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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Men in Sweden for the first time appeared more than women

For the first time since 1749, that is, for all the time of such statistics, men in Sweden were more than women. This is very unusual, since almost all Western countries, women historically represent the majority, but, apparently, today this trend is to some extent apparent in other parts of Europe.

For the first time the number of men on 277 people exceeded the number of women in March last year, and since then the gap has continued to grow and today has already exceeded 12 thousand. For demographers, as scientists themselves admit, it was a surprise, so in the Sweden authorities were not ready for change and yet not too present, as these need to be addressed. Analyzing the growth in the number of men already in fact, experts tend to believe that the reason for this was the increase in life expectancy, and the impact of migration flows, reports phys.org.

Although, on average, to every 100 girls 105 boys are born approximately, women in many countries more due to the fact that he on average are living longer. Recently, however, the ratio of men to women in many European countries is changing. In Norway men was more than women, even earlier than in Sweden, and in Denmark and Switzerland, their number today is almost leveled off. In Germany, where in 1960 for every 100 females accounted for 87 men and now they have 96, and in the UK, the figure for the same time period increased from 93 to 97, and, according to the predictions of experts in statistics, by mid-century will be higher than 100.

Now social scientists are trying to figure out fraught if the change of the ratio of men and women any risks. In particular, some researchers concern that with the increasing number of men relative to women will grow and the number of those men who can’t find a mate, which in turn could increase the number of cases of sexual harassment.

According to the report, recently published by the world health organization, over 16 years that have passed since 2000, the average life expectancy in the world increased by five years and is 69 years for men and 74 years for women. Despite the fact that the difference is still very noticeable, many experts note that men are gradually catching up with women than may be due to the change in the ratio. Also have a role to play arrive in Europe, many boys-migrants from Afghanistan, Syria and North Africa.

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