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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Big Bang announced as part of universal fireworks

Cosmology is on the verge of the greatest discovery since Copernicus realized that the Earth revolves around the Sun. This was reported by British scientist Martin Rees. The researcher admits that soon mankind will be able to prove the existence of many universes, some with laws of physics similar to the familiar, while others differ significantly. The origin of each of these universes was marked by its own Big Bang, suggests Martin Rees.

photo: morguefile.com

Speaking at Literary festival in the British town of hay-on-Wye, a scientist suggested that the existence of other universes very similar to ours, could mean that any of them could emerge “their” humanity.

At the same time, according to experts, considerable interest and hypothetical worlds, which do not apply the laws of classical mechanics, as they could serve as proof that the observed universe does not exhaust all the potential of physical reality.

According to well-established to date ideas, the Big Bang occurred less than 14 billion years ago, and from that moment, our universe exists. Some admit that in the past Large explosions have already occurred, each time starting a new cycle of existence of the Universe, and the first of them was held for nearly a trillion years. However, Martin Rees and some of his colleagues adhere to another theory, according to which many Large explosions in the past occurred simultaneously, and the result of this “fireworks” a composite of many realities, or so-called Multiverse.

People did not believe that the ocean ends at the horizon line, and realizes that in fact it extends further. We have reason to believe that the universe is almost certainly more than a thousand times larger than the one we can observe. But maybe the world is so vast that its size is underestimated in all existing cosmological theories,” says Martin Rees.

“It’s possible that somewhere now undergoing the same lecture, and every person from our Universe there is your avatar. So it is possible that when you make a wrong turn, somewhere far beyond the horizon your avatar is doing the right” — said the cosmologist.

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