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Friday, March 16, 2018

Women have been prone to dependency on smartphones

A group of South Korean researchers from the ajou University, found that women in General are more likely to develop a kind of dependence on the smartphone. As shown by the experts a study of the fair sex often devote an inordinate amount of time mobile phone, and feel less comfortable than men, if for some time you do not have access to the gadget.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

During their study, the researchers interviewed 1 236 students from six colleges in South Korea, and in the number of respondents were boys and girls. According to the survey, more than half of women — 52 percent — devote their smartphone more than four hours daily. Among men the figure was less than 30 percent. For six or more hours a day by phone was used by 23% of women and only 11 per cent of men.

More than 37 percent of the girls looked at the screen of your smartphone on the go or even while talking with other people, while for boys this was much less true. One in five women also admitted that they felt uncomfortable, if during a long period she can not use the phone for men faced with this only 9 percent.

Also, experts have found that most often the girls use smartphones to access social networks — in this capacity they used the gadget more than for calls, gaming, and information retrieval together.

According to the results of their study, the experts came to the conclusion that girls are on average 10 percent more likely to develop dependence on mobile phones. As the researchers note, these results are somewhat in contrast with the established opinion that most “types” of addiction, whether it’s a computer or gambling or something else, often predisposed men.

The results of their work, scientists reported in the journal Public Health Reports.

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