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Friday, March 23, 2018

Moscow pictures

The Embassy of a European country, not far from where I live, pleasing to the eye otremontirovanny old mansion and well-kept surrounding area. The trees in the courtyard not ugly, not cornut, don’t make them ugly stumps (as in other, neighboring yards), amazing purity reigns on the sidewalk and the pavement — like this site specially for cleanliness and highlighted — that is truly “Golden Filomena mile (not mile, of course, but 50 meters) in the middle of the surrounding dilapidated buildings and littered streets.

Chatter that the historical center of Moscow preserved and restored — in a parallel lane collapses marvelous house with stucco (I have come to see the wonderful bas-reliefs as a boy, since neither the façade nor the interior has never been restored). A special conversation about the trees-the giants: they quietly wiped out, seized the city of stone solidity — almost completely uprooted, remained a few…

I’m tired of talking about our barbarism and stupidity, on pracitally: in the Netherlands, for example, you cannot change the layout of old houses that have preserved their originality and the trees can not touch, but we the European troubles not decree.

So near the said Embassy is on the watch guard, is his booth — a mandatory attribute of all diplomatic missions. Security guard — Smoking. And when lit, it gently goes to the other side of the lane, so that the smoke does not pollute the healthy atmosphere of the Embassy. Emotion takes from such forethought. Smoke, he throws a cigarette butt or feet under or into the opening between the bars surrounding the undiplomatic front garden fence, and returned to his seat. And still on duty in the oasis of purity.

Can you provide a clearer example, to give a more accurate description of what is called human (in this case our, domestic) psychology? Once it becomes clear and disregard for the unfortunate, do not fall under the jurisdiction of foreigners ‘ buildings, and littered the nearby space. Its not appreciate. Weaned to appreciate? Or never appreciated? Learn whether? Will you? Doubtful.

Novodevichy convent

Was struck by the sight of this respectable man. His bulging eyes, his expensive office suit, leather briefcase, shiny shoes, a hurried mincing gait. Where he, not seeing anything around, was in a hurry? Involuntarily I slowed down and followed his path. At full speed he passed the gates of the monastery, stepped over the curb separating the asphalt walkway from the lawn, took a short cut through the grass, had a hand in a centuries-old brick, dotted with calls and messages to the wall and moving his lips, was whether to pray, whether to whisper a spell.

Around the pond that is adjacent to the monastery, many idle and busily walking: someone flaniruet by itself, someone in the company (family or friendships), adults walk their children, animal lovers — Pets. In and near the pond number of ducks and drakes. They are almost not afraid of people and skimming the grass alleys. Dogs rush at ducks, the ducks fly away.

That’s what I noticed for one of the walkers: he specifically pulls the dog off the leash when approaching waterfowl. Hunter? Or wants to bring joy to the dog that drove the game? Or annoy the ducks — for that clear? When the ducks no, he will not let the dog off the leash.

Snails in the rain

I was surprised to see most, both from the sea, a seashell. But it was not from the sea and crawled through the grass. Then I noticed another, then another two. Where did the centre of a huge herd of snails?

The rain poured, the clouds gathered, the family of exotic creatures frolicked on the lawn. At first I thought, really could raskolnitsy and grow to such sizes? Then I realized: someone has released them from your home living area. Thrown out on the street is unnecessary.

“We are responsible for those who tamed” — spectacular, but empty, devoid of realism to the phrase. You can say otherwise: “We in the answer for those whom lure”. But the lure hunters of elk and wild boar, then to shoot them. It may be more correct to say: “We are responsible for those who are sheltered”? It will not turn out one whom he called, not will be shown the door. (At least in the short term, and then, after a while, of course, possible.)

Throw away dogs, cats, snakes. I have seen turtles floating in Moscow and the Moscow ponds. Difficult to keep their houses, it is easier to let in the warm summer water. What happens to tortelli, when the frosts hit, is the former owners no longer a concern.

Snail — from our point of view — mindless creatures. Well lost, well and freeze on a cold night, well pleased under wheels of the car, nasty slugs not really a pity.

But if bought or brought from abroad, the animals, and then she tired, take the trouble to take care of the new owner for it or take it to a pet store. Snail — brainless. But people-there must be a brain cell?


