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Friday, March 16, 2018

“BI-2” on the stage of the Green theatre

June 23 in Moscow, Green theatre, the legendary Russian rock band will present the final show “and 16плюсТоиг'”. These musicians does not happen just once concerts. Every time they manage to make the event. Business card “b-2” is a powerful live-sound, and this time is also incredibly bright and not less powerful, than the sound light show. For those over these 2 years was not able to visit any one of his speeches “Bi-2” with the program “16plyus” it will be a great opportunity to hear unchanged the live sound and see the final show of the tour. In anticipation of the summer Moscow concert of the correspondent “MK” talked with the group.

Photo: press-service of group Bi-2

— Your album “16+” was published in 2014, you traveled with him around the country and the world. But the upcoming concert is positioned as the last in support of that album. Are there any special feelings?

Loew: “It’s been a great two years, during which time we played this program in Russia and abroad. We are very pleased with this album, the other day we got another Rado-single of the song “Mother”, I think this is a major achievement when 80% of the material from the LP rotiruetsya on the radio. I think that few groups in our country can boast. Spirits are high, we are waiting for this summer concert with great enthusiasm, we look forward with pleasure to all our fans.”

— Your success is largely talent or hard work?

Alex: “Is the sum of the factors. Hard work, perhaps talent, again, without the fans, we are nowhere. There can be no single decisive factor”.

Loew: “I find it very difficult to talk about it. For us, the work comes first”.

— Why are some songs in the album you decided to record with other famous performers? It somehow affected the popularity of the album?

Shura: “there are 4 records of “Odd warriors”, where a lot of duets. And with “Semantic hallucinations” we have long wanted to do a Duo, we have only reached the hands, on this disc there is even a duet with the group “Alliance”, we did a cover of the song, also with the legendary musician Valery Gaina from the group “Cruise” and an interesting young singer from America Elizabeth. Duets very much, we didn’t make them specifically so that the song became popular. If the song requires the energy of another artist, and it suits us, then we do it.”

Green theatre, there will be a concert, the place was chosen by chance? Or is this some kind of sign area for you?

Loew: “we spoke already many times, but if I am not mistaken, such a large-scale solo concerts was not. It’s a great place, most importantly, the weather did not disappoint. I think it’s a combination of all, including the joy that it is summer, we are really excited.”

— You have so many awards. Which one you’re most proud of?

Shura: “the Only reward for us is the love of fans, it is our most important award. All the other rewards that we have, and they are really very much, is of course very nice, but all the awards happen thanks to our fans, because without them we are nowhere.”

— How you support your family? On tour feel that somewhere out there, at home, you have a wife and children? Maybe take them with you?

Alex: “Sometimes I take myself when it happens. My daughter Eva last year tried to sing with me when we were playing “Krokus concert with orchestra, later we have this story repeated in St. Petersburg this spring and in Rostov-on-don”.

— What to expect your fans in the near future? You have already started collecting tracks for the new album?

Loew: “We have already started work on his new album, the process goes on. Can’t say that soon the end, but I hope that next year this record will be ready and will be released. We have all of the songs is quite eclectic, there is a common electromana in the future record, but still all the songs, of course, will differ from each other — it’s our trade markt, naturally, with some trepidation and excitement we await the reaction of our fans.”

Shura: “1 September will be released the first single from the new album. It will clip, and the song is likely to be not one. And the album we write, we have a summer and autumn a very intense Studio time, I hope that by the beginning of next year the album will be ready. But lift the veil of secrecy, in Prague we recorded another album with the Prague Symphony orchestra, there will be 12 songs already known and the record will be released this fall.”

— In the final show of the tour planned any changes? Or it will be the same as all the other, past?

Alex: “as for the songs, it is likely that we will add in a few performance that we haven’t played. As far as the show, it will be such, as in all round, there is logic in this”.

Interviewed By Elena Kaefer

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