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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The US state Department warned of possible terrorist attacks in Poland and France

If to take into account the position of the Americans, soon the Russians better not to meddle in Europe. And it’s not just the sanctions does-financial-political problems. As reported on may 31 Reuters, the U.S. State Department warned citizens of his country about the growing threat of terrorist attacks throughout Europe, especially in Poland and in France. A high level of danger, stressed by the American state Department, will continue all summer – until the end of August 2016. However, Russian experts see this statement not so much a real threat, much greater concern of the American establishment about its citizens.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

– We warn US citizens about the risk of possible terrorist attacks throughout Europe, the purpose of which are major events, tourist sites, restaurants, shopping malls and vehicle — to frighten their own and other citizens of the American diplomats. Well, those unfortunates tourists who still dare to visit Europe in the summer months, the statement of the foreign Ministry of the USA, will easily turn into a “desirable” target for terrorists.

So according to British The Sun, one of the first goals of the banned terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) were to become participants and spectators of the match of the European Championship between the teams of Russia and England in Marseille on 11 June: confirmation of the upcoming there the attacks the police found the notebook organizer of the Paris terrorist attacks Salah of Saudi Arabia.

However, currently this ghoul is sitting behind bars with their hands and no one to blow. But the police have reason to fear that the free accomplices of the terrorist from these plans will not refuse. And, therefore, the risk of getting in trouble with tourists is: let’s not forget that in France a series of terrorist attacks on 14 November last year, 129 people died, and in hospital with wounds and injuries of varying severity hit of 352.

– No, no there is no particular danger,- has assured “MK” head of the Center for foreign policy studies of the mechanism of the US Institute of USA and Canada studies Sergey Samoilov.- Just the American government and the state Department is particularly concerned about the life and safety of its citizens abroad. And believe that it is better to overdo it in the prevention of a real threat, and, therefore, to refrain from trips in Germany or, say, France, if there are concerns in terms of security. This is one of the manifestations of care of the American state on the lives and security of its citizens. By the way, us is not bad to attend to in order to adopt this style. However, in Russia recently became the foreign Ministry to warn citizens of the dangers of travel in Egypt, or, say, to Turkey.

There are no words: some humane way American society looks today, pretty funny:

– In the late 90-ies,- says Sergey Samoilov,- the official policy of the then US President Clinton was the so-called regionalization of the CIS, and, simply speaking, separation from Russia of the former national republics of the USSR. Ukraine then ranked third in the world in terms of aid given by the US (after Israel and Egypt) and received $ 300 million a year. But soon the Americans discovered that all the money stolen by the officials, and the country is flourishing crime. Some American businessmen then tried to deploy in Ukraine the trick. But it soon became clear that they can easily Rob or even kill. And then the state Department have developed specifically for the manual with the recommendations not to give anyone without a pressing need their addresses, telephone numbers and other personal data. So much was the care of its citizens.

By the way, it would be interesting to know: are these instructions for Americans in Ukraine today?

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