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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

By the summer of carrots to Russia increased by one-third

It is summer, which, in theory, should please us falling seasonal products at least vegetables. But, unfortunately, the collapse of prices is not observed, and some positions even continue to go up.

Among them, according to Rosstat, the carrots that were added since the beginning of the year of 30.6%, onion (21%), potatoes (16.2 per cent). In fairness, we note that the cabbage for the last time fell, but the average for the five months still rose by almost 30%.

Vegetables — not so bad. Inflation, and with it the beginning of the year is 2.9%, ahead of such strategically important products, such as buckwheat (added in price by almost 20%), rye bread (3.3 percent), oil (sunflower (4,2%) and butter (3,4%), milk (3.3 percent), tea (8.3 per cent).

photo: Elena Minashkina

However, for every negative (in the sense of a rise in price) will be a plus, in order to average a little alarming 30%. The first is cucumbers and eggs. The first from the beginning of the year fell by almost 40%, second — 15%. Tomatoes are also trying, but managed to lose just over percent.

And still may have added a little bit of optimism. According to observations “MK”, only last week in the capital’s middle class fell to 61.9 RUB (against 69,9) bananas, lemons from 148 to 128.9 RUB, mushrooms — to 219 (but recently they cost 282). And young sprouts and even has fallen in price almost twice: from 39.9 to 21.9 RUB, Egyptian potatoes from 39.9 to 29.9.

Curious situation in the same “middle peasant” turned out with sugar. 1 kg of sand from one manufacturer is sold cheaper (44,45 RUB) 900 g (44,90) — from the other. By the way, in the coming months, likely this product will not go up (according to the dynamics of Rosstat). You can not say about other sweets — chocolates. From the beginning, the truffle (250 g) with 181,9 RUB rose to 210,9, and soufflé (300 g) — with up to 199,9 251,9. And even the once affordable monthly caramel adds to the price, exceeding with the beginning of the year is already 5%.

In the capital the fair of the day we noticed changes. Fell from 400 rubles to 300 cherries, zucchini — from 100 to 80, a bunch of radishes — from 80 to 60. Cucumbers appeared in 120 and 150 rubles, although earlier they were sold for 180. Some tomatoes — already at 250 instead of 300. Bunch of greens (parsley, cilantro, dill, green onions) sold at 35 rubles instead of 50. Nevertheless, prices on young beets (100 rubles) and potato (65 rbl.), onions, carrots, cabbage (all at 45) did not flinch even for a penny.

Thus, the price of food is now the most divergent. The possible buyer and gain, and to lose. Summer gives the opportunity. Based on the analysis of official statistics and price monitoring “MK” still, let’s try to predict what to expect from life in the near future. So, due to the current market deficit will gradually add buckwheat (until the next harvest). Will continue the trend in the rise in price of frozen intact fish, black tea, sunflower and butter, sweets. Milk with a little cheese stabiliziruemost. Meat (chicken, pork, beef) will remain unchanged (plus or minus) positions. Each view has long been entrenched in its price range: cheap, medium, very expensive). Later in the season, jams (judging by last year sugar price will rise and, by the time of blanks pickles Sol.

In conclusion, refer again to data of Rosstat. The average salary in Russia in April amounted to 36 thousand rubles 210, that is, compared to the same month last year increased by 5.4%. In reality, however, (adjusted for inflation) fell 1.7%.

The same situation with payments to retirees. Over the year the average pension in the country increased by 2.7% (to 12 thousand 425 rubles), but its real size was reduced by 4.3%.

Thus, the Russians employed pensioners go hand-in-hand through one crisis: one step forward (nominal income growth) and two — back (real, adjusted for inflation). But in the end — everything is in the red.

Rising prices and a falling ruble. Chronicle of events

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