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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Experts: the TV Channel “Rain” is unlikely to get out of systemic crisis

The problems of the channel were the result of “errors in strategic choice of its leadership, experts said after the next frame of the scandal on “Rain” – about his resignation announced the presenter Pavel Lobkov. Previously the channel was fired immediately half of the team. What happens to one of the most important mouthpieces of the creative class?

General Director of TV channel “Rain” Natalia Sindeeva on Monday night assured that the journalist Pavel Lobkov remains in her team. “Pasha with us,” said Sindeeva in the conversation live by the Pubic. “Everything will be fine. And Pavel Lobkov will work with us in the future – I will do everything that depends on me,” he promised before air Sindeeva in Twitter account.

“From a lively, creative, young company, where I am in my 45 was the oldest and most conservative, you became a sect factcheckers, event producers and Muftis”

Late last night, a journalist working for “the Rain” from 2012, announced on Facebook his retirement. “I’m leaving. It hurts me, as, perhaps, few people. My pockets are cleaned out. My insides gutted. From lively, creative, young company, where I am in my 45 was the oldest and most conservative, you became a sect factcheckers, event producers and Muftis. Those few who wanted to return to the channel the appearance of large-scale, secular, witty, were plugged with a rag,” complained Lobkov, upon presentation of a personal claim and some of his colleagues, from which he suffered bullying.

“We are sick narcissism”

In the air Sindeeva admitted that his performance Lobkov plunged her knife in the back”, and to read his personal attacks against colleagues with whom he works side by side was especially “painful and sad”. Lobkov in response, said the main reason that is motivating him to this demarche: “We are sick with narcissism, it is impossible to go five years.” The journalist admitted that he was already furious atmosphere “daily holiday” in the Studio, and sometimes ostentatious. “We as the Soviet people – with salad’t leave,” quipped pubic hair. When Sindeeva broadcast calls of the spectators, who began to reproach Lobkova, he again compared it with Soviet times: “Well, Natasha, you even drew the public! The staff of the plant requires: to the gallows Trotsky-Zinoviev dogs! It shall be done!”

However, Lobkov said that changed my mind: until he goes, but still hesitates. A conversation with the CEO he was assessed as “serious and hard”. “I was going to leave the channel and haven’t decided whether to make it,” he wrote in the blog. MK recalls that at the end of last year, the journalist admitted that he is HIV-positive. According to him, he disclosed his disease to decrease the level of hatred for people with this diagnosis.

“Tomorrow” never came

As he wrote in April to the newspaper VIEW, “the Rain” a month ago has been in such a deep financial crisis, decided to halve the staff. Thus, of the 300 employees will work for approximately 150 people.

The channel has established a very uncomfortable atmosphere, confirmed to the newspaper VIEW one of the employees of the channel. “The fact that such an experienced professional as pubic hair, could not stand, also quite clear, – the interlocutor told. – Everything becomes chaos. The desire not to offend leads to anarchy and hegemony of nobodies. A bunch of stupid girls, senseless interviewers!”

“A suitcase mood, no money. Even the chief of the information service Maria Makeyeva admitted: can’t show off in secondary roles, not enough pay, want to realize in life”, – the interlocutor told. According to him, ceased to cooperate with the channel and the winners of the acclaimed project “Big change” for 2014 and 2015 Tatyana Boer and Anna Krupina.

Rejection within the team, according to the employee of “Rain” is TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, a figure which provokes the split. “Even when Tikhon Dzyadko left, he said for her to “Rain” became uncomfortable, we turned to the staff, to secretaries when Sobchak and the Sindeeva,” recalls the source.

“The channel has invested a lot in strength and reputation to Sobchak began to perceive not just as a Flirty socialite, and as a serious journalist. The administration does not want to butt heads with her and really appreciates her contribution to the work of the channel. But there is a limit, and “Rain” now came up to him. The channel for the money now spends more on programs Sobchak than it earns. If this continues, they say, it’s time to go”, – said the interlocutor of the newspaper VIEW.

