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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tale without end

People ask for forgiveness from Ramzan Kadyrov. Who and why — this was our previous note “fairy Tale with a bad end.” In particular, it was said: the President of the Supreme court of Chechnya Karataev not only apologized, but dutifully resigned”.

Yes, he apologized, no doubt about that. But the resignation is contrary to the General opinion — and there was not. It seemed to us that this tale of the evil wolf, and the poor Bunny, who can save only a flight. Indeed, in the media appeared information that the Chechen Supreme court justice Karataev together with his family fled from the Republic. And he didn’t run anywhere (with a large family with a large estate and many grandchildren, it is not so easy).

A contrite President of the Supreme court of the Chechen Republic Magomed Karataev. Photo: grozny.tv.

Now it seems that this story is not about the wolf and Bunny, but about a wolf and a Fox.

The wolf and the Fox in Russian folk tales are not antagonists, not enemies. They call each other “Kuma” and “gossip” and the bunnies usually eat together (repeat — in Russian fairy tales).

All this is saying. Now — a fairy tale.

May 5, Ramzan Kadyrov, has lashed out at the Chechen judges and, in particular, the Chairman of the armed forces of Chechnya Karatayev.

On the same day, Karataev has written a cunning letter of resignation. It looked like this: “Please terminate the authority of the President of the Supreme court of the Czech Republic”. The trick is that the statement he had addressed to the President of the Supreme court of Russia Lebedev V. M., who decides such questions and not have the right to decide. To accept the resignation of a judge of that rank is for the Supreme qualification Collegium of judges of Russia (vkks).

This statement hit the press (perhaps himself and gave it to Karataev), and on the website “Grozny TV” everyone can see this piece of paper, written with a trembling hand. And in the upper left corner — stamp: “the Supreme court of the Chechen Republic“. It looks as if foxy herself sent a petition.

Publicly Karataev hotly repented. Here are his words: “the Work (the judicial case of Chechnya) , the Head was found to be unsatisfactory. Specific examples were given of errors committed by the district judges. It was glaring evidence of gross violations of the law, and I take full responsibility for these mistakes made by the judges. Claims of the Head of the Chechen Republic to me, as a leader, justified”.

Head (with capital letters) calls Karataev Ramzan Kadyrov. And adds: “After these critical remarks, I made a conclusion that is not sufficiently able to control the work. The proposal of the Head to resign I accept and bring before him and the Chechen people an apology. The statement about the termination of powers written by me”.

Yes, the statement was written, but he somehow missed…

Karataev (and it is possible to see and hear on the website “Grozny TV”) repented wordy. Here’s another snippet: “I always believed a team member of the Akhmat-Haji Kadyrov. Leaving with his current positions, I at all times not leaving this team anytime and on any day when Ramzan sees fit to call me, I’m ready to go to any specified position”.

Leaving… leaving… it Seems like this is the words of the retiree. There it was. In the Supreme court of Russia has finally received a statement Karatayev. Amazing document:

The President of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation.


Please, my statement about the termination of powers of the Chairman of the armed forces of the Czech Republic not to forward for consideration in vkks RF, because I withdraw.

The Chairman of the Supreme court of the Czech Republic Karataev


Do not direct? But how can the Supreme court of Russia to send or not to send something he’s not? As the Supreme court of Russia to revoke what had been brought before it? It’s a real fairy tale: go there, do not know where, bring it, don’t know what.

So, his resignation Karataev in the Vienna Convention were not applied. So, not fired. So, he is still the chief justice of Chechnya.

* * *

Everyone knows that the wrath of Ramzan threatens trouble. Everyone knows that to infuriate him life-threatening. The desire of the Russian press is as much to protect the disgraced Karatayev — natural and understandable. Journalists rushed to the defense and got something similar to a slap in the face.

View, watch terrible TV, listen to Karataev “thanks” journalists: “the media who claim that I’m allegedly somewhere hiding and stalking me that I allegedly took out somewhere my family that I was under pressure — these facts place had. If this will take place in the future, I will put the question on attraction guilty to responsibility”.

I would, of course, to see how this experimental (or experimental) lawyer will formulate a lawsuit against journalists or Declaration about their criminal offence. But most of all, the paper somewhere you get lost, as lost his resignation.

And yet all he can recall is the comma after the word “please”.

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