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Monday, February 19, 2018

Speaker Ryan bowed his neck in front of Donald trump

It’s hard to say how many weeks ranged speaker of the U.S. house of representatives Paul Ryan before he supported the candidacy of the so-called “presumptive nominee” Donald trump for President. It happened on Thursday, June 2nd. The form chosen Ryan, here is considered “modest”, however, unequivocally support the presidential candidate from the Republican party.

photo: AP

Paul Ryan

Ryan placed a column in the newspaper of his hometown, Jamesville, Wisconsin. He writes that recent conversations with the tramp convinced him that this billionaire-developer will assist in advancing the conservative agenda, which the speaker also supports: “Through these negotiations, I feel confident that trump will help us to develop ideas that agenda into laws, and this in turn will improve people’s lives”.

Paul Ryan not only house speaker but also Chairman of the Republican national Convention which should nominate trump as a presidential candidate. “That’s why I will vote for him this fall,” he writes.

Support Ryan is last, yet convincing example of how senior Republican figures are built for trump. Ryan has experienced significant pressure from his own Republican colleagues in Congress, many of whom share the views of Ryan trump. Views, I must say, not entirely positive. But these Republicans on the other hand understand that the differences over the nomination of trump increases the political risks in the sense of protecting the Republican majority in both the house of representatives and in the Senate.

Congressman Tom CoE of Oklahoma says: “I think it always happens. Never seemed plausible to the speaker, the Chairman of the Congress did not vote for presidential candidate”. CoE said that the decision to support trump will strengthen the position Ryan as a defender of the Republican majority in the house of representatives. “There is no security capabilities of the majority in terms of party discord,” says Congressman CoE.

Donald trump rather clumsily flirted with speaker Ryan. Now he says he’s happy with Ryan’s support, which he finally achieved. “I am very pleased, — said trump in an interview — I have a good relationship with Ryan, to be honest. He was just captured a small storm, because my situation could sink our Congress.” Ryan issued a statement in which commented on his column in a local American newspaper. This statement just came to receivable across the country for the weekend connected with memorial Day, the Republican congressmen. Ryan explains that he did not give his support to Trump, not because it agreed with his political priorities. However, the speaker, who denies rumors that he was going to become a presidential candidate, already announced by the applicant of this post in 2020. Ryan also States that he will not hesitate, if he had any contradiction with the position of the trump.

“It’s no secret that trump and I have some differences of opinion,” writes Ryan. — I do not pretend in this sense. And when I feel the need, I will continue to Express their views. However, the reality is that the issues which constitute our agenda, we have more in common than differences.”

Support a Ryan candidacy of Donald trump caused his alienation from MITT Romney, who in the 2012 election settled on Ryan as his possible Vice-President. Romney uttered a curse. a few months ago and now encourages the establishment of a third party.

It is not excluded that Ryan has chosen the form of a column in the newspaper for its agreement with trump and the support of his candidacy in order to avoid a public show of “brotherhood” with Donald trump. So far there is no information on when will meet the two leaders of the Republican party.

The newspaper “new York times” quoted one official who is familiar from the inside with reflections Paul Ryan. He argues that the decision to support the trump was taken personally by Ryan.

Let me remind you that in the month of may, Ryan made a tremendous impression on the public, saying that he was not willing to support trump. Ryan acted very critical, for example, at the suggestion of trump deny Muslims entry into the United States. Ryan said that trump’s offer is anathema to conservative principles of the Republicans, and “this is not what our country is fighting”. In the article, Ryan says he and trump talked several times with each other. Last time this happened was in may in Washington, they met caused a huge sensation in political circles of the United States. According to Ryan, it was during the last meeting, were laid the foundations of their reconciliation. In addition, trump and Ryan talked on the phone last week.

However, it was clear that between them still lies a certain distance. Many Republicans began to support trump, but Ryan kept his silence and did not say whether he will join them or not.

As supported by Ryan trump’s Republican politicians? Congressman Chris Collins, a Republican from new York, who was the first congressmen supported trump, said that Ryan’s article signals the growing unity of the Republican party. “Support speaker Ryan trump’s candidacy is enhanced by the fact that the Republicans are United in their struggle to defeat Hillary Clinton,” said Collins.

The decision of the speaker Ryan to support the candidacy of trump largely brought his stand with the Republican leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell, who openly supports trump, believing that his position on the new composition of the Supreme court of the country in the interests, both Republicans and the country.

However, there are some conservative figures who criticize Ryan for his “concession” Trump, among them Tim Miller, who was the Director of communications at Jeb Bush. Miller said: “Ryan managed with difficult situations as he can. But do not give out this farce for the fact that trump would support the agenda of the Republican Congress.”

Supporting trump at the same time criticizes Ryan in his column, Hillary Clinton. He writes that the Clinton victory will result in another four years of liberal familiarity.

But the opinion of Adam Jentleson, spokesman Senator Harry Reid, the democratic leader in the Senate. He said that after trump received the support of Ryan, “the Republican party has become the party of trump”.

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