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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Russians were given five days to opt out from unnecessary insurance

From June 1 in our country came into force the instructions of the Central Bank, allowing the population to abandon imposed on insurance when obtaining a loan and purchasing insurance. But it is not so simple. In the case of compulsory car insurance, it is really possible to return the funds given for imposed, it is not always necessary insurance. When obtaining a loan, signing up for such services, it will be possible to return only part of the voluntarily given money.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

Getting a loan, buying items in the store, submit an application for a loan, insurance policy, even if you purchase the vouchers any of us are constantly faced with the offer of additional services. So, car owners often could not buy insurance, not insuring the life or other property. But when there is a need as quickly as possible to get behind the wheel of a selection: need to get a policy and to achieve it by any means, even buying unnecessary facilitate pocket insurance.

So is still ongoing. The most unpleasant is when obtaining a loan. You say that the interest on the loan amount is quite modest according to market estimates the sum. However, at the same time impose a few insurance payments, sometimes confusing and unnecessary.

As told “MK” the experts of automobile market, very often the insurance policy issued by mass violations. Users often explain that there are no forms or there are no available employees, so you need to arrange a place in the “queue”. To solve these problems by purchasing an additional insurance policy (to the load, for example, offered insurance against accident).

Now from this you can opt out for five days and return the money. However, how will this affect the deadline for receipt of insurance, is not clear. Surely there will be more forms and employees of insurance companies.

But the problems that arise from borrowers, as told to “MK” financial Ombudsman Pavel Medvedev, the instructions of the Central Bank will not solve. “A loan, in contrast to banks as we are told, is a difficult process. This multi-step scheme. In most cases the client does not understand what is signed. Yes, the Bank can plenty of talk about the possibility of obtaining a cheap loan. But with all the markups, interest may be twice as large as announced. For example, in the case of an insurance the Bank acts as the so-called insurance agent. When the loan he (or his child or dependent of the structure) gets to 90% of the paid insurance amount. Transfers the rest directly to the insurance company. If the client in two to three days after receipt of the loan wants not only to negotiate the terms of the loan, but also to return imposed on the paid for insurance money, for the full amount he can not count. The insurer will return it with a small percentage of those 10% that he was transferred by the Bank or other intermediary. Therefore, the Central Bank adopted the amendments by and large dummy, which does not change the existing situation”, — said Pavel Medvedev.

From the instructions of the Central Bank it is not clear what will happen to the people who purchased package tours and plane tickets. One is clear: God forbid, for example, the plane will fall. Insurance for life if warranted. But then to get money not always possible. Tourists often do not enjoy the accident insurance, and pay for only her medical part. Then the insurance has to be paid for the dead — the goodwill of the tour operator and the airline. So it happened with the recent collapse of the “Boeing” in Rostov-on-don.

But medical insurance does not always help.

According to Pavel Medvedev, when he was unlucky to break a leg in one of the European countries, when you contact the insurance company, he immediately told the address of the nearest clinic where he can help. “However, visiting a medical facility, I had to pay for the services, including to buy crutches and painkillers. The cost was relatively inexpensive, but the doctor who examined me, immediately I was told that to get money from the insurers will be difficult. Mainly for bureaucratic reasons. In particular, because of the franchise, the special conditions which exempts the insurer from the reimbursement of a specified portion of losses. Of course, in my case it is hardly necessary to attempt to obtain from the insurer € 30 for the crutches, 10-20 euros for a taxi for a few euros for a pain reliever. But it opens the way for other schemes to defraud consumers money,” explains Medvedev.

The Collapse Of The “Boeing”. Chronicle of events

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