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Monday, March 19, 2018

Deep Purple was rated “the Raft” Vines

Even the most savvy and devoted fans of iconic rockers will not undertake to count how many times the band Deep Purple in a particular composition or separately visited our country and its capital. But it is known that the first time the Brits came to us with a tour 20 years ago — in 1996. In honor of round date the musicians for several hours before the show met with their fans in one of the shopping centers and scrupulously signing autographs (no more than two in one hand). And before that even and took exactly five minutes to three journalists, one of whom was the correspondent of “MK”.

photo: Elena Milczanowski

Don Airey, Roger Glover, Ian Paice and Steve Morse (from left to right) admitted: “MK”, their farewell tour could stretch on for two years, i.e. up to the 50th anniversary of the group

— Remember, what was your first visit to Moscow?

— I remember that the whole army guarded us! exclaimed bass guitarist Roger Glover, who came to the meeting wearing a jacket, dark glasses and a cap. — Defended us even horses (mounted police. — Approx. ed.) and dogs. Still remember the endless road.

— Amazes me every time how fast Moscow is changing, ” added the drummer Ian Paice in black t-shirt and medallion around his neck — the only musician who has entered the eight compositions the group from the first day of its Foundation. — Since we first got here seems to have gone a few light years. You now have all that we have in the West was, even then, twenty years ago. Previously we had the feeling that people here do not feel full. And now they live in one of the largest cities in the world, they were hospitable and open.

— Is this really your last tour, as it is presented by the organizers, or a publicity stunt like this?

— Two years later, the tour will still go on or is already over! — joked Roger Glover, playing English word “last,” which has both of these values, depending on how you use it — as a verb or a noun. — We still don’t know what will happen next, but to be honest, most likely this is our last tour.

— Yes, this is a very serious and thoughtful decision — tried to convince the “MK” Ian pace. — But our last tour will last two months. It will be very long but not so long (laughs).

photo: Elena Milczanowski
Roger Glover, after hearing “the Raft” Yuri Loza, slightly taken aback.

Colleagues-TV men were asked to rate the creativity of the one who himself recently in succinct expressions, evaluated all of Western culture — Yuri Loza. Rockers turned it on “Float” at full volume. Glover and Morse was slightly taken aback. Keyboardist don Airey jacket and dark glasses, who had until now remained silent, made a terrible face, as if mimicking the tunes of the Vines. And the jovial Ian pace brought a smartphone with a song closer to his ear and listened carefully to the chords:

— No, I don’t know the song… When he was told that the person in the Vine and what he said about legendary rockers and their colleagues, pace just shook his head: — Any creative person — the sculptor, painter, actor, musician — does the job for the right reason: because it brings you joy. For example, we play from the heart. It will always be. If they want to listen to you means they trust you. And this trust must be justified.

photo: Elena Milczanowski
From Deep Purple to Ilya Medvedev with love.

After this verdict all chetvertki went to sign autographs, and one of the first of them was signed… for the son of our Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Ilya, who recently gave his first ever interview to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. 20-year-old boy, like his father, is a big fan of this group and many times visited them at concerts, but this was not able to attend: session. To support students, and I asked for his autograph, telling the musicians, why is he in this time will not come on their show. They sympathized with all those who in these warm days passes the session, and heard a familiar name, smiled: “And, Medvedev, Yes, our great fans,” said rockers.

Waiting for an autograph Ilya Medvedev in edition “MK”.

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