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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

On the Russian-Ukrainian aviation industry supplied the cross

Cooperation of Russia and Ukraine in the field of aviation is disappearing

August 15, 2014, 20:35

Text: Olga Samofalova

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The project is a joint with Ukraine production of the unique An-124 “Ruslan” officially withdrawn by the Russian authorities with the agenda. Reason – in the political situation. What other joint development of the two countries in civil aviation will meet the same fate, versed newspaper VIEW.

Russian-Ukrainian project resumption of production and modernization of heavy transport aircraft An-124 “Ruslan” in connection with the political situation no longer on the agenda, said Deputy industry and trade Yuri Slusar.

Slyusar does not hide sincere regret that we have to break created by the Soviet history of aviation cooperation with Ukraine.

“It is a pity, because such niches, which together with the Ukrainians took… Developers out there, the producers here… so niche and such options still need to look. These are the competencies in the global technological race is extremely popular and are the subject of dreams of all builders”, – said the Deputy head of the Ministry of industry and trade.

A year ago, the heads of governments of the two countries did not hide his joy about the prospects of creating joint venture for the production of “Ruslan” on new modern technologies in the design of aircraft and onboard equipment, including the upgraded engine D-18. The beginning of the Assembly have been scheduled for 2018.

Now it is necessary to forget that from an economic point of view, disadvantageous to both parties. This plane has a dual purpose. In the civilian world is a unique transport aircraft, capable of carrying cargo weighing up to 120 tons, including a single piece weighing up to 50 tons. Military modifications of the An-124 can easily carry up to 440 paratroopers or 880 soldiers with full equipment.


This is not the first and not the last loss. Recent developments with Ukraine, “hung extremely important and promising projects” in the aircraft industry, says Slyusar. He recalled that implemented a large number of joint programmes from the point of view of military transport and transport aircraft. “Now the process has stalled,” – said Slusar.

In particular, we are talking about the possible closure of projects on An-148, An-70 aircraft and engines of Ukrainian Corporation “Motor Sich”. Can suffer and Russian aircraft series Il-76.

So, in July, the information appeared that against the background of the Ukrainian crisis is no longer any prospects of the project on creation military-transport An-70. The UAC has confirmed the existence of serious problems with this project. The Russian defense Ministry thought to order 60 of these aircraft, but the contract was never signed and now may never be signed.

On the other hand, now Ministry of defence will not stand before a choice whom to give preference – Ukrainian An-70 or the Russian Il-476.

“Without the An-70, we will dispense easily. Here we see absolutely no tragedy that the plane we did not bring. Time they wished to finish it – on health”, – said recently the chief of the air force of Russia Lieutenant General Victor Bondarev. Replacing it is called Il-476, which will soon be released, and in the future will appear and light military transport aircraft Il-112.

However, even here there are problems. Failure to end cooperation with Russia on military-the transport plane Il-76, Il-476 and Il-90. The production, of course, have been established in Russia, but Ukraine supplied the components. For the Il-76, about 30 kinds of components from Ukraine, most of which were made in Kharkiv machine building plant “fed”, and only about 20 Ukrainian enterprises.

At the same time, some projects are still alive. Slyusar said that continuing the final Assembly of passenger An-148 at the plant in Voronezh. This is a short-haul passenger aircraft which can no intermediate landings to fly a range of from 2 to 5 thousand km and is adapted for landing on unpaved airfields. And although it is collected in Russia, the intellectual rights belong to Ukraine.

The KLA (which includes VASO) have to put 15 of these aircraft from 2013 to 2017. On the days on VASO ended the program flyby only the fourth An-148 intended for Russian Ministry of defense. Russia has the same Tu-334, but its modernization to the level of An-148 will take time and money.

According to Slusar, as long as we continue realizing the program on regional An-158 – implemented joint delivery. It’s almost the same as the An-148, only with a longer fuselage. Many of the details of the An-148 and An-158 unified. Only one is going to Russia, another in Ukraine. Plus in Voronezh An-158 set the interior, paint the aircraft and conduct final flight tests before delivery to the customer.

At the same time, Antonov is at risk to abandon plans for the creation on the basis of the An-148 is a whole range of different aircraft, if you lose Russia as a customer. For example, Antonov wanted to create a military transport and cargo An-178.

