving in Europe often via Turkey. Experts of “MK” believe that the conflict exists only at a diplomatic level and is beneficial to both parties.

photo: pixabay.com

A resolution that recognized the Armenian genocide in the early twentieth century in the Ottoman Empire, provoked a predictably negative reaction in the ranks of the Turkish politicians. The Minister of justice of Turkey Bekir Bozdag has condemned the adopted document, reminding Germany of its past. “You burned the Jews in ovens, and now slandering the Turkish people”, – quotes Agency Anadolu words of the disturbed Minister who also called on Berlin to draw attention to their own history. The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus call the Twitter step of the German Bundestag’s historical blunder, and has promised that Ankara will respond to this “on all platforms”.

“This has caused resentment and misunderstanding, – commented on the reaction of Turkish society , the political scientist, assistant Professor, University of Economics and technology TOBB in Ankara, Togrul Ismail. In Turkey it is considered a frivolous approach, because such things can’t be manipulated for political purposes. Everyone understands that this leverage, especially given the period when it adopted this resolution – talks about refugees. How Turkey will react? Think, serious disasters will not, because any decisions of any of the parliaments to what the Turkish side does not oblige. This is an internal decision of the national legislature. This is not the Hague Tribunal. Moreover, the high court of the European court recognized that the so-called Armenian genocide is a proven historical fact (the result of one of the high-profile cases, the ECHR came to the conclusion that the denial of genocide is permissible within the freedom of speech – “MK”). There will be recriminations, but the decision of Germany – it’s their problem”.

“This whole incident is the result of complex processes between the EU and Turkey about refugees, attempts to pressure each other, – said the “MK” orientalist, analyst of St. Petersburg center for the study of modern Near East Gumer Isaev. – It is not clear why one hundred years have passed and now only the Bundestag adopts the document it is in the context of complex relationships. Turkish society is aware that this is an attempt of pressure on Turkey, rather than some kind of tribute to these events. Here are a few illusions. Part of critically thinking people realizes that there are no serious consequences for German-Turkish relations will not bring it. The resolution is seen as a step Chancellor Angela Merkel. We must not forget that she recently met with the President of Turkey Erdogan. On the other hand, I think that the Turkish government must use this factor for internal purposes. That is, it is a convenient option for both Germany and for Erdogan, too. He has said that Turkey is under pressure of the West, mobilizes the electorate. And he needs to change the Constitution, turning Turkey into a presidential Republic, where he will receive great powers. Rhetoric will be sharp.”

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