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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

“The Princess” of musical Theatre was dedicated in Montreal at circus the faith

— Listen! — SEB, he is the famous canadian circus Director Sebastian Soldevila, almost takes me over the breast torn by emotions. — You asked: I wonder if I should put your “the circus Princess”?.. So, to answer: Yes! It will be new not only for Moscow — it would be an event in Montreal (whether it is shown here), that is, in the circus Capitol of the world. It has never been done, you understand, no?!

Moving from French to English (this is Quebec!), he calls a crowd of acrobats to itself: the idea follows idea, one room drags the other hoops, Rensky, wheels, rubber bands-bungee jumping on the chairs, and rushing talent, but SEB doesn’t hold back: if he puts “Princess” for Russia, for our musical Theatre Mikhail Shvydkoi, then the MOT no-no and slip Russian tart:

— The play set — it’s not you suck cocks!.. Come on! T-C-C-C, there’s a journalist here! All aboard! Where Is Mr. X? Where Is Theodore? “Yes, I’m a clown, I’m a circus performer, so what?..”

The Incomparable Theodore – Julia Vostrikova. Photo: Francisco Cruz

“Father, hamlet is being pressed!”

…Rewind back a little. After the most difficult in terms of stage work, “Crime and punishment” directed by Andrei Konchalovsky (who blew up Moscow) Shvydkoi invented for himself a new Everest. The opening of the season, that is already to the 12th of October, he and his wife Marina Shvydka (co-Director of the project) decided to reincarnate the operetta “the circus Princess” by Emmerich Kalman (the 90th anniversary of the premiere) — but how!

We are transported to Paris of the early XX century, and few deviate from the authentic story, not very orientirueshsya and Soviet blockbuster films of 1958 — the same “Mr. X” with Georg OTS, Yaron and Bogdanova-Chesnokova, although it is clear that for the generation of 40+ is still the standard operatic adaptation. We have subtle and ironic libretto appends Alexei Ivashchenko, music Kalman is also pretty sovremennitsa.

photo: Jan Smirnitsky
View of Montreal from mount Royal.

But then starts… and then wonders why we sit down with Marina Alexandrovna Shvydkoi on a plane (alas, not direct) to Montreal to your eyes to see in the hands of Sebastian Soldevila (Sebastien Soldevila) gradually, scene by scene, is born an amazing story of love… in the scenery of the circus. The living, I note. SEB (as he is called by his friends, because at rehearsals, reminiscent of the fire alarm, his name is to pronounce completely just once), being one of the founders of alternative circus “Seven fingers”, was already brought to the musical Theatre of his “Kitchen” — plastic performance in the final, which the audience fed spaghetti…

— SEB, — saying, — my daughter asked, when you re-send to Moscow a pot of pasta — she’s hungry?

— Here I love that reaction!.. Bon appetit!

…Upon arrival, we first ran in the Montreal ice Palace Verdun Auditorium, where the winter play of the local hockey team. In the summer, the entire field is farmed out to a circus — there are all kinds of warm-UPS, stretching, practicing stunt and, in fact, the production of “Princess”.

The idea is unusual, — tells Marina Shvydka in Moscow recently hosted a casting call for the lead roles of Mr. X, his beloved Theodora; the second pair of Tony (baritone) and Marie (soprano), as well as Carolina and Pelican (in the movie they were performed by glikeriya Bogdanova-Chesnokova and Grigory Yaron). And another on the role of Baron and Agnes (by the way, this is a new character).

…So, X’s and Theodore were selected by Maksim and Yuliya Zausalin Vostrelov. Them the week before sent to the SEB to Canada to re-education (the so-called workshop). What makes Sebastian: takes his proven team of canadian acrobats and with their help gently introduces our gentle singing and the children dancing in a complex, forceful, muscular circus fabric.

— Father-mother, what do I see?! Hamlet is pressed! The historical frame…

The fact is that in the theater “Nikitsky gate” Maxim Zausalin plays, among other things, and even, God forgive me, hamlet. Mark Rozovsky and said that Maxim had “finding number one” that is “eccentric and tragedian” that he was “charming and disgusting, if required by the role, and such, and so, different, but still progressing!” He received his scant praise from Soldevila, but at what cost! Two weeks of endless circus drill, when the evening to stretch the legs, and other tricks — of wills…

— Maxim, a thousand years we know each other, — I say Sausalido during the break, but it is a new attitude; how you personally see yourself Mr X? Because SEB still only separates (a theatrical term) of the scene, but what he is, the man in the mask, Sebastian Marina Shvydkoi will tell later…

— It is clear that I am a hostage situation, but only appended, nuances in behavior do not know yet. But the core of the hero is clear: Mr. X, in any case, an honest and honorable man, who experienced a failure in love, betrayal of friends or relatives… and this tragic character and his strength, I must exercise, otherwise it will kondovo Superman, which internally are not interested in me. And me with my hero I really want to go through all the thorns to love. Which is born, Matures here, in Montreal, in front of us…

— It is not necessary to forget, then remind the Directors, that at first Mr. X is not very nice comes in one episode…

— And immediately falls in love with the lovely Theodore… But who among us has not stumbled!