As you know, the Ukrainian enterprises of the defense industry in March, has stopped the supply of components to Russia. However, the question of supplies of dual-use components. Apparently, the rest of the supply is unable to keep. But the events in the Donbass does not allow to look with optimism at prospects of cooperation in a purely civil aviation.

A special bond between the two countries was in engine. Ukrainian Corporation “Motor Sich” collects 1000 engines per year, 400 of them makes for Russia. Here are collected the engines for An-148 and An-124. The plant has already faced the problem of having to refuse deliveries to Russia of engines for planes and helicopters to perform the tasks of the army and military transport aviation. In particular, engines for helicopters “Miles” and “Kamov”.

The problem for the engines for Russia and for Ukraine is the most pressing. “Motor Sich” is heavily dependent on sales in Russia, “Helicopters of Russia” from supplies from Ukraine, especially since the production units of the most technologically far-reaching and complex. However, there is always the possibility of supply of Ukrainian engines through third countries that, most likely, and will try to build “the Motor Sich” at a stalemate. This is the most real alternative to a sharp reduction in production, jobs and profits.

It is losing Ukraine

Accurate data on the volume of military-technical cooperation between Russia and Ukraine were not published. Experts of the Ukrainian Center of researches of army, conversion and disarmament (ciakr) argued that the losses of Ukraine from the termination of military cooperation with Russia will not exceed $ 300 million. However, to believe in such modest losses with difficulty, given the scale of societies.

In total in Ukraine, created about 200 samples of armament and military equipment (weapons, military and special equipment). Speech, in particular, helicopter engines, components anti-aircraft missile systems “Buk”, gas turbine engines for warships and other objects of the defense industry.

The head of Minpromtorg Denis Manturov, announced in April 2014, the total portfolio of Russian civil and military orders placed with Ukrainian enterprises, amounted to about $ 15 billion, or 8.2% of Ukraine’s GDP. This is a catastrophic loss for Ukraine, which the Treasury is empty, the industry is killed, the inevitable energy collapse, and a punitive military operation takes the last state revenues.

The Ukrainian side was in the worst situation, since a large part of Ukrainian supplies reflects the engineering achievements of the 1970-1980-ies, and to find the consumer instead of Russia would be virtually impossible, says the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Engineering company “2K” Ivan Andrievsky. “We are talking not only about the maintenance of previously supplied equipment. Most businesses will be forced to stop its activity for conversion, and the Ukrainian economy will suffer serious losses,” he adds.

The commander-in-chief Military-air forces of Russia Victor Bondaryev called Ukraine’s refusal from military-technical cooperation disaster first of all for Ukraine. “This is the fall of its economy. I think it will take a little time, and all these desires are tied with the West – they will end very badly, they do not need anyone, except Russia”, – said Lieutenant General. In the West, its rivalries and long-established contacts, he explains. “In any case, it all primarily hit the Ukrainian people”, – complains the chief.

Challenges await not only the “Motor Sich” and AKB “Antonov”. Also be affected, Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash (Dnepropetrovsk), Kharkiv enterprise “Hartron” (formerly NPO Elektropribor) and Kiev “Arsenal”. Russian orders lose also at the Zaporozhye MKB “Progress”, Kharkiv machine-building plant “fed”, the Nikolaev enterprise “Zorya-Mashproekt”, Cherkassy “Photopribor”, the Lviv plant “Lorta” and many other Ukrainian airlines.

What Russia gets

Of course, Russia suffers losses. But for her, the fact that you have to abandon old developments, is positive. “Thus we will be able to modernize its equipment and to get closer to the sixth technological order,” – said Andrievsky.

Recently has established the list of goods subject to import substitution – more than three thousand types of components, assemblies and units, which produce more than 160 Ukrainian enterprises. In may, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the specific date – three years. It will cost 50 billion rubles. “The amount is quite clear, only one replacement of the Russian analogues of the production of “Motor Sich”, which produces 70% of all engines for Russian helicopters, will require several billion rubles of investments”, – said Andrievsky.

As stated on the eve of Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin, in November there will be a full program of import substitution for all components for the Russian defense industry and related industries. Just for engine building, the government will receive more than 67 billion rubles until 2025. “We need to think how we catch up and make a powerful technological breakthrough,” – said Rogozin.

