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Friday, October 21, 2016

To protect the health of the pregnant woman will help her urine

New non-invasive method of diagnosis, allowing early to predict a dangerous pathology in pregnancy, was developed by Russian scientists from the Moscow physical technical Institute, Scientific center for obstetrics and the number of RAS institutes. In order to as soon as possible to fix the problem, was the need to analyze urine samples for the presence of certain markers.

Pathology, to deal more effectively with which is designed to help describes the methodology that is called “preeclampsia” and today to diagnose it, as a rule, possible only in the later stages of development. Preeclampsia is manifested in the fact that women sharply increasing blood pressure, is the destruction of blood cells , and in the last months of pregnancy there is a dysfunction of the liver and kidneys.

Such complication of pregnancy is quite common and thus dangerous to women’s health. The reasons for the development of pathology is unknown, which further complicates the fight against it. As a result, experts often very difficult to choose a course of therapy that would be effective and as safe as possible for both mother and child.

To date, the problem can be detected at high pressure and high concentration of proteins in the urine of women, however, this method does not allow to see the development of preeclampsia in the early stages.

Russian experts have identified 35 protein biomarkers of preeclampsia, which can be obtained by analysis of urine samples from women. These markers allow you to know how serious is preeclampsia, which will allow you to choose the most effective tactics to combat it. In the future, researchers hope based on the proposed technology will be developed by the clinical method which will give the opportunity to detect the development of preeclampsia in its earliest stages.

Their study, the researchers presented on the pages of the scientific publication Journal of Proteomics.

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