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Friday, February 16, 2018

Europe takes Ukrainian officials on the contents

Ukrainian “independence” is compressed eyes – now even the salary of the Kiev officials are expected to pay from the special Fund the EU. The disastrous consequences of independence led to the fact that the country does not have its own funds for a decent pay of key public servants. However, the rest of the population of Ukraine, the EU is not going to contain.

The Europeans next year will be to pay Ukrainian officials for their work. To this end, the EU will create a special Fund surcharge, which should start in 2017. About this informed the head of Department of coordination of international assistance Ministry of economic development of Ukraine Olena Tregub, UNIAN reports.

“Assuming European values, the Ukrainian officials should obtain a maximum of three times more than the average salary in the country”

Negotiations are underway with the EC on the establishment of such special Fund. This became possible only after the adoption of the law on the reform of the civil service, which entered into force on 1 may this year. Ukrainian officials not only raised salaries by 10%, but also introduced bonuses for high achievements in work and for dopachrome. The act was intended to transfer the salaries of civil servants in Ukraine on the European model, the reform is designed to 2018.

Under the government of former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk the Fund, it was decided to redirect to other projects, said trehub. However, she expresses on this occasion of great regret. “I want to cry when I remember what this month was supposed to include 90-million Fund supplements the salaries of the civil service reformers of EU funds. Now talking about the transfer of funding for 2017”, – she said.

Trehub considers that the delay in funding is the outflow of professionals from the civil service of Ukraine. “Half of young talent on my team of the Department of aid coordination have fled to foreign countries due to lack of funding,” she said.

The ambitions of Ukrainian officials

The salaries of officials is one of the most popular topics for discussion by the Ukrainian officials. They talked about what would like to have a paycheck. According to the majority, they, of course, must be the same as the European civil servants.

Literally in mid-may, the Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman was pleased with his vision of the officials ‘ salaries. “I can call any number, but you look at European countries. And you will see that there is a monthly salary of a senior official is 3 thousand euros (about 85 thousand hryvnia – approx. Newspapers OPINION), somewhere 5 thousand euros (140 thousand hryvnia). MEP generally gets 9 thousand euros (250 thousand hryvnias)”, – has defined the bar Groisman. Translated into the Ukrainian currency officials must obtain 85 thousand, 140 thousand and 250 thousand hryvnia, if you believe the dreams of Groisman.

Now, according to the Ukrainian edition “Today”, the Ukrainian Minister’s salary is only 6 thousand hryvnias, or 215 euros (in December 2015). By the way, before Euromaidan MPs salaries were higher than the current almost three times – about 17-18 thousand hryvnia per month. To bring current salaries of Ukrainian officials to the European level, will have to index them as much as 14-40 times.

However, the first European wages will start to Ukrainian judges. Poroshenko, speaking on Thursday before the deputies in the Verkhovna Rada before the vote for the judicial reform, promised them one of the highest in Europe salaries. The judges of the Supreme court promised to pay 315 thousand hryvnias a month (more than 11 thousand Euro). Maximum payment of judges of local courts will amount to 126 thousand, courts of appeal – 210 thousand UAH, wrote on his page in Facebook the people’s Deputy Viktor Pynzenyk.

He boasted that it is even higher than the judges in the EU countries. “In Poland, the pay of a judge of the Supreme court is three times less – 105-120 thousand hryvnias. In the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania it is even less,” – said Pinzenyk. Do not forget the legislators and the judges ‘ pensions – they remain almost the same – 90% of the salary and from the salary of currently sitting judges.

However, not all have such high ambitions. For example, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Andriy Pivovarsky has said that the average salary of employees of the ministries should be more modest. “The average salary, what is the consensus when I’ve talked with many Ministers, the average salary without a Minister and no Deputy Minister shall be a minimum of 25 thousand hryvnia per month. Plus benefits package – must be medical insurance,” said brewer. In this case, how many have to then Ministers and their deputies, he did not elaborate, but obviously it’s about the amount in a big way.

Employees of the civil service needs to get from 700 to 1500 euros (from 20 to 42 thousand hryvnias) depending on the working conditions, said the Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Dmytro shymkiv, what he was talking about last summer. “We should get to the average wages in the countries of Eastern Europe,” he explained.

