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Friday, March 16, 2018

NATO exercises in the Baltic States are demonstrative

“Baltops 2016 is an important message for Russia”, writes the American edition, commenting on the beginning of a major NATO exercises in the Baltic sea. For their conduct attracted even American strategic bombers which will have to be engaged in laying mines from the air. However, Russia is already making a reciprocal demonstrative steps.

Russia reinforces forces in the Western strategic direction in the background of increased activity of the block of NATO in Eastern Europe, said on Friday a source familiar with the situation.

“They shout about the “Iskander” and other things. While our missile brigade in Kaliningrad region is still equipped with Soviet complexes “Tochka-U”

So the source commented on the redeployment of two brigades of infantry to the Western borders. According to him, began redeployment from Yekaterinburg in Klintsy (Bryansk oblast) 28th separate motorized rifle brigade. From Samara to Valuyki (Belgorod oblast) peredoziruet 23rd separate motorized rifle brigade.

The source explained that this transfer is action taken “in parallel with the formation of three new divisions (two in the Western military district, ZVO, one in the southern military district, southern military district)”.

Recall that in late April, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the actions of the US and NATO, including the deployment of infrastructure near Russia’s borders, are forced to accept adequate retaliatory military-technical measures.

Three of stratocracy”, “strike of the sword” and “Anaconda”

Note that on Friday in Estonia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Finland and in the Baltic sea began NATO exercises Baltops 2016. In the maneuvers, which will last until June 19, will be attended by 15 countries – members of the Alliance, as well as Sweden and Finland formally remained neutral. To Baltops 2016 it is planned to attract about 6,1 thousand. The exercise directs the commander of the 6th fleet, Vice Admiral James Foggo. The maneuvers will take place at sea, on land and in the air.

In the framework of the exercise in the Baltic States will be used for two strategic bomber b-52 Stratofortress of the U.S. air force, who in 1999 participated in the operation “allied force” against Yugoslavia during the Kosovo war, told the British aviation sites. The B-52 bombers, recall, is capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

Strategic bombers will take part in training on development of mining operations (air)” and in practice “air interception”. The representative of the strategic command also noted that the exercises will provide an opportunity for American pilots to practice the use of European military bases. Earlier Friday it was reported that one of three b-52 taking off on Thursday to participate in exercises in the Baltic, returned to the air base Minot (North Dakota) due to technical problems.

Yesterday in Tallinn to participate in exercise Baltops arrived flagship headquarters landing ship of the 6th fleet U.S. Mount Whitney. As reported “Interfax”, in total, the maneuvers will be attended by 15 NATO ships.

In parallel in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania continue war games Saber Strike – “strike of the sword”. In these the largest NATO exercises organized by the command of the Land forces of the USA in Europe, there are about 10 thousand soldiers from 13 States. The game began on may 27 and will last until June 22.

In addition, in June in Poland to begin exercises Anakonda 2016, which will be attended by 25 thousand military personnel from 24 countries. To the word we note that in the geopolitical theories of the “strategy of the Anaconda” referred to the activities of the Western powers to establish control over the coastal areas of Eurasia.

“We believe that all these teachings bear a serious destabilizing charge. Their main goal is to continue to escalate tensions along the Russian border”, – said yesterday the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Alexei Meshkov.

“An important message for Russia”

“The emphasis in exercise Baltops 2016 will be placed on the training of warfare at sea (including amphibious assault and anti-submarine warfare), as the region remains a Central friction zone between NATO and Russia, the newly gained self-confidence,” reads the article, published on 1 June the American military-analytical portal USNI News.

The publication mentions frequent cases of convergence between military NATO ships and aircraft of the Russian space forces, in particular the incident with the American missile destroyer “Donald cook”.

“The naval forces and merchant fleets of the coastal States of the Baltic sea from 2014 feel this type of behavior (Russia), but Russia now seem more willing to also perform these types of maneuvers in the vicinity of U.S. ships and aircraft,” – says the American edition.

The authors believe that this “manner of behavior” – a sign that its on the Western borders of Russia implements his program of A2/AD.” The term A2/AD (anti-access/area-denial) to understand NATO’s strategy of restricting access to certain territories: opposition to the admission of the enemy to this territory at the same time limiting enemy action in the territory in case of a breakthrough. In the case of the Baltic we are talking about deploying a system of anti-ship and air defense systems in the Kaliningrad exclave, say the authors.

The correlation of the military potentials of Russia and NATO”Baltops 2016 is an important message for Russia, the exercises demonstrate the commitment of the U.S. and NATO to act in the Baltic sea. And readiness for unforeseen circumstances, when the naval forces will have a role to play in ensuring access to the region, to strengthen the Baltic States in the event of a crisis or in time of war,” sums up the American edition.

In the North-West direction

Military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski noted that the Western strategic direction has three operating areas: North-Western, Central European and South-West. “The exercises are held in the North-West direction, which includes the Baltic sea, the theatre, the Baltic republics and the Northern part of Poland. In this region, we have no amplification happens… They cry about the “Iskander” and other things. While our missile brigade in Kaliningrad region is still equipped with Soviet complexes “Tochka-U” – said murakhovski the newspaper VIEW.

The expert of Association of military political scientists, associate Professor of political science and sociology REU named after Plekhanov Alexander Perendzhiev sure exercise Baltops 2016 were the answer of the Alliance of Russia on its ability to protect itself. In addition, tasks are set to engage in the Alliance of Sweden and Finland, as the interaction of these countries with military units of NATO in the shared key.

“Creates an organizational framework for the occurrence of these two countries into NATO. Despite this trend, not the fact that Sweden and Finland will join NATO. Because we are talking not only about solving their problems at the expense of the Alliance. They know perfectly well that NATO wants to solve their problems at their expense,” said Perendzhiev the newspaper VIEW.

According to Murakhovsky, Finland not interested in joining NATO and does not want to tie their hands relevant obligations, including the transition to the standards of the Alliance. “The Swedes, as I understand it, more loyal to NATO membership, they believe that their own will not be able to protect the country from the Russian threat. Therefore, politicians and the military struggling to find the formerly Soviet, and now Russian submarines and other nonsense doing,” he said.

Perendzhiev inclined to believe that the exercises Baltops are likely to belong to the image of the character than the bearing of a real threat. “But Russia shows its readiness to continue to show determination to protect its sovereignty and borders. For every move of NATO, Russia will take retaliatory actions. We will strengthen the border in the Western direction and to establish bases, build all possible in the current circumstances military infrastructure”, – the expert believes.

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