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Monday, March 12, 2018

Mankind domesticated the dog twice: scientists have discovered new facts

A group of researchers from Oxford University, came to the conclusion that modern dogs are descendants of not one but at least two groups of wolves, which humans have tamed in different parts of Eurasia independently of each other. Previously it was thought that man made the dog his best friend only once, although the question of where it happened, and put many specialists in a dead end.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The dog became a different person, at least 15 thousand years ago, that is, several millennia before humans first brought cows, goats and pigs. However, many questions as to exactly how the ancient people and some of the older wolves came to mutually beneficial cooperation, to a large extent remain a mystery. The probability of such a Union for a long time it was believed so low that the specialists, for the most part, believed that man domesticated the dog only once, and then the descendants of the first manual dogs has spread around the world. To check whether this assumption is, experts examined genetic material from the inner ear of the dog, of 4.8 thousand years ago lived on the territory of Ireland. The results are then compared with the data obtained in the study of mitochondrial DNA sequences 59 of the ancient dogs from other parts of Europe as well as in the analysis of the genome of modern dogs.

The study showed, for the first time people have domesticated dogs in Western Eurasia, and after a few thousand years they have tamed and in the East of the Old world, and both episodes occurred independently from each other. In the Central part of Eurasia, such episodes are apparently not happened. To date, according to scientists, in a world dominated by dogs of Asian origin”, to a large extent superseded the “Europeans”.

According to the researchers, their work, published in the journal Science, suggests that the domestication of animals throughout human history could occur significantly more often than expected today.

The specialists emphasize that the domestication of dogs was supposed to be a very complex and multistep process. According to the researchers, it is unlikely that people simply were caught wild wolves and raise them, making an obedient generation after generation. Most likely, initially they are wolves began to settle closer to the people, then the two types are gradually used to each other, and just then there were some initiatives on the part of the people.

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