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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Spanish scientists have discovered a sensational way to prolong life and youth

A group of researchers from Spain managed to prolong youthfulness of laboratory mice, without changing their genes. Experts took into account that aging is associated with a decrease in the size of parts of chromosomes called telomeres, and tested whether mice with long telomeres live longer. According to the researchers, their assumption was justified.

photo: pixabay.com

Telomeres — the end portions of chromosomes do not contain genes and decreasing in size at each cell division. When tegomer length reaches a critical minimum, this leads to cell death, and this, in turn, many professionals directly associated with the aging process. In the new study, scientists have wondered how it will affect the health, rate of aging and lifespan of mice artificial lengthening of telomeres. In order to test this assumption, they resorted to a previously developed method of epigenetic reprogramming. A few years ago scientists noticed that the process to obtain stem cells induced from somatic, reproductive, pluripotent or leads to an increase in telomere size.

The experiments showed that the long telomeres really slowed the aging mice, but also more effectively protected them from different “age” diseases, thereby prolonging the life of rodents.

Still, according to the researchers, different promising methods of extending life and slowing aging at the cellular level meant these or other genetic manipulation.

As told by the experts, they continue to experiment on rodents and in the next phase of its work I hope to breed a new species of mice, the telomeres of which will initially be twice as long as “normal” and verify what consequences will such a large change. Also in the future, scientists hope to find the answer to the question, to what extent their findings are applicable to other living creatures — including people.

The authors presented on the pages of scientific publication Nature Communications, hopes that in the future the results of their research will contribute to the emergence of fundamentally new therapies that can help slow the human aging, improve his health and prolong life.

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