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Friday, March 16, 2018

The real story of the apology Zalaldinov to Kadyrov

The inhabitant of the Chechen village of Kenkhi Ramazan of Zalaldinov brought Ramzan Kadyrov apology and returned home. Recall, he was forced to flee to Dagestan and hide there after the record of appeal to Putin with a story about corruption in Chechnya and the devastation in his native village. Zalaldinov house was burned. We were able to learn the circumstances of the return in Zalaldinov to Kyunghee .

photo: youtube.com

30 may it was announced that the Ramazan of Zalaldinov returned to his native village. The day before, on may 29 Zalaldinov held a meeting with the press Secretary of the head of Chechnya, Alvi Karimov, Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic Apti Alaudinov.

It was assumed that after returning home informed of the detainee’s cousin Zalaldinov of Saidmagomed Nasibov of Zalaldinov will negotiate, but he was not ready to meet in Chechnya, as had the fears for their safety.

On may 29 Zalaldinov went one of the members of the SPC party (political party “People against corruption”) Dagestani Mahi Idrissov, known for his loyalty to Kadyrov. In turn, one of the leaders of the party of NPK Khasmagomed Abubakarov, authoritative theologian, father of the first mufti of Dagestan, has agreed to act as the lead in these negotiations.

In Makhachkala, in the Studio of a local channel NNT was also attended by journalists from “Grozny TV”. Initially it was assumed that the plot with apologies Zalaldinov will be recorded as taking place in Grozny, however, Alvi Karimov saw this as “the danger of accusations of provocateurs,” and in the end apologies were recorded with microphones without covers.

The Chechen authorities promised Gladinova to rebuild his house in the village of Kenkhi, as well as to allocate financial assistance and help in getting a daughter in high school. The only thing asked in return is silence. Silence Zalaldinov previously required and some Dagestanis, loyal to Kadyrov.

According to our information, Ramzan Kadyrov held telephone talks with Khasmagomed Abubakarova, during which the head of Chechnya expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation, literally giving voice to what Zalaldinov if something happens, then blame it on him, Kadyrov. Therefore, the safest place for Ramazan will be Chechnya, his homeland.

The guarantors of the security Zalaldinov steel and Alvi Karimov and Deputy interior Minister of Chechnya Apti Alaudinov, who in turn promised that “not one hair from the head of Ramazan will not fall”.

According to sources, during the talks Zalaldinov apologized for its part, the representatives of the Chechen authorities. However, the official instagram of Ramzan Kadyrov and the reportage CGTV showed only the explanation of Khasmagomed abubakarova and apologies Ramazan Zalaldinov. Abubakarov stated that “public provocateurs” may use such errors, which made Zalaldinov in their favor. “I have no doubt no that Ramzan (Kadyrov – “MK”) is not only such much heavy, much deeper things can be forgiven, because it is a spiritually rich man. Today, if you take the entire Russian Federation, a Chapter of the Republic to compare with him, I don’t know. People do understand it, therefore people are constantly doing Ramzan Dua (a prayer- “MK”). Would I have the opportunity, to your life, remaining of Ramzan to give, that so many people think”.

In turn, Jamaldinov said that 99 percent of the information about him in the media is a lie. It is worth noting that all of these 99 percent were written from the words Zalaldinov a few days or weeks earlier by the journalists with whom he willingly went on contact.

“If I’d know that I was the cause of quarrel between the people of the fraternal peoples, my mouth would not open. I’m sorry, it was a mistake, very big mistake,” said Zalaldinov, and noted that already today the village of Kenkhi is booming.

31 may zalaldinov of Ramadan, accompanied by a party activist NPK Mahi Idrisova returned to his native village. Zalaldinov noted that already “drawn the blueprint of his future new home”.

The leadership of the Dagestan branch of the party “People against corruption” is now said that the leaders of the party contributed to the resolution of the conflict, while the leadership of Dagestan have not taken any action.

Help “MK”: Party “People against corruption” was established in 2012. The Chairman — Grigory Anisimov. Active in the regions. No famous names on its management, you will not find – moreover, it is impossible to find and the biography g-on Anisimov. In Dagestan, the local branch of the CPP informally called “the party of the clergy” or “the party of the mufti”.

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