“Fall, Theodore, you are caught!”

…Hour of the day, end of break; SEB as the exam, has decided to show us a number of already established scenes. The most striking thing is that it’s something of a circus team to Moscow in the end will not go — it only helps to create room and be accustomed to the circus of our soloists. All pure stunt scenes he put in Moscow with Russian acrobats (on-site in Izmailovo).

— But you look at what returns! — praises his Sebastian. — They will not play in the play, this is how to cook dinner and not to eat, but what level, what devotion!..

photo: Jan Smirnitsky
Director Sebastian Soldevila emotionally discusses with Marina Shvydkoi scene of the play.

Zausalin in confirmation of his words shakes head:

— Canadian circus — just gold. Many of them work lower, that is, in the pyramids caught flying on top of the acrobats, and they have not once saved my life… I now only one small step over the threshold of the circus crossed — and I can see the Titanic work guys, I have my eyes on the forehead climb. Not a freebie for a second. If someone is exempt from the General training, begins to engage itself on the wheel or on a skateboard… no one is sitting, not scratching the iPad. And all with pleasure and not under duress. One and all.

— And in the theatre (I mean in the theater at all) differently?

— Of course, with our laziness-poor guy, we have a different atmosphere…

But — went. Twists the Banquet scene: gymnasts are flying flick-flyak through tables, throwing on-the-fly each other’s plates, crystal glasses on the tablecloth almost no swaying (bottom plasticine weights)…

— And the glasses are very natural look — these are sold in Moscow? Or here to take?..

Then Mr. X and Theodore needs to meet eyes…

Music-music! While pure music yet, the piano keeps the overall rhythm charismatic mi-Mi, desperately pressing the pedal with his bare foot. Here it’s a circus — simple, relaxed, one family. Running around everywhere someone’s children, do not tell — whose…

— SEB, do you think, ” says Marina Shvydka, maybe among the live audience and even mannequins to plant?

Yeah you know, good mannequins are expensive… Or people should react like mannequins?..

…On the stage walks the incomparable Theodore — our Julia Vostrikova, a star of musical Theatre, wonderful ensemble, managed to finish and Moscow state pedagogical University, and the College, and “Pike”.

— This is very important, by the way — reflects Marina Aleksandrovna, — that the performer of a musical theatre ensemble is the first school, and then only gets out to the soloists. The ensemble teaches everything, after him the actor of an entirely different class…

The idea is this: the circus held chairs at different heights, Julia goes on them as the steps (managing to do it without a busy person, with a smile), and here she hovers over the heads — and… the back of a sudden fall back! It is, of course, elegantly caught, but she does not see!

— What is capable of! tells me choreographer Genevieve Dorion-Coupal. — SEB picked it out — very athletic and capable girl, we are very happy. Camping goes…

photo: Jan Smirnitsky
Choreographer Genevieve Dorion-Coupal (right) explains to Maxim Zausalin the nature of the movement.

In Montreal, Yulia fundamentally drives only on the subway, not wanting to waste time in traffic (the average speed in the center is very low). After the next workout decide to pursue it:

— Julia, what is the main difficulty of entering the circus grounds?

— The complexity — that all we need to do well! You can’t somewhere to hold out leg, because there is just another level. And then you dance and sing, you tossed, turned upside down, and you continue Aria…

— When first raised to the level of human growth — it was terrible?

— Scary is not the word… because the people standing. One awkward movement — and all! But guys are always a shoulder to lean on. Know the main secret? At first I was afraid to enter, say, a breast or a leg partner full foot resting the entire weight. But I was taught that we need to attack very confident, without fear, then the stunt goes clean.

“Your artists don’t know the word “no!”

…The next day we discussed the unusual composite sketches of the scenery: they will execute the project of the canadian stage designer Oliver Landreville (Olivier Landreville), he’s sitting right there.

— SEB said to me, “says Oliver,” what for you “the circus Princess” — for us “West side story”…

— Well, in my opinion, the “West side” is far more popular, large-scale, yet Kalman is only the beginning of the XX century… by the Way!

The backstage area will go “hinting” silhouette “romochka” of famous buildings in Paris — the Arch, Eiffel, sacré-Coeur Basilica…

— Oliver, sacré Coeur was finished being built in 1914, the decoration matches the time?

— Yes, of course, “laughs the designer,” but you’re right: I just made out “La Boheme”, there was a similar atmospheric move — silhouettes of Paris. And out of habit I stuck, among other things, and the Eiffel tower. But… the hitch! The action of “La Boheme” set in the Latin quarter in 1830, and the tower was completed in 1889-m! I had to quickly and nervously removed, so that people do not laugh. No, in “the circus Princess” already meets all the time.

— And in Canada, “Princess” Kalman known?