“Though, admittedly, all the major interviews on the channel did Sobchak. And many things she does for free. Just as friends! The transmission rating go with her, so it’s a moot point, someone who gave more. Although many within the team are against Sobchak, such a humiliation she doesn’t deserve”, – stated the interlocutor.

“She has a rate of 20 thousand Euro, but because of the stupid project, “President-2042″ canceled six of its programmes and, therefore, cut wages. But it was certainly not fair, ” admitted the source. – Sobchak also in the hearts once said that on TV censorship reigns, CEO managerwe content of her own show and even pulls her on top of the black list guests”.

Recently, the channel had left many of those who had been the face of “Rain”. Retired chief editor Mikhail Zygar, the channel previously left his Deputy Renat Davletgildeev. He chose to work on former oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky on the website of the Foundation “Open Russia”. There has passed and presenter Ksenia Batanova. Producer of news broadcasting Timur Olevsky emigrated to the Czech Republic, sitting on “Radio Liberty”. Olevsky has also admitted that it did not work for wages on “Rain”.

The main man “Rain”

Last year, television revenues fell sharply. Daily decreased from 800 thousand to 300 thousand rubles, the total revenue from subscriptions declined by 10 million (50% from subscriptions and 30% from distribution and advertising).

Markedly decreased and the operational flow of information, the quantity and quality of stories. Failed in the air and the TV series “Tomorrow” (the story that the representatives of liberal forces hold positions in the presidential administration of Russia), but on the issue his only series of the channel reached one million donations, then lost his rental license. Not paid off and the already mentioned large-scale project “President-2042 – training candidates tactics of the campaign.

“As she said Sindeeva, the fact that people go in “Open Russia”, – it is not a question of money, it “zabronzovevshy we”. There budget is small but there is drive. They believe “Rain” written off and lost its uniqueness, said Sindeeva. Need an upgrade, but no money, and a penny won’t do,” said the newspaper’s source on the channel.

“In General, the guide itself recognises that the interest of the audience falls, the content is uninteresting, no exclusives. In addition, the headmistress blames in this situation, a large “antibodies” public relations, the image of the outsider, the “branch of the state Department” and so on. But not only fell “Yandex karma”, the audience, in principle, tired of political news. Besides strong competition to be “Medusa”, “Radio Liberty” and RBC. Not enough new blood is hindered by the fact that most of the material on the website closed by paolom,” he complained, having in mind that access to the materials of “Rain” on the website pay.

“On the website common technical problems, there is poor navigation, poor work and social networks, bad promote new projects,” said the source. – Bad shooting, buggy player, the picture does not match the quality of modern standards. Here is the traffic and crashes.

According to him, “Rain” lacks the equipment and can not afford a variety of television images, intra-frame is filled with movement and sound. “Not enough professional staff. Average earnings for new employees does not exceed 20 thousand rubles”, – said the interlocutor of the newspaper VIEW.

Created for a narrow audience

Member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies Alexei Zudin believes that the scandal surrounding Lobkova – private episode, but it illustrates the General crisis, which turned out to be the TV station.

“Perhaps, “Rain” is faced with individual difficulties is not quite the right management and commercial solutions. Still, it seems more convincing another explanation of a more General plan. “Rain” was created to work in a particular audience – the audience that tuned sharply critical of the political and social order, which was established in Russia, was created with focus on the growth of this audience. But the course of events that began with the return of Vladimir Putin to the presidency, then the reunification with Crimea, radically changed the atmosphere in the country. In General, the conditions for the media, focused as focused “Rain”, was adverse. In this context, the difficulties of the channel were the result not of mistakes in management, and mistakes in strategic positioning,” explained Zudin the newspaper VIEW.

“There is wording that can overcome the crises associated with the change in environment activities, and these editions have a future. They are able and want to keep up with the times. And is edition, inextricably linked with the time of its inception, and the underlying attitudes of their audience. This media with a limited life cycle. They remain hostage to the strategic choices of its leadership. While much is said about what “Rain” belongs to the second type. Will the management and staff to find the strength to be in demand in the future is an open question”, – concluded the expert.

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