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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Platonov festival will begin with the theatre of the caress

Tomorrow in Voronezh will open the Sixth international Platonov arts festival, which will last 12 days. Artists from 20 countries, representing four continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. The program of the four directions: theatre, music, exhibitions and literature — the most powerful: the art world in a variety of forms and traditions. It should be envied by some Metropolitan and provincial forums.

photo: morguefile.com

— For me the feature of this festival program is the emphasis on the theater, and the theater, expressing itself in very different terms: plastic, visual, psychological and so on, — says Mikhail Bychkov, artistic Director of Platonov festival. — I’m proud of the program, because never before in the Voronezh theater has not been presented so vividly and in various ways.

Bright is not the word. Judge for yourself, the festival opens with a performance of “Rhinoceros” on the play by eugène Ionesco directed by Robert Wilson. It turns out that Ionesco and Wilson were familiar: they met in Paris, where Ionesco and invited American Director to put one of his plays. Almost 45 years it took Wilson to undertake the implementation of this work, he put “Rhino” in the homeland of the playwright in Romania, on the stage of the National theatre of Craiova city.

Another high-profile name — Swiss Director Daniele Finzi Pasca with the performance “white on White”. The story revolves around two characters — the actress and stagehand, who quietly draws the audience into a surreal universe and the sphere of memory. The show was created in brand aesthetics, Finzi Pasca — in his inimitable style, with ease and elegance combining elements of drama, grotesque, circus and acrobatics. Daniel himself calls this the aesthetics of the “theatre of the caress”.

In parallel, the first day of the forum runs the exhibition program with interesting projects. The first is “Live and see”: the works of nonconformist artists from the collection of the poet Vsevolod Nekrasov (in conjunction with the smfa. A. S. Pushkin). The second is the “Theatre of Tairov and Koonen,” — sketches of costumes and stage sets, reconstructions of the costumes, models of stage performances, posters and photos of the Moscow Chamber theatre.

I hold particularly dear such a project with the Bakhrushin Museum. These distinguished contemporaries of Platonova, like Eisenstein, he is represented in our art center “Commune” — seriously complement precisely the Platonic context of the festival.

In the theater program of Platonov festival twelve plays, six of which will be first shown in Russia. Among them are “plastic” performance “Plexus” choreographer Aurelien Bory (France) performed by Japanese ballerina Kaori ito. Plastic is the study of the relationship between man and his environment. To do this, between the ceiling and balancing in the air tensioned floors by thousands of threads to move, the dancer should get in touch with the space to weave and become one.

Also for the first time we will be shown “live choreographic film” — “the Perfect garden” by Austrian Chris Haring. In this “Garden” with a casual dinner turns into a dizzying journey into the macro – and microcosm. Unpublished play by Henrik Ibsen “, Svanhild” directed by Norwegian Director Lars Oyno, the follower of “theatre of cruelty” Antonin Artaud and. Will close the festival the musical play “Crocodile-deceiver / Dido and Aeneas. This staging of the Paris theatre Bouffe du Nord, the famous Peter brook. A bold interpretation of the famous Opera by Henry Purcell realized by young Directors Samuel ASAS Joan Kandel. For a musical basis they took the jazz, and the singers go from Opera singing to dramatic dialogues and acting improvisation.

In the traditional “Platonov program” this year three Russian play: “Epifanskie gateways” from the “Snuff-box”, “Chevengur” theatre “Near the house Stanislavsky” and “Platonov. Fro” the School-Studio of Moscow art theatre. Also presented will be two bright Russian play last year — “Three sisters” (Timothy kulyabin, the theatre “Red torch”, Novosibirsk) and “Drunken” (dir. Andrei Moguchy, BDT them. G. A. Tovstonogov).

The festival’s music program has several formats: classical music concerts, open-air “world Music”, jazz concert at the walls of the castle and Ramon project “New Opera names of America.” Everything is here: the joint concert of the violinist Alexander Sitkovetsky, and violist Maxim, Rysanov (UK) with the Voronezh academic Symphony orchestra; the first Russian concert of “Camerata” with the Royal Concertgebouw orchestra. Author’s concert of composer Benjamin Yusupov (Israel) with the participation of the Youth Symphony orchestra of the Voronezh concert hall. Even hip-hop Opera “the City” from Israel, directed by the rapper Amit Ulman. A story of vanity, lust, and murder is put to music and the characters talking to the audience in the language of rap and beat-Boxing, the female vocal sounds to the accompaniment of guitar and synthesizer.

Two great concerts, “world Music” under the open sky: one of them will be held in 12 km from Voronezh — in the chalk quarry “Bely kolodets”, and the second open-air — on 12 June at the Green theater Central Park of the city. The first Russian performance of the trio Lau — ‘best group of the UK” by the Guardian, and the group Violons Barbares (Bulgaria, Mongolia, France). In the project “New Opera names of America” will bring together young African-American Opera stars, winners of prestigious competitions.

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