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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Monocle for the sighted

Begin with the words attributed to the Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee Yuri Andropov, at the June (1983) Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee: “frankly, we have still not studied adequately in the society in which we live and work, not fully reveal its inherent regularity, especially economic.”

photo: morguefile.com

No wonder many doubt the authenticity of the quotes: chief security officer, of course, was the presentation of the main features of Russian society, however, mainly about those that have changed radically in Russia in the first half of the last century. As for more recent studies, the quality of the analysts, usually relevant to the key tenets of Marxist-Leninist theory, does not hold water. As a result, the substandard results has become one of the causes of the disaster in 1991.

Over the past quarter century, we have not raised the “veil of ignorance” over the modern Russian mentality. Power, as once told Andropov, “compelled to act, so to speak, empirically, it is highly irrational by trial and error.” However, if in the Soviet Union “experiments” have been based on seemingly immutable ideology, today such just yet. Except for the Foundation of a new world naked, and often went out of false patriotism.

Because his ideas, and a Holy place is never empty, we impose Western socio-economic maxims, unacceptable in Russia for at least three reasons.

The first reason. Western, “Latin”, as they say in the old days, economic principles in the popular minds in tune with deceit, hostility. And the confrontation is mutual (from the West — sometimes panic) that began during the reign of Ivan the terrible. Even if tomorrow Vladimir Putin will go to “the easing of geopolitical tensions”, as recently suggested Alexey Kudrin imposed sanctions against Russia will not cancel completely, leaving part of them to prevent.

The second reason. The West, at least scientific, he is not sure of the rightness of their views. In recent years we talk about the need to reform the institutions (rules that define our livelihoods) or the rules of the game in society. As once wrote Nobel laureate in Economics James Buchanan, “the quality of the game largely depends on the quality of its rules, than the skill of the players.” Give effective institutions — and tomorrow we do not know.

However, the domestic verbiage do not consider that in any game in addition to the rules and players (Messi or Ronaldo, it turns out, much depends), there are judges. No, it’s not about the world of arbitration or the arbitrators, take the above about those who enforce the rules at the state level. To our shame, if we speak football language, they confuse a penalty with the goalie. And some, like “diving forecaster” Alexei Ulyukayev, confused, perhaps, soccer and water Polo.

Another example. The Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina started fresh performance in the video of “understand the economy” as: “Monetary policy is the actions of the state influencing the amount of money and the conditions of their treatment.” Now open the Law On the Central Bank”, where in article 34 (1) States: “”the Main objective of monetary policy the Bank of Russia is protection and ensuring stability of the ruble by maintaining price stability, including to create the conditions for balanced and sustainable economic growth”.

So after all the “state action” or independent of it, under the law of the Central Bank? But Nabiullina is a “judge” was the least in the financial sector.

The reason for the third. Western economic beliefs Aesop (sometimes as “bird”) a language imposed on us by the liberal intelligentsia, long as the people believed, ministered to the real “masters of life”. The same Kudrin urged to reduce geopolitical tensions, and for the sake of attracting foreign investment (where? anyone?) to overcome the technological gap.

At the same time, sad experience shows that in Russia, unlike other countries not steal to profit, but just with investment. As for the attachments themselves, they are, as people think, are not aimed at achieving distributive justice, and to the enrichment of the favorites of thieves. Or on the acquisition of a lying government bureaucrats another “rolls-Royce” for 40 million rubles. As far as after the publication of this fact has increased the gap of mistrust between this “productive” bureaucracy and society?

In 2005, the Indian economists Eswar Prasad, Raghuram Rajan, and Arvind Subramanian published an article “the Paradox of capital”, where he analyzed the economic growth of developing countries in 1970-2004 in relation to the inflow of foreign investment. It turned out that in all States, the growth based on domestic savings was faster in comparison with countries that have invested in the attraction of foreign money, mostly, as it turns out, is speculative.

Maybe the speaker forgot that the only period when the new Russia recorded a net increase of foreign investments, were in 2006-2007? And that next year the inflows turned negative, Yes, how: only in the fourth quarter of 2008, the country ran more than 130 billion dollars? Really naive this time “things will be different”?

By the way, options for reducing the “technological gap” there are many: from semi-criminal up to a respectable acquisition, technology and companies producing them. Sanctions? I beg of you — there are many ways to get around them.

Speaking of Aesopian language. German Gref said recently that the reduction of tension in the situation with Ukraine” will contribute to a significant strengthening of the ruble. Let alone geopolitics — the common man, not within 2-3% of the population who regularly visit abroad, so what? Prices will fall? Pay rise? Consumer loans forgive? Sberbank, headed by German Gref personally lead by example?

What do you do to the people, “not bought bloodworms and went to the river”-a taxi driver to solve the issues of the global world order?

First, the President must stop to weigh unsuited “concepts” and listen to the character who chose to believe him and people, perhaps even to lead the government. Social justice is not just redistribution, but also fairness to the people. It should also streamline the relations with the Church, steeped in luxury, avarice, debauchery. In Russia we have always worshipped not the priests, but the Faith, even flavored with abundant external trappings.

Secondly, start cleansing power corridors from fans of “rolls-Royce”, collectors of the London chorus or an exclusive holiday in the “friendly” resorts. These pettifoggers wife hit very often, to feed. The same applies to the leaders of “natural monopolies”: it is they, and not the actions of the Central Bank — the cause of continued high inflation, not to mention the epic failures of recent years. Today the economy is controlled by Western patterns of a century ago.

Third, involve the management of the industry 30-40 years of technocrats, absolute measure of value which, in addition to a good biography should be moderation, hard work, bezsrebrenitsi. Dmitry Ustinov was the Commissar of armament of the USSR at the age of 33, Nikolai Voznesensky, Chairman of Gosplan 34, Alexey Kosygin — the people’s Commissar for textile industry of the USSR in 35. All appointments occurred before the war. By the way, the son of Andropov, have chosen a diplomatic path, first became Ambassador after his father’s death.

Fourthly, to compel the heads of state companies and owners-the oligarchs to the process of industrial modernization in patrimonial towns. Dissatisfaction with the way in 2009 in Pikalevo, most likely, again will go from there.

Fifthly, to simplify the path to education and research activities, pre-cleared rector’s building and the Directorate of impurity from the deceitful and greed. To involve primarily material and social benefits, young professionals by setting up universities and research institutions integrated vocational and age factor.

Sixthly, to maximize access to electronic literature, especially to the archives. Today documents on the history of Russia it is easier to find in online catalogues of some of Harvard, not in the native repositories.

Otherwise you’ll have to anxiously wait for liberal revenge, inevitable due to the inaction of the authorities. To start to learn the lines from “creation” Demian Poor “is Not the last thing” the period of revolutionary conviction obscurantist Russia:

Slept Russia, wooden fool

For a thousand years! For a thousand years!

Old our “culture”!

Anything in it of value there.

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