Russia is particularly important import substitution of Ukrainian gas-turbine units for Navy in Rybinsk, which you can organize at the plant “Saturn”, plus the production of engines of the second stage for T-50 and MS-21 aircraft, which is now constructed to replace the “Boeing” and “Airbus”.

Of course, the rupture of relations with Ukraine is not easy impact on the Russian industry. “In the next year or two years, you can expect lower exports of helicopters of which Russia is famous all over the world,” – said Andrievsky. However, this crisis should be viewed as a challenge to Russian engineering. “I am confident that in our country there are talented developers who in the state will be able to realize the necessary production equipment on the territory of our country”, – said Andrievsky.

We must admit that such a break with Ukraine, Russia has been preparing for many years. In the early 2000s, it embarked on the migration of the entire production cycle of the defense industry on the territory of Russia, the expert reminds.

For the same important engines Chapter “Motor Sich” Vyacheslav Boguslayev long before the bloody events on the Maidan complained of a policy of import substitution pursued by Russia, which destroyed the cooperation of the engine manufacturers of the two countries. “The engine AI-222-25 for the Yak-130 have agreed to do in half: 50% “Motor Sich” and 50% “salute”. What did the defense industry? Mastered the manufacture of our engine parts in the Omsk plant them. Baranova. And it’s a partnership?” – spoke to the helicopter exhibition HeliRussia 2013 Boguslaev.

He now opposes Russia’s plans to import substitution. Of course, from the point of view of the business to develop new production and technology is not profitable, considering that all of this is already in Ukraine. However, from the point of view of national security, the high cost and short-term losses go by the wayside.

Russia has already succeeded in his desire to get rid of dependence on imports. Many engines that are serially produced at the Motor Sich”, made also on the St. Petersburg plant “Klimov”, which is included in the ODK. Among them, the engines TV3-117/VK-2500, designed for the family of helicopters “Miles” and “Kamov”, D-136 – for Mi-26 helicopter and aircraft engines AI-222-25 (for training aircraft Yak-130), D-436 (for planes An-148 and be-200) and D-18T for aircrafts An-124 “Ruslan”).

In addition, near St. Petersburg, completed construction of a new engineering and manufacturing complex, where will be concentrated the whole cycle of manufacture of helicopter engines from development to serial production and maintenance in operation.

“This will more than double the production of engines, fully ensuring the demand of the Russian market and reduce dependence on foreign suppliers”, – assured in the APC. In 2014 there will be released 60 helicopter engines, in 2015, 120 in 2016 – 350, and then the volume will increase to 500 units per year. Needs “Helicopters of Russia” right now are estimated at around 500-550 engines. “The process of replacement of critical imported units and components is scheduled for completion within two years”, – assured in the APC.

Helicopter engines will be manufactured entirely of domestic components, confirms Slusar. The new plant “Klimov” will also help the Ufa motor building production Association and the Moscow machine-building enterprise im. Chernysheva.

As for the freighters, that Russia is already trying to establish their modernization at the Ulyanovsk plant “Aviastar” without the participation of Ukraine. In Ulyanovsk there is about 70 of the enterprises somehow involved in the aviation industry. This year there have already started production of the first serial Il-76MD-90A is a modern modification of the Il-76MD, previously produced in Uzbekistan. On “Aviastar” are actively engaged in modernization of the aircraft.

“In the near future together with the developer to work on expanding the list of interchangeable parts, which are now applicable for aircraft Il-76MD-90A, Il-76 and modifications”, – said the head of Department on development of sales of “Aviastar-SP” Vladimir Lantratov. Ulyanovsk oblast in General now claims the title of centre of modernization, maintenance and repair of transport aircraft of Russia.

On the other hand, establish by production of, for example, the An-70 is impossible, since Ukraine is fully engaged in the design supervision of the project.

Still, a lot we tomorrow can handle themselves, says Rogozin – up to 70% of what the Ukrainian defense industry is supplied for the Russian defense industry. The remaining 30%, according to him, Russia is ready to develop in time from 1 month to 2.5 years. And that’s where Ukraine will find the markets now – the big question.

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