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Monday, March 12, 2018

Producer “Mace” buys software from NATO countries

The best promising Russian weapons, including nuclear, will be developed on computers, software which provide NATO countries. It follows from the data published on the website of public procurement, where the leading defense companies of Russia has placed an order for the purchase of Siemens engineering software). Experts doubt that in this case it is possible to ensure the secrecy of military developments.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

So, for example, based on data published on the website of public procurement, it can be concluded that the Corporation “Moscow Institute of thermal technology (MIT), which is engaged in the development of strategic ballistic missiles “YARS” and “Bulava” is planning to license the work with NX and TeamCenter engineering data management. The maximum price of the state order is 24.5 million rubles. Both of these software product developed by us company UGS, which in 2007 was bought by Siemens, but continues to remain in the territory of the United States.

As explained “MK” a source in one of Russian IT-companies, the American development has severe restrictions for Russian defense industry enterprises. “That is, in accordance with the Administrative regulations of the Ministry of Commerce of the United States at any time can limit the use of this software, under a licensing agreement of the developer, if it considers that this software can be used, for example “…for the development, creation, production, maintenance… or rockets …or subsystems of the missiles.” Moreover, such examples in the defense industry enterprises this year have been. In the framework of the already paid for three years of support FOR the developer from the USA has banned the supply of updates ON one of the large enterprises”.

But MIT is not the only Russian defence structure which uses the services of similar Western companies. So, a buyer AT Western engineering among the defense enterprises became the Almaz Central marine design Bureau is Russia’s only designer of speed boats, combat surface ships of small and medium ships. Almost 40 million rubles by the company for the challenges of shipbuilding in the UK was bought by computer-aided design. And to adapt this software under the terms and standards of the company in 2015-Russia had spent about 110 million rubles.

In the second quarter of 2016 the number of aviation firms working in the defense industry, have spent hundreds of millions of rubles in the West. In particular aviation complex “Ilyushin” has spent for these purposes about 280 million rubles. AKHK “Sukhoi”, which, remember, is still working on the creation of the Russian aircraft 5 th generation, paid Siemens about 106 million rubles for the opportunity to use their software for two years.

A row of buyers seen as the State space scientific-production center of Khrunichev (about 100 million rubles in the first half of 2016) and Voronezh aircraft building joint stock company (16 million rubles).

And all this is happening at the moment – said “MK” one of the representatives of Russian IT-company, – when a similar, and neither much not inferior in quality to Western, we have in Russia. Given the political situation and in particular our relations with the United States, buy Western carries serious risks in using it for the development of strategic weapons in the interests of the defense Ministry.

A more detailed review on this occasion, given the other day, speaking at a forum of developers and users of computer-aided design, division leader of a large group of companies Ivan Troglin:

– We received from one of our partners, large companies, confirmation of cases, when software Western development, installed on the equipment connected to the public network sent information about the legality on the servers of the developer company, located abroad. …Potentially, this means that such software is able to send not only information about the license, but information stored in a database under its control. …It is clear that in this case the question arises of the credibility of such software. Protection from such incidents could not be viewed only in the part of the software product. Any information security and protection from “leakage” — is a large complex of organizational and technical measures.

However, no warnings of experts-computer scientists seem not able to stop IT-the friendship of the Russian defense industry and the Western manufacturers. Every year the biggest holdings, including defence spending just to maintain health (technical support) international engineering FOR more than 800 million rubles.

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