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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pushkin’s blood was needed to confirm the authenticity of the sofa

The authenticity of the sofa where after the duel with Dantes died Alexander, proved forensic experts. The study was conducted over several months. Taking blood samples from the couch, standing in the all-Russian Pushkin Museum in St. Petersburg during the last 79 years, geneticists have carefully divided it into the DNA of the poet, and then compared with the existing samples of the blood of the poet.

photo: pixabay.com

Recall that a fatal duel with pistols took place on 8 February 1837. D’anthes fired first, hitting Alexander in the stomach. After the second shot, which is not particularly hurt the opponent, immediately wounded poet was brought home on the Moika embankment, 12 (where is now the Pushkin Museum). There, two days later, despite attempts by highly qualified doctors to save him, the great duelist died. The sofa, on which there is a tragic event, Pushkin’s widow Natalia first drove into the estate Mikhailovskoye, and from there he moved to the Hermitage, and only in 1937-m to year was returned to the Museum-apartment of the poet on the Sink. Despite the fact that the Museum staff did not doubt the authenticity of the sofa, the leadership decided to consolidate this fact officially, invited to a special examination of the doctor of medical Sciences.

As reported by “MK” in the Museum, a scientist with only 20 attempts managed to take a sample of DNA from the blood stains left by the poet on the couch. First, affected a large period of time, almost 200 years that the sofa was in naked condition, periodically changing locations. Secondly, with him during this time was in contact with many different people, creating genetic pollution. To select from the variety of foreign genes biomaterial of Alexander proved to be not easy. Scientist need to use another Museum specimen – a waistcoat, which was shot by the poet (it is also stored in the Museum on the Moika). Only by comparing DNA samples with the couch DNA with vests (for this had to sacrifice the thread of this garment), the scientists were able to prove their identity and thus the authenticity of the sofa.

According to the capital’s criminologists from the Investigative Committee to make it more convincing would do well to take more to the DNA of the living descendants of Pushkin, and a genetic examination of DNA samples from the couch in several laboratories.

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