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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Former colleagues of Navalny accused him in a lie

A new scandal in the camp of non-system opposition looks even more dirty than many previous. And it’s not just the fact that some supporters of Alexei Navalny has accused the other of sexual harassment. Even people at the time admired the Bulk, now convinced that he just “fooled”.

In the environment of non-system opposition was a scandal, some details of which became known due to the businessman-known to the advertiser and the blogger-photographer Ilya Varlamov (known also thanks to the reports on mass protests of the non-system opposition 2010-2012). On its website, Varlamov has published an article that, according to the author, sheds light on the background of the conflict between Alexei Navalny and the Deputy of the Moscow municipal district of Sucina from the party Yabloko, the champion of Russia on sports poker Maxim Katz.

“The reality was totally different to what the Bulk knows very well, but for some reason, considers it possible to publicly lie”

We will remind, on the eve of Navalny on the TV channel “Rain” called Katz “a dishonest man” and a “rogue” – in this case the opposition leader has referred to his own experience and the experience led them to Fund the fight against corruption. Katz was the Deputy head of the election headquarters of Navalny on elections of the mayor of Moscow in 2013.

A year earlier, Katz headed a staff of Ilya Varlamov, when he ran for mayor of Omsk. “Maxim Katz I know for a long time, in addition to joint social activities we have with it and business projects”, – reminds Varlamov. Among other things, the photographer and the Deputy municipal created in 2012, the Fund “City projects”.

As for cooperation Bulk and Katz during the campaign in 2013, it didn’t end well – the municipal Deputy dismissal from the post of Deputy head of the election headquarters.

“How unfortunate that people frustratingly forgetful!”

Alexei Navalny, remembering the circumstances of the conflict with Katz, said on air of “Rain”: “I try to interact with people who know what ethics is, what a normal relationship with the team.”

From said Bulk followed: for this reason the head of the electoral headquarters of Bulk Leonid Volkov and Katz fired (literally) “two weeks before elections for some such reasons, and I have supported this decision”. “So this is not the person with whom we can work together”, – added Bulk. In addition, the opposition leader has accused Katz of corruption: according to Navalny, when he ran for the Moscow city Duma, municipal Deputy concealed their incomes from Mosgorizbirkoma, enter your Bank account on the parents.

“And for God’s sake, forget now about the Kats once and for all. He’s shady, dishonest crook, and empty space. Why bother to discuss it – he will disappear”, – supported the Bulk of his former press Secretary Anna Veduta in his Twitter.

Katz, in response, explained that it was unable “to respond to sudden flow (feces) from the Bulk”, but Varlamov was notified promptly that will put “on Varlamov.ru great post, why Navalny is lying”.

“People who worked on this campaign, Navalny, the real causes (of the conflict) know and were surprised by the outright lies of Alexei – says the word Navalny, Ilya Varlamov. – Actually the split happened not because of someone’s dishonesty, and, no matter how corny it sounds, for a woman”. Varlamov explains that the story nobody wanted to voice publicly, “but once Mr. Navalny touched on this subject, it is necessary to tell, how all was actually”.

After this the author quotes the text, which, he argues, is a story for “the women” – the employee of a staff of Navalny in the election 2013 Catherine Patolino involved in Internet-projects of the candidate.

“The reality was totally different to what the Bulk knows very well, but for some reason, considers it possible to publicly lie. How frustrating that the person in whom I believed, so frustratingly forgetful!” – with this statement begins a detailed story of Betulinol.

“Thus began a serious split of opposition forces”

Briefly the story is as follows: the head of the election headquarters of Navalny, his closest ally Leonid Volkov – “hopeless romantic”, but a married man with two children fell in love with Patulin. When she did not show reciprocity, and began to pursue. In the story Paulinoi the term sexual harassment – “sexual harassment”.

“He (wolves) everywhere started to follow me around, not letting the normal build internetiki – normally go to the toilet. Without leaving the state ofigevayu, I somehow managed to restrain his activity to the headquarters by chance has not collapsed because of the General hysteria,” writes Paulina. The communication of girls with Maxim Katz (“9 Sep max and I started Dating”) “infuriated” Volkova: “Once he even came to the office to watch me, so I went out to dinner with anyone but him. And when I managed to escape, got me hysterical.”

