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Friday, March 16, 2018

“Grey mobile phones” is again outlawed

Vladimir Putin signed a law increasing the fine for using uncertified communication means. A thought: now, with respect to each owner grey mobile tube” will be to prosecute. But the law deals with unfair mobile operators that buy equipment, uncertified.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

In Russia, the “gray tube” comes in three ways. The first is the purchase of vehicles from overseas dealers and distributors. Second, when the “mobile” comes from Asia and the Middle East and declared as Souvenirs. The third way — the path of entrepreneurship. Small firms are imported from abroad hundreds of “tubes”. For the average consumer these phones — only position in the window. Although in our country, many, especially young people, versed in communication, only a few thoroughly investigate the details of the purchase: where it’s made, what country put the software products and, most importantly, whether they are certified.

It seems that the issue is not significant. The majority of mobile phone needs to always “be in touch”, to receive or to send a message, upload posts on social networks.

Few people know that after the Russian authorities, the phones they use, immediately fall into the category of “gray”. The use of such a “mobile” you can pay a fine, which sometimes exceeds the cost of the “pipe”. Such laws existed in the past. Now the fines have increased in 2-2,5 times. The law, signed by the President, the current fines do not contribute to the prevention of administrative offenses. Now for the use of “gray pipe” a citizen must pay a fine of 3-5 thousand roubles with confiscation of uncertified means of communication (now 1,5–2 thousand roubles). For officials the penalty will be 15-30 thousand (now 3-4 thousand). For legal entities the penalty 60-300 thousand (now — 30-40 thousand).

The average consumer could be scared — he’s able on the street to demand a mobile and, after inspecting the means of communication, to impose a fine and in General to take “the tube”.

However, as told “MK” the representative of the government, a population that often doesn’t know where the phone is made, and not versed in the software, these changes should not affect. “They are more related to careless sellers or not “cleanly” connected companies that use software that has not been certified in Russia”, — said the “MK” representative of the relevant Department.

In other words, under the act fall mainly means of communication, which have no certification or Declaration of conformity to technical regulations of Russia. But not just phones, but a comprehensive network units which are connected to the company.

But to the “gray” phones, apparently, will also be brought against specific claims. The service life of the “gray tube” — a few months. In the process of operation, there are often errors and failures.

In addition, conversations on such phones can be listened to in any end of the world as intelligence agencies and corporate customers. However, this “service”, according to experts in the field of Telecom Sergey Korogoda, quite unable to provide and present mobile communications. Controlling them is very expensive and often useless.

According Rossvyaz, on the world market received the new “smart” devices — for example, a coffee maker and a refrigerator without a Declaration can start a fire in the absence of the owner. From the outside can be controlled and more serious equipment — the nuclear reactor. And the activation of a hidden program can lead to a man-made disaster.

Protected from such attacks at the moment, only communication satellites, because of this technique to the problems with Declaration of conformity in principle can not be.

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