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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Asian Nobel prize” was given for gravitational waves

The jury of the annual international research prize of Shao, which is sometimes called the “Nobel prize of the East” or “Asian Nobel prize”, announced the laureates of this year. They were six scientists — two from Britain and four from the United States. The names of the winners were announced during a press conference in Hong Kong.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

For the creation of Laser interferometric gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO), which were the first to detect gravitational waves prize in astronomy was awarded to Ronald Drever and Kip Thorne from the California Institute of technology and Rainer Weiss of Massachusetts Institute of technology. Gravitational waves are oscillations of the “fabric” of space-time predicted by albert Einstein almost a hundred years ago in the General theory of relativity, and the evidence of their existence, many scientists recognize the brightest discovery for many years. The discovery will allow to study such large-scale events as the merger of black holes or neutron stars, even if they occur in a very remote area of the Universe, inaccessible to any other types of surveillance.

Prize winners Shao in medicine and biology are Adrian bird from Edinburgh University and Huda, Zoghbi from the Medical Institute of Howard Hughes. They were able to access genetic and molecular mechanisms of development of psycho-neurological genetic disorder called rett syndrome, or zerebrasteniceskie the hyperammonemia. This disease can cause mental retardation and many other disorders in girls.

Finally, the winner of the prize in mathematics announced Nigel Hitchin, of Oxford University, member of the jury noted his considerable contributions to geometry, representation theory and theoretical physics. Any specific academic achievements on the website of the award in this volume.

Award Shao established in November 2002 under the patronage of the philanthropist, film and the telemagnate Shao Yifu, and named in his honor. Originally the prize was one million dollars, to date, however, increased to $ 1.2 million. The motto of the award States that it is awarded to scientists “regardless of race, nationality and religious beliefs”, whose work had on mankind a significant positive impact. The medal, certificate and cheque cash rewards is traditionally held in early autumn. Since the establishment of the prize was awarded 40 awards 71 the winner.

By the way, the award Shao — not the only one, which is sometimes informally compared to the Nobel prize, the most prestigious existing. In particular, Belevsky award, which this year was awarded to Andrew wiles famous proof of Fermat’s theorem, sometimes called the “Nobel prize of mathematics.”

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