Double reality

The desire to receive a decent salary, including to reduce the level of corruption and to attract young and intelligent, is a normal desire. Surprised by the way that was chosen by Ukrainian officials to achieve their goals. To have high wages, we must have a strong economy that is able to provide a decent income to all its citizens. Not only the officials, and all citizens of the country. Meanwhile, officials are worried about the fact that it is difficult to live on 6 thousand hryvnias a month, whereas they absolutely don’t care about how to survive on less money remaining 40 million people in Ukraine.

The average salary in Ukraine in April 2016 is 4895 hryvnia is 175 euros, and retirees are content with an average of 1600 UAH or 57 euros (the average pension of deputies, for example, 15 174 USD or 550 euros is ten times more).

Journalist Anatoly Shary has noticed that Ukraine will pay judges a hundred times more than his teachers: if a judge of the Supreme court will receive 135 thousand euros per year, teachers receive 1.7 million euros per year.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the highest salary of all MEPs three times higher than the average salary in Europe. Assuming European values, the Ukrainian officials should obtain a maximum of three times more than the average salary in the country. Now she is 175 Euro, so the official put no more than 525 euros, or not more than 15 thousand hryvnia. About any even 700 euros, and even more thousands of euros out of the question even should not.

If the government officials of Ukraine want European salaries, for the sake of justice it is necessary to bring to the European level and payment of the rest of the public sector. That’s just who is willing to pay for it? The EU is ready to pay, but only for the officials, because they have their reasons.

Destroyed Ukraine’s economy, including because of the imposed break ties with the Russian, unable to generate at least some increase in the welfare of the country. Hyperinflation, destruction and debt hole only worsen the situation. The price of food and medicines are constantly growing tariffs for housing and communal services rise annually at times, and on gas have already reached the European level. Most of the population was on the verge of survival.

The fight against corruption

The Ukrainian government justifies the need to raise the salaries of officials because it will help in the fight against corruption and will attract young professionals. However, the head of the project “Fight against corruption” movement “the Ukrainian choice” the General-the militia major Igor Kirichenko has doubts about this interpretation. Extra officials, in his opinion, does not guarantee their integrity.

At work it is necessary to take a man with a conscience, should be the certainty of punishment, he said. “But, unfortunately, this is not happening. Cases against corrupt officials excite a lot. But how many of those cases went to trial? And how many of bribe-takers in all this time sentenced? Units! Because the powers that be not so honest and uncompromising. Is it possible in such conditions to tackle corruption? Until broken this vicious circle, no increase in wages will not help. And to start the government ought to have with yourself” – said Kirichenko.

Finally, the idea of additional payments to officials is immoral and creates two parallel realities – for the elite and for everyone else, he adds.

The loss of sovereignty

“It will be another step towards the transfer of Ukraine under external control, – says the Ukrainian writer Vladimir Skachko. – By and large the EU is completely disillusioned with the ability of the authorities to do what they bought and what they paid for. So they are trying to take control of the country entirely in their hands. First it was the attempt to introduce Georgian-U.S.-Baltic management. Now decided to make the reform Council, invited the pole Leszek Balcerowicz and Slovak Ivan Miklosh”.

If earlier it was considered that Ukraine is run by “Moscow regional Committee”, then “Washington”, now the country took possession of the Brussels regional Committee”, he adds. “There is nothing surprising. The Ukrainian political elite is no statist instinct. So they can only fulfill someone’s desire. It attempts to transfer to the Ukrainian land, the Georgian version, when there is police sitting on the salary from George Soros. But Georgia was 3 million people, and here – 40. Yes, killed, collapsed, but this is a huge infrastructure that has yet to finish and to finish… Apparently, for these purposes, and such happens” – does not preclude the jump.

Ukrainian political analyst Ruslan Bortnik agree that the officer should not receive other income except salary from the Ukrainian state. “From a political point of view we must understand that who orders the music, the dancing girl. To those who will pay Ukrainian officials and will feel responsibility. This is not the best option,” – says the newspaper VIEW Bortnik.

At the same time, it supports the idea of increasing the salaries of officials, only to seek additional funds for this need are not in the EU and in Ukraine itself. “In the Ukraine are enough oligarchs, including those in the government who quietly are able to provide these additional payments, not thereby violating the principles of Ukrainian sovereignty. Especially if we are talking about the officials, many of whom have access to state secrets. This initiative looks quite ambiguous,” – says beekeeper.

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