During heavy rains earthworms crawl out from the lawns on the pavement, so as not to choke. They think: asphalt — salvation. Very quickly they understand that their delicate bodies are not adapted for crawling on rough surface. What else can I do? Drown? And they are in large numbers are drowned in pools, become the prey of crows and sparrows. Do not place delicate stupid worms in an urban setting!


Clean little children, the adults sitting in the transport (both at home and at work too) play computer game: bring down a string of balls on the screens of mobile phones, cut themselves with a chess and cards, chase virtual machines and footballs. Used to sit with a straight face, read books and Newspapers, now not embarrassed to look stupid: victory in video competition with himself (and on himself) is more important than image. This is the true present state of mankind, fallen into childhood. People can understand: life is hard, scary, want to escape.

…But sometimes those who are not affected by the late childishness, covers the horror: and surely the heads of States, great and serious presidents, and Prime Ministers similarly indulge in pleasures, instead of worry about the future of their people?

A Pyrrhic victory

I toiled in the queue to the doctor. The situation near the Cabinet were nervous. Several people claimed to enter first.

A middle-aged woman in a scarf and beret said:

— I will be expelled from the service, I spent two hours here pounded.

She was standing right next to the door, ready to rush into it as soon as you open even a tiny crack and release the previous patient.

She objected to sitting on the chair woman in a striped blouse:

— This is my time. Now in the coupon specified.

— We are not in time, on a queue, — from afar joined in the conversation a third Queen. — I used all of you to come here.

— You weren’t here when I already were, pounced on her first.

— Went for x-rays. The one in the office will confirm, I am for it…

To this trio was joined by fourth waiting for — a young, emaciated. She was accompanied by her companion, seemed to me very unsympathetic. He prudently walked around the spacious lobby, and, without lowering his voice, was explaining to someone via mobile:

— Do not worry. Take newsletter. Well, how many will lose? I will reimburse. Now the money will go, and I make it up to you.

The tone is peremptory and arbitrary treatment of Finance has caused undisguised displeasure nervous the first citizen. Attacking his two opponents, she couldn’t ignore the man:

— Oh, rich man. Of course, when such opportunities, it is possible to work not to go. And I can’t not go!

The young man, even though he was busy talking, he caught the attack and felt the need to reply:

— I you don’t seem insulted.

— You his own views offend! And conversation. I worked all my life, and I will not pay extra. From a young age do not pay extra.

I thought, now burst scandal. But the man showed an unexpected peacefulness:

— Everyone has their own capabilities. And their difficulties. I on you your problem is not hang. Not loaded, right? You sit and wait. Although he could enter first. Believe me. But I respect the place. Came here with my wife. He looked at gaunt waiting.— She is older than me. It is more difficult to live…

He smiled. It really was said jokingly and sympathetically, so the humor never hurt anybody. Even the one that was indicated on her awkward years. On the contrary, all cheered. All except the first, the most quarrelsome and impatient are more argumentative.

— If I were black, too, would behave this way! — she snapped.

There was a pause. It was direct and blatant insolence. But the guy didn’t fall and wouldn’t start.

— I’m not black. I like you. And would have been black, so what?

— And the fact that throughout all poshutil. Climb everywhere.

He has not been configured to canine:

— What to me personally claim? Want, you skip in front of him?

His position seems to be that could calm down any. The second and third women, not hiding dreamed. But the first was impenetrable:

— Sold all around! To the doctor not to get! The whole country is sold out! It turns out: some are in a hurry, others hang in the balance.

At this time the door opened.

Sitting looked at each other. None of them moved. The one that took the time and denounced, freely and regally entered the room. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Lightning the atmosphere became more relaxed. But after a fraction of a minute driven by a doctor lady came back into the hallway. The doctor came back, locked the Cabinet and left the business with an eager step.

— Were told to wait, almost in despair, declared won the Pyrrhic victory of a woman. It was a sorry sight. Those who were not moving, has benefited. Not fussed, not torn, do not spend nerves in vain — and were not ogrey contempt, humiliated.

— This is how it happens — almost to himself, said the businessman.

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