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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

On the Krakow festival presented the film about the Sochi Olympics

At the 56th film festival Cracow international documentary and short film showed the official film of the Sochi Olympics 2014, made under the direction of Sergey Miroshnichenko.

photo: youtube.com

To submit official and nearly three-hour picture “Ring of peace” came a documentarian, the author of the series “Born in the USSR”, winner of the “Emmy” Sergey Miroshnichenko and operator Yury Yermolin. Every country where the Olympic Games take place, takes off to the International Olympic Committee, a film about how it was. In Krakow presented the best of them – about the 1936 Olympics in Germany, Leni Riefenstahl, tape Claude Lelouch about the Grenoble-68, Carlos Saura on Barcelona ‘ 92. The Russian audience will be able to see only a truncated version of Sochi 2014, which lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes. The full version of the film will be shown at Kinotavr.

Sergey Miroshnichenko has gone his own way, although based on the experience of predecessors. He made a bid for outstanding athletes who came from all over the world throughout the picture tell us about yourself and the sport.

– Pictures about the Olympics are done, usually within two years after its completion, – says Sergey. – Have worked for 17 operators. This is five times less than Leni Riefenstahl. Filmed over 700 hours of material. We first gave the floor to the athletes. We delivered the finished film is not the Russian state and the Olympic Committee, which is checked every frame on the subject of tolerance, a balance between the screen presence of men and women, all kinds of sports. I made a film about the philosophy of sport, and not about the Olympics, and the IOC tested how my vision fits his ideals. Can someone from the management is so like our picture, but it happens. Film Riefenstahl didn’t like Goebbels, and a similar pattern of Ichikawa about Boxing in Tokyo in 1965 was banned in Japan. A film by Claude Lelouch didn’t like Charles de Gaulle. “Ring world” tell us that in man there is a beast. And when the beast wins, he turns into an animal, but if man wins, then we move to the world.

The conditions in which he worked our operators, were monstrous. As told Yuri Yermolin, the part of his colleagues was based in the mountain cluster, removing everything associated with skiing and the rest in water, filmed what happened on the ice: “On any episode was one scene, filmed without doubles. Missed – so lost. The priority was the television, which gave the best seats. So that figure skating had to shoot from a great distance”.

Riefenstahl was allowed to dig a hole to enable the operator to remove the jumps were built special rails to capture swimmers. Now, according to Miroshnichenko, it is a luxury. “Operator filmed frantic movement of skaters large lens, night felt like an astronaut. He was sick”, – says Sergey.

Looking at the screen itself, involuntarily born the phrase “About sports, you’re a monster”. Wanted to whether or not the authors of the film, but it conveys the horror and mega-scale event. Spectators in the stands in Royal garb, almost the manomaha hat, is stunning. Someday the descendants will appreciate it. In the meantime, we are much more interesting to watch “Olympia” Riefenstahl, to observe those who are no longer alive, and understand much about a bygone era. In the stands – Hitler. The triumph and defeat of the German athletes, he perceives like a child, nervously scratching his leg. And it is a priceless document of the time. In “Rings of peace” is much more expressive words and “talking heads”, live reaction of those who do not work for the camera. With the coaches, whose faces are eloquent, few beats. Here is where the storm of the passions. And a moment of intense defeat the joy of victory. Viktor An, representing Russia, tells the Korean language. It Swiss snowboarder Yuri Podladchikova, Russian by birth, has a slight accent, and he already thinks otherwise. The world is multipolar, and in the film it felt.

At the opening ceremony of the festival, one of the members of the jury came in shorts. Artistic had to hide behind the rose, to hide behind colleagues. What festival Director Krzysztof Gierat coming to the shows by bike, said: “we Have tuxedos dumb”. The festival is democratic in all. Polish documentarian Peter Stas, whose film “21хНью York” opened the festival, has appeared on stage in short pants and only one blue sock. Other Shoe worn on bare feet. Completed the costume green tie. One of the heroes of the film Vitalik speaks Russian. He’s very young, but talks about women’s buttocks. Peter Stas has captured the eyes of the visitor metro new York, inhabited by many strange people, and then the camera wanders to the Windows, which is its life. The third part talks about the erotic preferences of the inhabitants of the metropolis, quite bizarre. In 2005, the Stas removed we have a similar movie “7хМосква”. The figure in these paintings related to the number of main characters.

In the competition of feature documentaries – the picture of Zosia Rodkevich “My friend Boris Nemtsov”. After the show asked good if he was a politician, as she took his murder. Asked questions about Kasparov and the opposition. As noted then, Zosia, seven days of rain, while answered Yes in English. She met with Boris Nemtsov in 22 years, receiving job training, and eventually withdrew a funny and vivid picture. For three years, either accompanied him with a camera, and he liked it. He told me that he wants to awaken the whole of Russia.

26-minute picture of “Two childhood” Vladimir Golovnev involved in a short contest. The tenth one from the Ural schools from the city of Degtyarsk on the eve of Victory Day, visit veterans. Once their 16-year-old peers were recorded by volunteers in the tank corps, but today’s teenagers don’t care about that. Teachers stick with talking about the fact that such a homeland, and they don’t know what to say. Or what is the Holocaust? It turns out, holiday, Maslenitsa, where you give presents. With the elderly they don’t want to communicate. One says bluntly: “I don’t feel good”. Girl bear greeting card women veterans, and its at this moment endure from the entrance in a coffin. In the end, 10A takes the first place in the Patriotic game that you made up for them by adults. The Krakow festival made a bet on live cinema and merciless in his truthfulness.

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