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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Planetary scientists have figured out exactly how on the moon did the water

An international group of scientists led by Sarah Russell from the natural history Museum of London have found out how the water, which today is found in the depths of the moon and its poles, got on the satellite Earth. According to experts, water on the moon brought not comets, and asteroids. Also, the researchers were able to clarify what type of these asteroids and treated.

About four billion years ago when the Solar system was still young, many planets and satellites in it, including the Earth, Mars and the moon, had been very active bombardment by comets and asteroids. If the Land impact of these events was almost one hundred percent camouflaged occurring in the future geological processes, the surface of Mars and the moon still holds a lot of “reminders” about the bombing that occurred in the distant past.

Experts have long believed that comets and asteroids were the main sources of water on the moon. However, which of these celestial bodies played a major role, is still remained unknown, and many researchers are inclined to believe that this is the comet, because they often contain much more water ice. However, in the new study, scientists from the UK, USA and France managed to obtain new evidence, that in fact water on the moon in the first place, it has brought the asteroids.

The experts summarized the results of several previous studies, in which we measured the contents of hydrogen isotopes and nitrogen in lunar samples. Planetary scientists also conducted a computer simulation to check your results. As a result, they failed to map the role of asteroids and comets in the entry of water on the moon, analyzing lunar samples, the proportion of deuterium — “heavy” hydrogen, in large quantities it is found in comets. This allowed the specialists to come to the conclusion that the comet provided no more than 20 percent of water.

Finally, a certain amount of water could appear on the moon even earlier, around 4.5 million years ago, when the current satellite, the most popular to date version, split from the Earth as a result of its collision with Thea — a cosmic body the size of Mars.

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