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Thursday, March 15, 2018

After secret meetings with us scientists decided to assemble a human genome re –

Publication in the latest issue of the prestigious scientific journal Nature was a continuation of the scandal, which began recently with rumors about the secret plans of geneticists to create an artificial human. A group of American experts still deny that the creation of a “synthetic person” included in her plans, however, officially invited to assemble from scratch the genome of Homo sapiens.

photo: pixabay.com

In the framework of the project, the implementation of which may require up to a billion dollars, experts expect to develop a tool for the creation of large genetic sequences in DNA. The researchers also declare their readiness to discuss and agree on an ethical framework within which to develop such a project. In fact, the researchers suggest not to “cut” and “paste” the new strands of DNA from existing genomes, and gather them from the individual “cubes”. As noted by genetics, such as those already practiced in the creation of the genomes of bacteria and viruses, however, with regard to mammals this method is not yet practiced.

In the first year of operation, according to the scientists, they will need a hundred million dollars, just as the development of the project they expect to do ten years.

Experts emphasize that their plans do not include the creation of an “artificial person”, and suggest to regard your project as a proposal to develop a new and effective tool for carrying out cutting edge research in medical and bioengineering fields. However, some are already promoted the idea with some negative bias. This is due to the fact that the article was preceded by elapsed may 10 at Harvard a secret meeting, which was attended by over 150 people: scientists, lawyers, businessmen and so on. The suspicion of many, including journalist of The New York Times, Andrew Pollack, was the fact that the conference was secret, and change its name from “HGP2: draft synthesis of the human genome” more modest “Test large synthetic genomes in cells,” according to the journalist, designed to disguise the basic tasks discussed. By the way, the title of the article in Science probably corresponds to the initial title of the conference.

For the first time to produce an organism with the genome, obtained by artificial means, the scientists managed for the first time in 2010, when a group of researchers under the leadership of Craig Venter have reproduced the DNA of the bacteria Mycoplasma mycoides.

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