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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The UN has talked about how dissenters are tortured in Ukraine

The Times published an interview with the assistant UN Secretary General for human rights Ivan Šimonović, which cited fragmentising UN report on Ukraine. The document’s authors argue: SBU (the territorial state security services of Ukraine) do not stop the use of torture by supporters of the unrecognized DND and LNR, as well as “separatist-minded” citizens from other regions.

These people still sit in jail SBU. Sergey DOLZHENKOV, 28 years old, Odessa, Ukraine. Arrested on 6 may 2015 in the case of “2 may” as the leader of the “Odessa squads”.

An international scandal “got the start” last week. The delegation of the UN Subcommittee on prevention of torture (CTP) was forced to suspend 19 may began a working visit to Ukraine, because she was refused access to places where, according to the ACC, the staff of SBU detained tortured. International inspectors were not allowed into the prison of the SBU in Mariupol and Kramatorsk. “This denial of access is a breach of the obligations of Ukraine… It means that we were unable to visit some of the places about which we have heard many serious allegations of detention, where they could be tortured or ill-treated,” respond to the actions of the SBU head of the delegation Malcolm Evans.

In recent history like that has happened only once in 2015 in Azerbaijan…

The Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak is convinced that his subordinates refused by the delegation of the United Nations in access to premises of regional divisions of security services in Mariupol and Kramatorsk “rightly” “This does not mean that foreign observers should go to the district units of the security service of Ukraine in zone anti-terrorist operation. If you arrive, for example, in the United States and want to go to the CIA or the FBI in the basement, to the office – will let you go?!”.

In the basement of the CIA and the FBI delegation of the UN against torture do not let. But for a different reason. The US, unlike Ukraine, is not a party to the Convention against torture and the Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. General Hrytsak clearly not familiar with the optional Protocol to the Convention against torture which Ukraine ratified in 2006. According to article 12 of this Protocol, Ukraine undertook to provide the Subcommittee of the UN unimpeded access to places of detention. And not only in the detention center: refers to “any form of detention or imprisonment or placement in a public or a private place of detention which that person has no right to leave on his own accord…”

Yuri APUKHTIN, 68 years old, Kharkiv. Arrested on December 19, 2014 as the leader of the movement “South-East”.

We emphasize: the visits of the UN Subcommittee confidential information about their results not being distributed without the consent of the government. However, the actions of the SBU planted worldwide suspicions about the torture in Ukraine apply to the detainees.

According to the Chairman of the UN Monitoring mission on human rights in Ukraine Fiona Fraser, unofficial places of detention, in addition to Mariupol and Kramatorsk, are also in Kharkov and Zaporozhye. Messages that come from victims of torture and their relatives, the UN tend to be trustworthy. There are convinced that in Ukraine it is common practice that the staff of SBU detained are deprived of any contact with families and access to legal counsel. According to the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights (OHCHR) in February 2016 at the detention facility of the SBU in the Kharkiv region illegally were detained incommunicado from 20 to 30 people. Most of them were charged and arrested in a lawful manner, despite the fact that they were held for alleged Association with armed groups.

Kharkiv lawyer Alexander Shadrin shared stories of his clients, which he defended in the courts.

Ignat Kromskogo for 95 days, starting from 12 September 2014, kept in a temporary detention center of GU SBU in the Kharkiv region,… which officially does not exist. The other his client – Yulia Kolesnikova is held in the same TDF 38 days. “During this time, she lost weight 20 kg, and aged for 10 years”, – said the lawyer.

The UN report is the story of 74-year-old woman on December 8 last year, was detained in the village of shurovo, Donetsk region, looking for her son. The woman was held in the building of the SBU in Mariupol, accused of terrorism and beaten. Monitoring mission of the UN visited her in jail Mariupol on December 24-25 last year. After OHCHR reported the case to the military Prosecutor’s office instituted criminal proceedings on the fact of cruel treatment.

