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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Coronation trump: without many familiar faces, but with weapons

When in Cleveland, Ohio, July 18 will open the party Congress of the Republicans, its distinguishing feature is not the presence but the absence of a number of celebrities and leading figures of the party establishment. Even two policies, which would, in the good, begin the list of participants of the Congress are not ready to promise that they will welcome a staff of almost two and a half thousand delegates: that the Governor of Ohio John Kasich and U.S. Senator from that state, Rob Portman.

photo: AP

While trump said that Hillary Clinton should go to jail, ex-Secretary scares Americans that victory trump will be for the Kremlin holiday.

At the Congress there will be no Bush: neither George Bush Sr. nor younger, nor the younger – former rival trump in the primaries, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. The former will not be the nominees of the Republican party for President – the former Governor of Massachusetts MITT Romney and Senator from Arizona John McCain. Will not the Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham, the Senator from Illinois Mark Kirk and other lawmakers. Will not the whole pack of Republican governors.

And who will be? Among may be mentioned in particular individuals the American press as the two former opponents of Donald trump: is the Governor of new Jersey Chris Christie and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Both these policy has turned 180 degrees, going from harsh criticism of trump for his support; obviously, they hoped to occupy some place in the future administration of the “President trump”.

But overall the picture is very unusual: many of the most prominent Republicans do not want to participate in the “anointing of a” such odious figures like Donald trump, and continue to hope that the phrase “President trump” will remain in quotes as something surreal, unrelated to reality.

Well, in fact – how can you support the candidacy of a man, the extravagant antics which violate all rules of decency? For example, he insulted the Federal district judge of California Gonzalo Curiel of who is working on the fraudulent “trump University”. Trump dismissively told the judge: “I Think he’s Spanish. It’s no big deal”. Then I thought, and, realizing that Hispanic and Latino is not the same, he added: “He’s Hispanic. It’s no big deal”. Kind of like an inferior person, but we, so be it, for it eyes closed.

The second unusual point about the Republican Convention, is that it will be allowed to openly carry weapons (with a permit ownership of them). The law of Ohio allows this, and it’s no exception for the Republican party Congress has not been done. United States secret service, which guards the presidential candidates, current and former presidents, distinguished guests from abroad, etc., are horrified by such a prospect. Who can guarantee that among the several thousand delegates, guests and attendants are not there any mentally unbalanced individual with a gun or a pistol on your belt?

Cleveland authorities have repeatedly tried to introduce a law banning the carrying of weapons in the city, but the courts time after time forced them to comply with state law. Theoretically, now the Governor or legislature of the state of Ohio would temporarily ban guns in the area of the Congress, but lawmakers are on vacation, and the Governor is a supporter of gun freedoms.

Four years ago at the Republican national Convention in Tampa (FL) safety is ensured by 4000 police officers, and this time you will need no less. Cleveland police, however, has only 850 employees, so it will have to attract additional human resources from the outside –cost is not cheap. Police chiefs, as usual, assured the public that “everything is under control”.

All, but not all. To take control of the uncontrollable-unstoppable trump will not succeed, and prevent his nomination is becoming less real. What will be the consequences of this – will show the near future.

Ilya Paranicas, New York

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