The next morning the wolves “got so freaked out because of this, that not saw no option better than to take revenge for all their suffering, “the chief culprit” of the fact that my support is gone, ” Maxim Katz. He tried to fire him for no reason, report it to a narrow circle of people. Max’s twisted finger to his temple, saying it was some nonsense…”.

“When I came to chat with Navalny after the holiday, he said I was now “spy Katz” and work on Internet projects is one guy that I fired from the headquarters during the campaign,” writes Paulina. We will remind that scandal with elements of melodrama took place on the eve of elections of the mayor. According to the version of Varlamov, this story was the reason for the dismissal of Deputy head of the election headquarters.

“Thus began a serious split in the opposition forces, because of this all squabbled inside first staff, and then beyond,” writes Paulina.

After completion of the campaign wolves in the letter apologized for “the mess” (mess – “mess”), which responsible he became. But whatever it was, Katz and Paulina no longer worked with Navalny.

“Navalny chose to further cooperation with someone who was obviously wrong, but was loyal to him personally. Max in this situation at all because of the banal jealousy Volkova. Of course Navalny had to stop it and not to lie now live “Rain”, writes Paulina.

“I realized that for the Bulk I – crap.”

The attacks on Navalny Katz with accusations of dishonesty that together with Navalny calls to boycott the upcoming elections called “memoir” response, and well-known political journalist Ekaterina Vinokurova.

“I believed the Bulk of the main leader of the protest. I believed in the protest. Quite believed. And in Bulk, – Vinokurov wrote on his page in Facebook. – …In 2012 there were elections in the CC (Coordinating Council of the opposition – approx. OPINION). I was asked to do an interview with Navalny about them in the CC. Difficulties to arise should not, Bulk was considered our and my “friend”. “Navalny suddenly asked me to postpone the interview until the election to the constitutional court. Of Course, Alex. I believe you. And another week. Of Course, Alex. Evening – think environment. Navalny has asked to postpone an interview on Friday. According to the journalist, as a result, the opposition gave an interview – but other publication, thus violating his own promise.

“It happens. The user requires to explain the reasons. If you work in media you do not understand the magnitude of my problems. Navalny was just leading me on… And I just stayed out of work, – says Vinokurova. – Well, I’ll explain the manual. “Alex, what shall I say?” – questioner. Alex, since we were all together. “The interview took aliens”, comes the answer.”

“It’s been four years, but will never forget that night,” continues the journalist. – Then I realized that for the Bulk I’m the shit, like many others”. Vinokourov explained that it told the story – “not a thing about the offense for an interview; it’s about some human relationships”.

“Then, many years later, Navalny laughing at me in Kostroma. Me and Baronov (Maria Baronova, in the moment – the project coordinator of the human rights movement “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky and member of the electoral list of Parnassus) just attacked, and he scoffed that I was scared”.

“But it’s a thing of the past. In the present Navalny made today that was so crappy, calling for a boycott of the elections,” concluded Vinokourov, reminding that the elections are including opposition leaders Dmitry Gudkov, Vladimir Ryzhkov, Maria Baronova already mentioned, and the members of the team the Bulk of the Nikolai Lyaskin and Konstantin Jankauskas.

“The whole reason in Bulk”

The flaunting of “dirty Laundry”, squabbling, settling and fighting the ambitions of politicians aspiring to the role of alternative to the current government and are fighting against it, characterize the opposition camp is not the best way.

Political analyst Alexei Martynov, however, sees “nothing new” in this story, which he considers the latest in a series of endless scandals in the ranks of the so-called non-system opposition. “By a strange coincidence these scandals in one form or another are associated with the name Navalny. It is the scandals and not held primaries Parnassus, he puts not in the best light of this, Katz. In General, it generates around itself a continuous scandal,” – said Martynov newspaper VIEW.

The expert stressed that Navalny has made a name for himself oppositionist, and before that the name of the successful greenmailer (generalista – blackmail – approx. OPINION) solely on the scandals. “This is just such a person, he has such a scandalous character. Everything he touches eventually turns into a scandal, like the ancient king Midas, only with the sign of the opposite,” – said Martynov.

He proposes not to seek the causes “in fine mental organization of these people,” because “the whole reason for in Bulk.”

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