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Friday, March 16, 2018

Ukrainian aviation industry is doomed to degradation

Known around the world aviakontserna “Antonov”, in the Soviet era created many unique aircraft, is eliminated. And its assets transferred to Ukroboronprom”. The reason may be not only in the manic desire of the Ukrainian authorities to get rid of the well-known brand that is synonymous with Russia.

World-famous Ukrainian aviakontserna “Antonov”, which produced earlier the world’s largest aircraft an-124 “Ruslan” and An-225 “Mriya”, ceases to exist.

“The Americans, waving and promises of green paper, I want to refocus this company, in fact, killing a Ukrainian aviation school”

According to the decision of the Ukrainian government, the concern is liquidated, and part of it is transferred enterprises “Ukroboronprom”. Kiev has accepted such decision “in connection with absence of participants”, since all three companies, which actually formed the group last year came from its membership and included into concern “Ukroboronprom” said the press service of the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine.

Part of the concern was part of the enterprise “Antonov” and Kharkiv state aviation production enterprise and state enterprise “Plant 410 of civil aviation in Kiev. 14 September 2015 the concern “Antonov” has been removed from the Russian-Ukrainian joint venture “UAC-Antonov”, which was engaged in development of several new aircraft.

Antonov is the name of the great Soviet aircraft designer, under whose leadership had created the aviation experimental design Bureau in may 1946 at the Novosibirsk aviation plant.

“This is a global brand, which was prosperous in the Soviet period primarily due to the transport plane. He created a series of unique aircraft. An-2 was created in Novosibirsk, and only after translation of the battery in Kyiv acquired the Ukrainian residence. The greatest success of “Antonov” in a passenger aircraft is the An-24/26, which is still operated in Russia, and, in fact, replacement of this aircraft was never found,” says the editor of the portal Avia.ru the novel of hussars. An-24 plane to fly at distances up to 2000 km, it was released 20 years – from 1959 to 1979. To January 1, 2006 in the state register of civil aircrafts of the Russian Federation was listed as 207 this type of aircraft, of which 121 were operated. An-24 with 13 monuments in Russia and one in Uzbekistan.

In fact, we are not talking about liquidation of the enterprises belonging to the concern “Antonov”. But the aircraft factories are moving now under the control of the state company “Ukroboronprom”, losing its historic brand, its relationship with the Soviet and Russian aviation.

That reformatting of the concern may have several causes. First, the unification into a large holding may help to reduce costs. In fact, the company no longer exists, it’s legal registration in accordance with the real situation that will reduce costs and remove management superstructure,” says first Vice-President “Russian Union of engineers” Ivan Andrievsky.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian state will become easier to monitor the work of aircraft factories, for example, to prevent cooperation with Russia. Another reason, according to Andrievsky, the manic desire of the Ukrainian authorities to get rid of the Soviet legacy. “Because Antonov is a Soviet brand that is firmly associated with Russia. Besides, the enterprise has very close ties with Russian companies, some of the models are 90% going is in Russian enterprises”, – he said.

Roman Gusarov sees another purpose in the elimination of the concern “Antonov” and the transfer of assets in “Ukroboronprom”. “It is clear that no one in the West products, which was done by the aviation plants of the concern “Antonov”, will not buy. For Ukraine two aircraft is a lot, and there is no money to build planes and sell them for the domestic market. So, these plants will be shifted to the production of something else, a design Bureau, not having sales, will gradually deteriorate,” – said Gusarov.

The last 25 years, export orders for the aircraft were single. And announced plans to reach annual production of aircraft to 50 units per year, and “then to reach the level of manufacture of the USSR of 200 cars a year in cooperation with the West – are pure fiction.

According to Gusarov, the concern “Antonov” will meet the same fate as that of Zaporozhye “Motor Sich”, which produces aircraft and helicopter engines. The European press reported that the US is going to upgrade this plant to produce at its base anti-tank missiles, repairing and upgrading the armament of the Ukrainian army. This was reported by the French site Intelligence online. In the “Motor Sich” on the following day said that there were negotiations with representatives of the US to establish a defence on the basis of its holding companies, reported on Thursday a press-service.


Long promised and many times postponed the presentation of a new brand of An airplane held in Kiev. The an-178, as stated, will replace the old Soviet-time model of the An-12. The aircraft was presented with great fanfare, however, there are doubts whether there is a market for it sales “the Goal is clear. Today in Ukraine there is a unique high-tech manufacture of aircraft engines, this is an area of technology possessed by only a few countries, and the Americans, waving and promises of green paper, I want to refocus this company, in fact, killing a local school of aviation,” says Gusarov.

“Until recently, all Russian helicopters which are sold worldwide in large number, only fly on Ukrainian motors. That is, until recently, this plant earned currency for his country, and soon the Ukrainian budget will be to buy it at the factory anti-tank missiles, and the money will be taken from US. And shareholders of this factory will be the Americans,” explains the expert. In fact, the Ukrainians will buy rockets from the Americans and they will still needs.

If you recall, the helicopter engines were originally created in Klimov design Bureau in St. Petersburg, and production in the Soviet years it was decided to deploy in Ukraine. Now Russia has to spend a lot of money to recreate in St. Petersburg production base helicopter engines.

Still AKB “Antonov” existed because of Russia. “Still extended resources operating in the Russian aircraft modernized aircraft, created new machine. An-140 was developed jointly with Russia, they built in Voronezh, and from each plane of the Ukrainian “Antonov” received royalties. The production was attended by Ukrainian factories. The project to create the An-70, which lasted for a decade, also funded by Russia. Now all this will not. Any proceeds from Russia from sales of the company “Antonov” will no longer receive, and thus she will be doomed to gradual extinction, the footage will be washed out,” says Roman Gusarov.

Even the latest export sales in 2014 and 2015 “Antonov” it was only thanks to the Russian money. For example, last year state enterprise “Antonov” has put one An-158 and one An-148 in the DPRK under contracts signed in 2013 and 2011, and financed both transactions Russian leasing company “Ilyushin Finans Ko”. And Cuba will continue to receive the ordered the An-158 and pay will continue to be a Russian leasing company. That is, the export prospects of the aircraft is still dependent on Russian partners.

Neither Europe nor the United States, the Ukrainian aircraft is not needed, and they are unlikely to want to Finance their sale to third countries.

“Anyone in the world except Russia didn’t need Ukraine as an aviation state. Russia has long held onto it, had a lot of ideas about the unification of deep integration. But, unfortunately, Ukraine still lived one day, all wanted to obtain for himself more dividends. In any case, anything “the Muscovite” not to give up. In the end, now give for nothing to the Americans and Europeans. It’s a shame, because the entire industrial base, aviation school was created by the Soviet Union, all together, and for many years,” concludes Gusarov.

Perspectives of ANOVA in foreign markets buried back in 2013, the European giant Airbus. Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov then told that the management of Airbus has stated directly that he will not allow the Antonov aircraft on world markets. NATO also refused to Ukrainian aircraft.

“Thus, the brand “Academy” is now virtually worthless. He is not interested in the former Soviet Union, since Russia, as a key potential customer, refused to buy Anov, and he can’t enter the world markets because of opposition from Airbus. Of course, the “Antonov” also had its development, and engineering base, laid in Soviet times, allowed to rely on the development of the enterprise even without the participation of Russia. However, to withdraw “Antonov” from the crisis, Ukrainian authorities appeared not under force. In the end, the company and the brand itself may be lost” – sums up Andrievsky.

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