— I’m afraid not…

I decided to ask our children — Maxim and Yulia, what they think about hits productions.

All the time I think about this subject, ” says our Mr. X, Maxim — operetta is a genre of adults. But the Directors want to break this barrier, to get out of strict genre in the modern format, interesting for young people. Initially, the Kalman music is beautiful, but the arrangements must be alive and breathing, albeit uneven, non-classical, but dynamic. Because age is already a-go-go! All live and die — Thu-u-u! — here such speeds!..

And what I like Sebastian, “adds max,” he is the same as: be zealous, unexpected, modern. He’s a bully, he’s a good man. Awesome! Moreover, he loves Russians, he’s the athlete, acrobat, and worked in Du Solee”…

— I also want to support the Maxim, — says Julia — so important when you trust, because without trust there is no business.

— And here I am, Sabie-king! — suddenly, Soldevila appear in person, wearing a helmet, driving into the stadium Verdun directly in his red scooter; calling artists for the next analysis stages. — I hope (he asks me), you will not reproduce all the words I know in Russian?..

Starts a new dive into “the Princess”: “Maybe start here the organ grinder? No, he was already in “Pina” (in “Crime and punishment”, a slang of the theater). SEB, you still “Pin” was not looking? You need it! And maybe the boy with the accordion, and let him throw all the coins? And where do we put fifty people?..”

— Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah! — Sebastian lights up, climbed on the table. — In my head so much that we are waiting for a crazy job! I know (again addressing me), the good guys — these are your artists…

— Really?

— Yes. Never say “no”. Ready for anything. I hate when people tell me “no”. Shut up and do it, that’s all! You don’t write, I hope?..

“Etienne Theodore and passed through the school of suffering”

Before the premiere of four months, and the work — a great deal. While gently “removed” layer by layer: physical attacka scenes, then a story, an emotion will arise… As said geneviève Dorion-Coupal, “while there is a first level, rastanawi, large strokes; and then will come to you for two months thin surgery”. In the course recognized very curious subtleties: for example, we have in the theatres adopted the revision of musical performances, in this case, even a chip, its charm is that the Director leaves the room and a month after the premiere. And on Broadway, the show took — finito, to intervene in it are not eligible.

— Maxim, what do you think, if theatre students put on probation, this is how you?

— Yes, that would be fantastic, invaluable experience. I’m the type of professional, and much tried in life, and for me there are so many discoveries, so many positive things… I want to take that one into service, then another…

— You have no idea how it was important for us to come here, — says Julia — here is your excavation is built according to all canons of security, and now in Moscow, I know exactly what you can and can’t do.

As if to confirm her words the partners are beginning to roll out Yulia in the verse: “This moment as if by accident in our lives went in.

— How would she sing in that rotation? — I doubt a canadian team.

Nothing soothes Shvydka, we teach them.

— Ah so? Well then, we complicate the room…

Then a charming sketch on the gum-banj, promises to be center staged as it sounds, the most famous Aria.

— Sebastian, — appeal to the Director, — that you in a devilishly exciting in “the Princess” as the Creator?

I’ll tell you now. We worked with one of our show in Moscow, where I met Mikhail Shvydkoi and David Smelyansky (leadership, musical Theatre). They, it turns out, has long wanted to put “the circus Princess” and suddenly I say: “Want to make us an operetta?” At first I wasn’t sure. But I was shown the old film of 1958, and I fell in love with the subject, libretto, and the music… If I don’t like music — I don’t work, it’s the law. And here — Kalman! I decided. Especially in the movie the circus shows as free people, but the aristocrats, by contrast, are open-minded and correct. “The circus Princess” is a story about how you choose your life. Their freedom.

photo: Jan Smirnitsky
Julia Vostrikova (Theodore) and Maxim Zausalin (Mr. X) in a passionate tango.

— Although the aristocracy is no longer…

But classes remained. People with higher education can afford a lot, while others are forced to go to the factory and plow there…

— What’s up love…

— Here we are with Marina Shvydkoi really wouldn’t want to show any flat images; our étienne (Mr. X) and Theodore passed through the school of suffering, they had a shitty life, so at some point, they are ready to reveal their feelings. And reveal another secret: I push away from the talent of the artists, know the level of each, and all the key scenes in advance come up with in my head. I motivate all artists, it’s important.

— I would like to add that I too cannot work without love for the material, ” says geneviève Dorion-Coupal, without love, it’s just a job like on TV, for example. What pays your bills. But “Princess”… it is my passion.

On the last day of the official presentation of the eight rooms, each actor in the original t-shirt “the circus Princess”. In the end, emerges a common nerve of the play, and I must say that the nerve of the audience will play brilliantly…

Even our decorations, ” says designer Oliver — emphasize that people are very love each other but cannot be together. And nothing more, no video projections, which only take away from the main ideas. Everything will be simple and stylish.

photo: Jan Smirnitsky

— I want everyone envied me, that’s my goal! — finally, says Sebastian. — And then we’ll just do a French version!



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