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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kazakhstan decided to join the fight against ISIS

Everyone knows that terrorism must be fought, but even better to do so that people did not go into hiding and not even thinking about the bombings, killings of innocents and so on. How to do it too for anybody not a secret, but no one somehow fails. Whether the prevention is not proper, whether with those who carry it out, something is wrong. To understand what’s what this week has tried the participants of the conference “Religion against terrorism”, came to Kazakhstan from all over the world.

photo: morguefile.com

Started with a condemnation of class inequalities. “One percent of humanity owns more than half of the world wealth. We are fueled by selfishness, money, speculation, the desire for profit. Our society has inclined before the Golden calf. But the purchasing power of the European Union is falling and more and more of its inhabitants begin to feel rejected, and in other parts of the world is becoming more places where violence reigns. One sees that the world around him can give the answers to his questions, and because he appeals to the militants. The world craves compassion, the terrorists use it and make it worse for him”, – assured the Deputy of the Saeima of Latvia Inguna Sudraba.

Meanwhile, at home policy is a thriving cult of the “forest brothers”, the Nazi partisans who murdered civilians of the Baltic States in hopes to overthrow the Soviet government. The myth of them is a backbone for nation-building in Latvia. With such gosideologiey difficult to confront extremism.

“Terrorism finds support among the poorest, those who are deprived of all the benefits. Therefore, we should generally raise questions of equitable distribution of income, – continued the theme of the Minister of Awqaf of Egypt Mukhtar Juma, – in addition, some States use terrorist groups to achieve their goals. To fight terrorism is possible only without selfish motives”

Justice is good, but it is not clear why the Egyptian authorities for so long ignored the needs of their fellow citizens that the Sinai Peninsula got its own ISIS cell (organization banned in Russia). In the end, terrorists blew up a Russian passenger plane, thus depriving the country of a considerable part of tourists. Which further affected the impoverishment of the population.

“You need to explain to people that we are not dealing with the conflict of civilizations, where Muslims took up arms against representatives of other religions, and terrorist attack to those who are willing to listen to other opinions. And, of course, should pay more attention to the socio-economic development of countries affected by terrorism, to cut the ground from under the feet of militants”, – believes Muhammad Zia Ul-Haq, Director General of the Islamic research, International Islamic University, Islamabad.

And here, too, all right, but in spite of this, a part of the Pakistan nuclear weapon, the matter is in the hands of assorted terrorists.

There was a place and for a little historical perspective from the Italian of Edmondo Deputy Cirielli. “First, the world was struck by the anti-Semitism, which all turned a blind eye. Then with the filing of the United States were destabilized Afghanistan with the Taliban and then Iraq, where Sunnis rose up against the Shiites, then began the “Arab spring”. Often the countries of the West and the Persian Gulf supported the terrorists who overthrew the current government. As a result, in war-torn Iraq and Syria ISIS appeared…” – said the politician.

But with such a promise were not everyone agrees. “The war on terrorism is a war against misconceptions. We have organized courses on reading the Quran to show the true light of the teachings. This allowed to uncover a cell, whose members returned to society. But for victory over terrorism also need to get the occupiers out of Palestine and to give local people to create their own state,” said Abdul Ibn Fahd al-Hidan, Advisor to the Minister of Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia. The representative of the Salafi Kingdom, which has repeatedly been accused of supporting terrorists, not a word is said about economic inequality and respect for the rights and freedoms of the individual. This is probably due to the fact that the country still does not live according to the criminal law, and Sharia, which is governed by the statements of religious leaders of the country. Because of this country thrive on the death penalty, the infringement of the rights of women, the persecution of the LGBT community and so on. About how democracy in the country, too, of course it is not.

About the same promise was made by Deputy Chairman of the Azerbaijani Parliament Bahar Muradova. “We have a multi-confessional country, which is proud of its diversity. This is despite the fact that part of our territory is occupied…” she said. We will remind, the Azerbaijani authorities not only with the younger classes cultivate among their fellow citizens hatred towards Armenians, but also periodically reward those who kill them.

In the nineteenth century, Marxists have argued that humanity is divided into two uneven parts. A large group consists of needy people whose thoughts are usually busy trying to survive in a hostile world. The second part is far less, but holds the economic reins of the world doesn’t need anything and holds its position due to the oppression of others. The struggle of these classes to each other moves the world to a better future, the Marxists believed, but in this way will be a lot of bloody wars, one of which could end the progress.

With this interpretation agree were not all scholars and politicians. In particular, they spoke of the existence of the middle class, which ties together the other two halves of the society, making possible to achieve at least a relative justice. And although in the early twentieth century humanity has shaken the socialist revolution in Russia, and then the rulers of the world responded to the leftist speech Nazi reaction, in General, Europe has managed to retain a middle class to exist and to prove to the prospect of a peaceful path of development.

But modernity seems to have decided to re-check the “link” to the test. And while it clearly does not justify the rendered trust. The terrorists feel the yawning gap between rich and infinitely mired in poverty with people, and use it to bury the world in their hatred.

“Religious leaders and parliamentarians as the most prominent and influential members of the public should be involved in the whole cycle of anti-extremist work, including early warning, prevention, crisis management and reconstruction of societies affected by terrorism and extremism,” – said during the conference, the head of the Senate of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Left to move from words to deeds.

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