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Friday, March 23, 2018

SK: In Russia for three consecutive years, a growing number of child suicides

The number of child suicides in Russia is growing from year to year

Oct 23, 2012, 16:31

Text: Elena Sidorenko

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The Investigative Committee published a study of cases of teenage suicides in Russia, according to which their number has been growing steadily the past three years. And that is despite the fact that Russia – and so the world’s leader on this indicator since 1993. Experts explained what caused this tragic trend and how to overcome it.

Without adequate help

The Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia has published the results of inspections of suicides among minors in the period from 2010 to the first half of 2012.
“In 2010, on the territory of Russia reported 798 cases of suicides of minors, in 2011 – 896, in the first half of 2012 was 532. All of these facts, the investigative agencies of the investigative Committee of Russia in the manner prescribed by law were carried out pre-investigation checks. In cases where signs were seen bringing a minor to suicide, criminal cases were initiated on signs of the crime provided by article 110 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation”, – is reported on the Agency’s website.
The analysis showed that a significant proportion of children who have committed suicide, have already needed not only the help of a social pedagogue or therapist, but also of meddling in their lives bodies for the prevention of offences by minors and against minors, in connection with finding their families in difficult situations or social risk.

“In addition, in some cases, was detected incorrect assessment by health professionals or authorities the prevention of the critical state of the psyche of the children who committed suicide. Often the assistance that they provided, was inadequate to the situation”, – stated in the message.
In this regard, the Investigative Committee within the statutory competence intends to participate in the development of an effective system for the prevention of suicide among minors.

Note that in the last two weeks, was recorded several children’s suicides. In particular, on October 10 it became known that in’skoye district of the Tyumen region was found hanged 16-year-old student. 15 Oct Vagayskaya in the district of the Tyumen region has committed suicide 15-the summer schoolgirl. She asked to be excused from lessons, and later that evening, she was found hanged in the dressing room at home.

Two days later, on October 17 in the village of Selets Trubchevsk district of the Bryansk region near his house hung a 16-year-old student of 9th grade. The 19th of October in Novosibirsk committed suicide 12-year-old girl.

According to the February report of UNICEF, 20% of Russian Teens are prone to severe depression, whereas in Western countries this figure is less than 5%. According to the organization, now in Russia recorded growth of diseases of children and adolescents with mental disorders and behavioral disorders – a figure that is three to five times exceeds similar indicators in most European countries.

In the beginning of the year, Deputy Director of the State scientific center of social forensic psychiatry. Serbian Boris Polozhii said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that “one cannot deny the fact that this is due to the chain reaction. Because adolescents are characterized with such resonance suicides. As soon as you receive the information about suicides of minors, experts always anxiously waiting for the series of suicides”.

Authorized under the President of Russia for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov also noted the seriousness of the problem of child suicide. “The problem adolescent suicide is now most acute. Unfortunately, there is still no clear and honest statistics about this. According to our data, in Russia annually occurs 4 thousand suicide attempts among adolescents, suicide is over – about 1.5 thousand”, – quoted him as saying the press service of the Ombudsman.

“Sometimes children just have no one to turn to for help. Teachers and bodies of guardianship and guardianship’t always pay attention to the difficult situation in which there was a child,” – said Astakhov.

Without further ADO anywhere

Child psychologist Anton Sorin said the newspaper VIEW that the problem of teenage suicide is not in some kind of transformation psychology of modern children, but the fact that the social context of their to this has and pushes.

“Russia has long been and surely is in first place in terms of teenage suicides. To lead by a wide margin, we started back in 1993 and since then, the palm nobody the inferior. In any problem of teenage suicide, there are two key issues. The first – psychological. The teenager is a creature of his philosophical considerations, realizing the futility and hopelessness of being, asking myself many questions, very often the answer to questions turns it into an ideological cul de SAC that leads to suicide. Or because teenage impulsiveness, that is, when a young man or woman simultaneously touched, and they start to jump from the window or to overeat pills. Or in order to attract attention, to demonstrate that he needed urgent help as a teenager,” said Sorin.

According to the psychologist, the psychological cause of childhood suicides in all countries of Western culture is roughly the same. “The rise of teenage suicides don’t come from psychological and social factors. And the main influencing factor is how the system of values, life goals, views of reality that exist in society, coherent, specific and clear. Teen always protested against that society in which he lives. But in order to be against something to protest, we need it to be. In modern Russia there is nothing against which one could rebel, because there is no society, no culture. Now everything is possible,” said Anton Sorin.

It is the lack of direction in life, value and meaning, and a lot of free time, according to child psychologist, and is ruining today’s youth. “Most importantly, the child must have to talk constantly. Even if he starts to send, all the same continue to talk to him,” said Sorin.

“After the statement of insurance is to conduct a study to find out the specific circumstances which have pushed children to commit suicide. Surprisingly, no Russian structures, which are responsible for the childhood, education, family, has never taken any of the methods and steps to solving the problem. I think that the main reason Teens commit suicide is their inner loneliness, they do not find contact with either in the family or among peers, no one to talk to about their problems. There are, of course, counseling services, a single phone, but the availability of information about this small. It would be different if the required information were printed on school notebooks, textbooks, pencils, for example,” – said the newspaper VIEW, head of the inter-Commission working group on childhood and family policy of the Public chamber (OP) Russia Olga Kostina.

Member OP said that largely detrimental influence on the situation and the media. “Getting into a difficult situation, the child chooses the output that he offered the media and the Internet. Instead of showing a way out of difficult situations, children in fact show an extreme form of problem solving. A huge number of sites, how to escape from life, the promotion of the afterlife. In Soviet times there was a clinical examination, allowing to learn not only about health, but also the family situation. That system is destroyed, the new is not created, here and reap the benefits,” said Olga Kostina.

The psychologist-criminalist Mikhail Vinogradov told the newspaper OPINION that there are several causes that push teenagers to commit suicide. “First and foremost, the prerequisites are laid in the family. In many families the children are, roughly speaking, wrong. Different punishment for bad grades, behavior. Any child in need of affection and care. Children are very subtly feel, whether they are family. Unfortunately, many teenagers believe that they are a burden to the family, especially when they reproach stained shirt, torn jeans, draw attention to the fact, how much are these things.

The next important factor of problems is the school. Now the relations in schools are not just cruel, but extraordinarily cruel. Children from poor families are subjected to ridicule from their more affluent peers. Appears the envy of the more fortunate child.

And the third factor is the street. Our children are mostly left to themselves. Even parents of the middle-families trying to earn as much money as possible, and love to children they do not have time”, – said Vinogradov.

But the most dangerous to date, according to experts, is the Internet where there are sites for suicide. “Law enforcement officers periodically check on them and close. Usually getting on these forums happens when a teenager in correspondence with the friends begins to Express suicidal thoughts, and then his name is in a community of like-minded people. Sometimes it happens that minors themselves go to such sites. And there already begins a psychological attack. The fact that it is possible to establish family relationships, to find justice for classmates, to tear a child from the street and translate it into a circle, but the sites of suicide cannot be controlled,” – said Vinogradov.

The solution to the problem Mikhail Vinogradov sees the return of the Soviet system of state control over children, when they are, regardless of wealth, have been available in various sections and mugs.

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