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Saturday, August 19, 2017

The mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev got burned on the gravel

The investigative Committee of the Russian Federation confirmed the information on excitation of criminal case concerning the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev. He is accused of abuse of authority, which entailed grave consequences, and commercial bribery. So, already the fourth mayor of the seaside capital completing the career criminal article. A cursed place, not otherwise.

Photo: vlc.ru.

The founder of “the tradition” became a well-known truth-seeker Viktor Cherepkov, which in 1994 was removed from the post of mayor of Vladivostok on charges of taking bribes. But after a few months the criminal case against him was dismissed, and two years later he returned to the armchair of the town Governor. His “mate” was Yuri Kopylov, nicknamed Gingerbread. He stayed in the mayor’s chair until 2004. And in 2007 was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for “abuse of power” during the leadership of the city. Specifically for the fact that he signed a contract with a Japanese company for the construction of a columbarium without competition. In 2008, the ex-mayor added three years probation — for what from the city budget paid for the protection of her house. Criminal convictions were removed from him in 2010. The next mayor Vladimir Nikolaev — head of the seaside capital is only two and a half years. In February 2007, concerning it criminal case under article “Abuse of power”, and in December he was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months of imprisonment conditionally. Subsequently, the court decided to replace him on probation for real, but Nikolaev at that time already went to Thailand. Therefore was declared wanted. And in December 2012, the ex-mayor, according to tradition, was acquitted.

So if you follow the trend, and now the detainee Igor Pushkarev has a chance later to be justified. However, there is one important point that distinguishes the case of the previous three mayors from the case of the current mayor. All predecessors were condemned by local coastal vessels, and of the case wore intraregional. The fact of Igor Pushkarev initially engaged the Department on investigation of especially important cases of the RF IC. People in masks and with guns has made seizure of documents at city hall. The other group had cordoned off the street in Sadgorod, where the mayor’s house — searches were conducted and there.

From sources in local power structures, it became known that under the “abuse of power” may hold the charges in the corruption business support their relatives. Specifically, siblings Pushkareva owns part of the shares of the concern “Park of groups” which structure included “Spasskcement”, teploozerskiy cement plant, Vladivostok bucksbunny plant, Crushing and screening plant. Before departure in the policy of this concern was owned by Igor Pushkarev, but then rewrote it on their loved ones. Needless to say that these companies received billions of dollars in contracts during a large-scale training of Vladivostok for the APEC summit. One only the construction of roads in Vladivostok in 2009 and 2010, the Federal budget allocated half a billion rubles. And a major supplier of asphalt and aggregates to the building was bucksbunny the Vladivostok plant. But maybe in Moscow would not have paid attention to this “family contract” if the firm of the relatives of the mayor of Vladivostok did not withdraw their money offshore. The withdrawal of capital from the country in the current environment almost equivalent to treason.

In addition, fascinated by the profitable construction business, the mayor of Vladivostok have allowed myself to neglect public programs. In the beginning of this year in the capital of Primorye was a scandal with the allocation of land to large families. Igor Pushkarev told the Federal center, with the earth in the town lack. But against this background, suddenly found abandoned 10 acres within Vladivostok for the construction of a Grand shopping Mall. And in January the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation Yuri Trutnev during the meeting for the allocation of land openly hinted: “you Have more than enough land, engage in, carry out decrees of the President. Who in terms not fit, let him write the statement.”

The situation in the region “MK” asked to comment on the head of the regional programs of the Foundation for information policy Alexander KANEV.

— The sad fate of the mayor of Vladivostok is connected, of course, that almost always had a conflict of interest between the Governor and the mayor. The city has its own interests, at the edge of the mine. There’s a whole tangle tied to conflict of interest: this is a problem and fiscal relations, and division of the land. But the situation in Vladivostok from other similar cases in Russia is characterized by the fact that Pushkarev is no ordinary mayor. First, it is quite popular in the city and has held the position for two terms already. Secondly, it is the mayor who came with the support of the Federal center, actually in Moscow: a Senator of the Federation Council. He became mayor under the APEC summit and it is a huge Federal image project. Pushkarev and its actually organized. And the current situation is the conflict at the Federal level, this is not some local “breaking”. And, in my opinion, it is connected with the upcoming parliamentary elections. We are now seeing as an attempt to weaken certain regional groups affects almost all regions. Someone leaves on good terms, someone has to start criminal proceedings.

P. S. Together with the mayor, was detained Director MUPV “Roads of Vladivostok” Andrey Lushnikov. According to investigators, in 2009-2014, his company bought the building materials from “Vostokcement” (controlled by close relatives of the mayor). The materials were bought at inflated prices, for which Pushkarev personally received no less than 45 million rubles. Lushnikova as a bribe he gave no less than 1.4 million rubles.

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