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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Moscow was outraged by the strange arrest of Russians in the United States

The Russian Embassy in Washington sent a note to the U.S. state Department. The States are still not officially informed Moscow about the arrest of Russian citizen and charged her with kidnapping her own daughter, although Olga Pimanova was arrested a week ago. Children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov has called this story strange and far-fetched, promising to get mother and protect her three year old daughter.

The Russian Embassy in Washington sent a note to the US state Department in connection with the situation following the arrest by U.S. law enforcement agencies Russian women Olga Pimanova, told TASS head of the press service of the Embassy Yuriy Melnyk.

“The judge, not listening to me, threw me in jail where I lost consciousness. Feeling terrible, because they put me to the killers”

“This note really prepared. It contains a clear statement of what we want,” said the diplomat. In many ways, this step is related to the fact that the Americans a few days since the arrest of Rimanovoi, has not provided any official information about what happened. “No official notification we are still from the American side had not received”, – said Miller.

It became known yesterday that Pimanova detained at the Chicago airport in the USA upon arrival in the country and accused of illegal export to Russia of his daughter – a citizen of Russia, which occurred two years ago. According to reports, the daughter of Olga three years, the child is in Russia with my grandparents, who live in Krasnodar. Pimenova divorced, the birth certificate of the child in the column “father” is blank.

The judge demands to return the girl to America, her mother faces life under article kidnapping. Meanwhile, the Russian legislation does not allow the removal of minors Russians to transfer abroad. Now the lawyer of Rimanovoi studying the precedents that his client could return to Russia.

According to Miller, at the Embassy “about this story was out a week ago and immediately asked relevant questions to our colleagues in the U.S. Department of state”. “And still you do not have from them any information. On arrest we found out from the father (Olga), from Russia came to light. He turned to us (the Embassy) and in parallel in the Ministry of external Affairs in Krasnodar, where they (Olga and her family) come from,” said the spokesman.

At the same time, the U.S. state Department spokesman said that the police in Illinois notified the Russian diplomats accredited in the US, about the arrest of Rimanovoi.

“The police Department cook County” in the territory of which was arrested Pimanova, “has notified the Russian Consulate about the arrest, thus completing the requirement of consular notification,” said an employee of the U.S. state Department. However, he failed to specify what kind of Russian consular institution in the United States was informed by U.S. law enforcement agencies and when.

Moscow, in turn, is waiting for a rapid response of the United States on a note about the detention of the Russians, said the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov.

“Waiting for relevant information and clarification. Depending on that will determine next steps. Russian citizen will be denied from our side all necessary support – consular and legal,” – said the diplomat.

What happened

According to Miller, Pimenova Russian woman Olga Viktorovna born in 1985 was arrested when entering the United States.” “From the moment of receiving from her family about her detention, we are in constant contact with her and her lawyer. In parallel we sent to the competent authorities of the United States a request for information that would shed light on the circumstances and the reasons for the detention of our citizen. As usual, the Embassy has taken all necessary measures so that the rights of the Russians observed, and closely followed the development of the situation,” said Miller.

In accordance with the above information, Olga is “under house arrest” in Chicago (Illinois). “As far as I know, June 6, will have a hearing on her case. There are different bits of information about what she was arrested, but I don’t want to duplicate unverified information. We look forward to expanded, clear and detailed answer of the American side, so we can understand exactly what the claim that American justice has to this our citizen”, – continued the diplomat.

Details of the arrest

“The judge, not listening to me, threw me in jail where I lost consciousness. Feeling terrible, because they put me to the killers,” lead “News.<url>” the words of Rimanovoi. She also said that she was obliged to wear a wristband with a GPS tracker so she never returned to Russia. The device put on after the security services have arrested a Russian woman in the Chicago airport.

Kidnapping us officials accused Pimanova after the statement of her ex-husband. The decision of the court cook County of Illinois was issued after Jorge Castillo said that Olga took their total daughter Arianna to Russia, without asking his permission. Pimenova said that she is a single mother and in the birth certificate of the daughter in the “father” is blank.

Olga Pimanova and Jorge Castillo were really married. We had a wedding in the US, Arianna during the ceremony was less than a year. A year and a half the couple divorced, Pimenova daughter back to my parents. The woman is sure: if her ex-husband wanted to admit his daughter, he could make in Russia, but with the payment of alimony. “I believe this was done to get back at me,” said Pimenova.

“Russia does not throw her”

Authorized under the President of Russia for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov extremely surprised and outraged by this situation. “A very strange story is unfolding in the United States. Citizen of Russia Olga P. was arrested because she two years ago took out his own daughter. Daughter Olga has Russian citizenship. Mom freely took it Home to Russia from the United States two years ago without any restrictions”, – he capital yesterday in Twitter.

The court requirement of Illinois to return the Russian girl to America, Russia considers it unlawful. “Categorically do not agree and believe these requirements are illegal! The Commissioner together with the foreign Ministry and the Russian Embassy in the United States will assist the mother and her daughter. Not his throwing Russia”, – stated in the message Astakhov.

“The citizen of Russia – the mother was arrested under false pretenses and held as a hostage, demanding the return to the USA daughter – the citizen of Russia. We demand an end to blatant tyranny, to release Olga and to give the opportunity to get back to her daughter and parents in Russia”, – said Astakhov.

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