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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Scientists struck a dagger of Tutankhamun, having an extraterrestrial origin

One of two discovered in 1925 daggers famous ruler of Egypt Tutankhamun is of extraterrestrial origin, told a group of Egyptian and Italian scientists, who published their study in the journal Meteoritics & Planetary Science. Material for arms, according to experts, was meteoric iron.

Two daggers, one blade of which was made of gold, and another of the unusual iron, were discovered in the tomb who lived 3, 300 years ago a young king archaeologist Howard Carter. Iron dagger possessed a Golden hilt and a pommel of rock crystal, and its sheath were covered in a pattern depicting dragons. The discovery gave rise to several questions that archaeologists could not answer. Amazing was the fact that iron dagger appeared when the technique of forging iron in Egypt have not had to appear, and that more than three millennia, the weapon does not rust.

To find out what was done, the dagger, the specialists used a technology called x-ray fluorescence analysis of the elemental composition”. As it turned out, it contains a very large number of Nickel and cobalt, which would be unusual for “normal” iron, which can be found on the planet, but characteristic of meteorites, which had previously been discovered in Egypt near the red sea coast. Particularly close in composition to the dagger turned out to be a meteorite was found in the past 240 km West of Alexandria, in the territory of the port city.

Previously, scientists were able to prove meteoritic origin of other Egyptian artifact — nine blackened iron balls, discovered in 2013. Experts note that a special relationship to “heavenly iron” can be traced in some ancient Egyptian texts.

By the way, recently, archaeologists theorized that the famous tomb of king Tutankhamun, perhaps originally intended for women. This, in particular, is evidenced by the fact that the first turn after the descent to it is right that men’s tombs is not typical.

Read the story “Extraterrestrial king tut dagger forged from young meteorite”

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