Monitoring mission of the UN also documented the case of three women who were detained in may 2015 in the city of Donbas controlled by Ukraine. Among them were the wife of the commander of an illegal armed formation and his daughter. According to reports, the daughter was severely tortured and threatened with both sexual violence.

In another zadeklarirovali mission of the UN, the case of Odessa, a supporter of federalization of Ukraine, who was tortured in the Department of the SBU in the Odessa region. Forcing him to confess, wearing on his head a plastic bag and beating. After that, as reported by the victim, employees of SBU took him into the corridor and showed his son. Son was taken to a separate room, and the father “heard his bloodcurdling screams”.

AKIMENKOV Svetlana, 20 years old, Mariupol. Arrested March 23, 2015 — for the fact that rented the apartment to a “separatist”.

A former member of illegal armed groups in December 2015, reported the ill-treatment of him in September 2014 in Slavyansk. He was held in custody in the basement of a local College and was regularly beaten. Later he was transferred to the Raisin, where he was kept in the basement along with twelve other detainees. The man said that while there, witnessed the “extrajudicial executions”.

Vogt even the impressions of the witnesses. In 2015, Alexander Samoilov, the Pro-rector of Kharkiv International Slavic University, was lucky to get out alive from one of the closed execution of the SBU. He came under the procedure of the exchange for the Ukrainian prisoners.

Samoilov has told, in his apartment raided 16 people in dark clothes, later, it became clear that this SBU Kharkov. Searched, of course, without a warrant, after which, in his bathroom were found ammunition that they themselves planted. The man noted that some of the Kharkiv Sbushnikov long passed the line. After a “search”, Samoilov along with relatives was beaten and pulled out of the apartment.

Released Alexander Samoilov told how SBU selects his victims. He compared this system with the “Gestapo”. According to the man, “Avengers” has taken active citizens who have expressed their point of view on the Internet. This was done to intimidate the other very talkative, so they know what to expect. Samoilov said that people grabbed on the street, do not hesitate to casual observers. And that’s what the man said about the conclusion: “Man is adjudged to be in an absolute vacuum, he doesn’t know who grabbed him. The court is a separate theatrical performance. Everything passes rapidly and, unsurprisingly, the defendant no one is listening. The article which accused all the detainees: “Encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine”. In the end, the court determined Samoylova in Poltava prison. After a time, he was transferred to a closed prison of the SBU in the chamber 4 to 2.5 meters, where he spent almost two months. “Beaten in the shower – it is easier to wash off the blood, and scattered throughout the cells. All was heard”, – shared memories of the man.

Alexey Lukyanov also exchanged. Before more than 20 days he spent in a “concentration camp” near the town of Slavyansk. According to him, the Members do not need specific grounds for a subsequent arrest. They have enough to find your address book contacts and the names of the citizens of the Caucasus. Then man as the accomplice of “Chechen militants” went to camp. But if the detention will detect the camcorder, then you are a “gunner”.. Lukyanov said that people were kept in metal huts (shelters). At 16 square metres huddled 20 people. The restroom is not taken out. Instead, in the corner of the room was a bucket.. If it accidentally spilled, nothing was cleaned. The inhuman conditions of detention – not the worst. People were regularly tortured. As told the man, after interrogation, some prisoners were wearing body armor, the people had dug near the pit with water, and then let the machine gun fire. To survive after such a leisure of the guards succeeded in not all.

Here are a few of the citizens of the Russian Federation, who currently sits in the prisons of Ukraine: Yevhen Mefyodov, is accused of organizing riots in Odessa in 2014, Vladimir Bezobrazov, was arrested on phony charges of separatism, placed in a closed prison of the SBU, Ruslan Gadzhiev from Adygea – arrested for “aggressive war against Ukraine”..

“Unfortunately, to combat torture and illegal detentions today there is no political will,” says Kharkiv lawyer Alexander Shadrin. – And if in Europe, even a few hours of illegal detention is considered a serious threat to human rights, in present-day Ukraine, such a period for some individuals is more than one and a half years!”.

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