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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Experts were asked to solve the problem of child suicide

Experts blame the media in a series of teenage suicides

16 Feb 2012, 15:40

Text: Elena Sidorenko

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The Prosecutor General’s office appealed for help to the scientific community to understand the causes of child suicide. In this connection on Thursday in the Ministry of health convened an emergency meeting. Psychologists also explained what the role of the media is that teen suicide has become a trend.

On Thursday it became known that to resolve problems related to the wave of child suicide, the Prosecutor General’s office appealed for help to the scientific community, reports “Interfax”.

“Probably the motive (suicide) is a number of reasons, including psychological character. We in this issue you understand, a simple question. I think we need to involve scientists, the topic is serious and the patient”, – reports the words of the first Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman.

Note that since the beginning of February in Russia has sharply increased the number of child suicides.

Over the past week in the country occurred just a few high-profile teen suicides. Last week, February 7, two girlfriends, a student in the eighth grade, I jumped off the roof of a skyscraper in the Moscow suburb of Lobnya and crashed. The next day 15-year-old jumped out of the window of an apartment house in Moscow. A week ago, Thursday, 12-year-old resident of Krasnoyarsk was found hanged in his apartment, and a seventh grader in the Tambov region – in the yard. On Saturday, the ninth-grader jumped out of the window in the Moscow district Perovo.

This week, on Tuesday, the investigators of the Tomsk region reported another suicide – the eleventh-grader hanged himself in the village of zyryansky district Cherdaty. And in Bashkiria on Tuesday, investigators began checking on the fact of suicide of the teenager who hanged himself on February 9 in the village Iglino.

According to UNICEF, the average in Russia the rate of suicide for boys and girls is at the level of 30-31 case per 100 thousand population per year.

The head of the epidemiological and social problems mental health Institute. Serbian Boris Polozhii in an interview with the newspaper LOOK told that Russia, by frequency of teen suicide for many years ranked the world’s second or third place. In addition, he listed the primary symptoms of suicidal behavior.

“This causes problems, of course, in each case, their. But you can not deny the fact that this is due to the chain reaction. Because adolescents are characterized with such resonance suicides. As soon as you receive the information about suicides of minors, experts always anxiously waiting for the series of suicides,” – said the newspaper VIEW Boris polozhy.

In his opinion, to stop this chain reaction is difficult, especially if it is running. “In the first place that now needs to be made quickly, is entirely correct to highlight the issue. Because, sadly, but the media are pushing these waves. The world health organization (who) many years ago has developed very clear guidelines for journalists, which were sent worldwide. But in Russia, these rules often are not observed”, – said the expert.

In General terms, these rules are as follows. If the reported suicide, especially teen, then information is not included any photos and videos. It’s definitely not reported on the front pages of the newspaper, not accompanied by a “hot” headers. And about the suicide is written literally three sentences. In any case it is impossible to paint, in what way has left the life of a teenager, as well as the reasons which have pushed him to such an act.

“On Thursday in Ministry of health and social development will discuss examples of solutions to this problem. The specialists of our Institute propose to create a national program of prevention of suicide, control over its execution so that she was in the field of view of the higher echelons of our government. This will ensure that the problem will begin to be addressed comprehensively. In developing this program, we relied on the experience of different countries, which once was an unfortunate situation,” said laid.

The psychologist-criminalist Mikhail Vinogradov told the newspaper OPINION that there are several causes that push teenagers to commit suicide.

“First and foremost, the prerequisites are laid in the family. In many families the children are, roughly speaking, wrong. Different punishment for bad grades, behavior. Any child in need of affection and care. Children are very subtly feel, whether they are family. Unfortunately, many teenagers believe that they are a burden to the family, especially when they reproach stained shirt, torn jeans, draw attention to the fact, how much are these things.

The next important factor of problems is the school. Now the relations in schools are not just cruel, but extraordinarily cruel. Children from poor families are subjected to ridicule from their more affluent peers. Appears the envy of the more fortunate child.

And the third factor is the street. Our children are mostly left to themselves. Even parents of the middle-families trying to earn as much money as possible, and love to children they do not have time”, – said Vinogradov.

But the most dangerous to date, according to experts, is the Internet where there are sites for suicide. “Law enforcement officers periodically check on them and close. Usually getting on these forums happens when a teenager in correspondence with the friends begins to Express suicidal thoughts, and then his name is in a community of like-minded people. Sometimes it happens that minors themselves go to such sites. And there already begins a psychological attack. The fact that it is possible to establish family relationships, to find justice for classmates, to tear a child from the street and translate it into a circle, but the sites of suicide cannot be controlled,” – said Vinogradov.

The solution to the problem Mikhail Vinogradov sees the return of the Soviet system of state control over children, when they are, regardless of wealth, have been available in various sections and mugs.

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