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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Experts explained the reason for Russia’s diversion of troops to the West

The news that our Western borders are moved two infantry brigades, caused a stir in the Russian and foreign media. According to one version, these military units have become the response to increasing close to Russia’s borders NATO activities.

Military experts reminded us that on the formation of military units and formations at the beginning of this year, said defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and no sensation in the emergence of two mechanized infantry brigades there.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In the winter of this year, Shoigu said that on the Western direction so as to form three divisions. In 2015, this direction has already been completed the rearrangement of the 20th field army, created the 1st Panzer army. Also in the past year in the Western military district was formed about 30 military units and formations, and most of them entered the army of the sets of the 1st Panzer and the 20th combined-arms armies. This artillery, missile, anti-air brigades, units and combat support.

As told “MK” military expert Viktor Murakhovsky, now on the Western strategic direction is the formation of the so-called army of the kit, which includes two divisions and two brigades. “The 1st Panzer army this set is already there, and in the 20 th combined arms army it once formed, the compound needs to enter two motorized infantry divisions respectively, and two combined arms brigades. There will be included a rocket brigade, artillery brigade, air defense brigade. What was stated by the Minister, are performed. No sensation to it.

According to the expert, the deployment of the units is in the Bryansk, Belgorod, Voronezh and Rostov regions. Murakhovski believes that, first and foremost, Russia is trying to protect themselves on the borders with Ukraine, where it can flash at any moment. “This is the border with Ukraine, and Western countries are here and”, – says the expert.

Military expert Mikhail Khodarenok also believes that first and foremost the creation of new connections – an attempt to protect themselves from unpredictable neighbor in the communal apartment”. “NATO can be some pretext to justify increased security in regions where conflict might arise, of course, in the first place is Ukraine”. Speaking about the transfer of units from North to West, Khodarenok said that “in Russia there are regions, where basically the war has never been and can not be, but there are groupings. For example, what’s the point to keep the motorized infantry brigade in Siberia? It is better to keep them where they may be needed. Of course in a war with NATO I do not believe, but to strengthen the border with Ukraine, of course, you need to”.

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