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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Kadyrov did not allow Putin’s advisers to meet with the population of Chechnya

The delegation of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC), and traveled to the North Caucasus, not only met with Ramzan Kadyrov, but drove through Chechnya without stopping. Human rights activists have canceled all appointments on the territory of the Republic “in order to avoid excesses”. The Kremlin has called the situation “sensitive topic”, but to comment on the behavior of Kadyrov did not.

In Dagestan, unlike Chechnya, the capital’s defenders waited. Mikhail Fedotov meets with residents of the Republic. Photo: president-sovet.ru

During a visiting session of the HRC human rights activists have already visited Dagestan and Ingushetia, travelled without stopping through Chechnya, then they can expect North Ossetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia and Stavropol Krai, where it is planned to check the observance of human rights and to discuss the most egregious violations. How’s the tour, “MK” asked the head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov:

– Field meeting is going very well. We are doing a great job in Dagestan. Held a reception of the population, visited social institutions and agencies of penal system, police departments.

In Ingushetia, met with the head of the Republic, visited the detention center in Karabulak, hospitals, TB clinic… Representatives of Federal agencies and regional authorities are very actively helping us to obtain complete information on the observance of human rights.

— How was the work on the territory of Chechnya?

— We drove through it.

— Not stopping?

– We did not stay because there was no reason to stay. There was a terrible storm, and in a situation when the head of the Republic did not want to meet, and we were given to understand that there are possible excesses to plan something was just pointless.

In our delegation was Igor Kalyapin, who, as you know, there is a conflict with Kadyrov. We have hinted that his presence could lead to undesirable consequences. We decided not to provoke these excesses. Agreed that we will pass through the country without stopping, the Chechen authorities have given us cars that were escorted from the entrance to Chechnya to exit…

Unfortunately, on this phrase the conversation was interrupted: mobile communication disappeared. But for politically correct wording diplomatically Mikhail Fedotov traced a threatening picture. Kadyrov himself has not only refused to meet with advisers of President Putin, but also ordered to accompany them actually escorted through the territory they control, that they, nor God did not stop to talk to someone else.

Is it all about in a single the presence in the delegation Kalyapin? Yes, the head of the Committee for the prevention of torture is a staunch critic “of democracy in Chechen”, in March in the center of Grozny, he was attacked, in which some suspect Kadyrov. But whether the head of the Republic for one to insult your opponent the whole Council under President Putin?

— It’s not Kalyapin, if it was not in the delegation, then Kadyrov would come up with another reason to shy away from a difficult discussion with human rights defenders, — said the “MK” member of the HRC, Lyudmila Alexeyeva. — Kadyrov knew that we won’t grovel before him as we have people from Chechnya, and start to ask questions.

As it became known “MK”, human rights activists wanted to ask: is it true that the citizens of Chechnya, receiving money from the Federal budget for the restoration or construction of housing, needs half the amount to give kickback to local officials? And how are the preparations for the election of the President: can they make the part of the opposition candidates?

And what happened in the village of Kenkhi? A resident of this Alpine settlement of Ramadan Zalaldinov recorded a video message in which he complained of the situation with housing, and then his house burned down, he was hiding in Dagestan. In the end apologized to Kadyrov under the camera. (Details — in the article “the Real story of the apology Zalaldinov to Kadyrov”). Well, about that, how is the investigation of the assassination attempt on Kalyapin, too, could ask, of course.

Despite the fact that Kadyrov disrespect to HRC, and can be interpreted as disrespect personally to the President, the Kremlin has traditionally protected the “infantry of Putin”.

“Indeed, the subject is quite sensitive (sensitive — sensitive. — AVT.), but at the same time, without knowing the details, I wouldn’t have to say anything, that would be wrong, — said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov and added: — of Course, some development will be, although it (the behavior Kadyrov in relation to the members of the HRC. — Ed.) is not a violation of any mandatory regulations, so from a bureaucratic point of view here, no emergencies, no”.

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