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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

China will send to the Sun five scientific satellites

Director of the National center of space research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences JI said that in the next five years, China plans to launch to the Sun five new research units. The satellites are designed to study solar activity and its impact on the Earth. Research will be carried out in the framework of the joint European-Chinese research program, known as SMILE.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The JI said that, in addition to the study of solar flares and space weather, apparatus will help to collect to get the new information about black holes, as well as experiments in water purification. In the Chinese Academy of Sciences believe that the satellites will help to make breakthroughs in all these areas.

One of the five satellites scheduled for launch in 2021, is intended for studying the interaction between the solar wind and Earth’s magnetosphere with the help of technology that uses ultraviolet rays and x-rays. The second apparatus is designed to study the interaction of the magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere.

The third satellite is designed for detailed study of the water cycle, quickly measuring parameters such as soil moisture, salt content in the oceans and the rate of water evaporation from their surface. The fourth probe will be designed directly for studying the Sun and, as expected, for the first time will enable China to conduct relevant research without the participation of other countries: it is designed in order to study the causal relationship between solar flares and coronal mass ejections. Finally, the fifth spacecraft will search for black holes.

This is not the first statement of the Chinese experts regarding the ambitious plans for the conduct of space research. In particular, in the beginning of this year, the scientists of China announced the intention to carry out quantum teleportation between the earth and the cosmos to an unprecedented distance of more than 1 200 kilometers. Around the same time, China announced plans to make a record for the country, the number of space launches in 2016 — as stated, in the amount they plan to carry more than 20. In particular it was reported that with the help of the carrier rocket Long March 2F will be launched manned spacecraft Shenzhou XI, which will take astronauts to the space lab. In addition, in 2020 China plans to build its own orbital base, and in the longer term, to put a man on the moon.

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