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Friday, February 23, 2018

The groom, a man possessed by a demon, killed the Director

9th Festival of Polish films wisła held in Moscow on demonstration of the latest pictures of the recently deceased classic of world cinema Andrzej Gulevskaja “Space”. Then the festival will go to Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar and other Russian cities. Polish filmmakers have something to show.

Still from the film “Demon”

The program was attended by around 30 paintings. While the audience asked when and where you can see “Go” by Pawel Pawlikowski, has received the award “Oscar” as best foreign language film. “IDA” has bypassed in this race, “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev. In our rental it was, but went unnoticed. Other Polish films at the box office not long ago. The only opportunity to see them at festival “Vistula”.

“Space” Andrzej Gulevskaja filmed in 2015 and is now perceived as a farewell to an outstanding Director. He was silent for the last 15 years, and his previous film “Loyalty” made in 2000 with Sophie Marceau in the title role – his Muse and life companion. Zulawski was born in Lviv, he lived mainly in France, but always called himself a pole “Space” is noted last summer at the Locarno international film festival for best Director. It is based on the eponymous classic works of Polish Witold Gombrowicz. The action takes place in a small picturesque town on the eve of the Second world war. It’s amazing how Zulawska managed to move the absurdist and completely theatrical world of Gombrowicz on the screen. The film starred French actress Sabine Azem’s widow passed away two years ago, French Director Alain Resnais.

In the competition Wisla films of the last two years and of different genres. A jury of critics for its traditional award for “the Elephant said “My daughters cow” Kinga Dembski, opened the festival. The Director personally presented a picture that could get the audience award, because it’s a movie for people. King Dembowska showed their documentary “Actress”. The heroine of the film playing her two adult daughters, they are the same – cows, because they each other call, and father tells them that they are cows. One – actress, second – the teacher. We do not live very amicably, but doing everything possible to keep their elderly parents from dying. First, the mother gets to the hospital. She has cancer and then a stroke and as a result the coma. Then the operation falls on the father, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the brain. Every moment of life becomes for heroes special value. The picture is beautifully played and finely made. We have such films is definitely not.

Shot from a film “My daughter’s cow”

“United States of Love” by the young Director Tomasz Wasilewski, in February marked “Silver bear” for the screenplay at the Berlinale, the jury of critics of Moscow was awarded a diploma of the Guild of film critics for exact reconstruction of the atmosphere of the time. Tomasz wrote a script about the socialist past of Poland and neuroses of their compatriots. One of his characters teaches Russian literature. At school, she reviewed with the students a poem by Pushkin “I loved you”, but she has long forgotten what it is. The headmaster spins an affair with her former student with a speaking name Tchaikovsky. This picture is a desperate and bold, not for the faint of heart. Imagine something similar in Russian cinema today is simply impossible.

The prize of the audience received a non-competitive tape “planet of the singles” Mitya of Acorna. He personally, along with actress Veronica Xenetic represented his film. In Moscow brought a whole crew of Polish filmmakers, what actually happens on the “WISA” annually.

Two retrospectives dedicated to the late classics, not only Polish, but world cinema. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the death of the Director Krzysztof Kieslowski. In Moscow, showed his film “film Buff” and the famous trilogy “Three colors” – “Blue”, “White”, “Red”. Year, as no Andrzej Juraskova, and remembered his work – “the Third part of the night,” “the Devil”, “silver planet”. Also showed a documentary film by Jakub Skokana “zulawski about Zulawska”.

Latest for the 42-year-old filmmaker Marcin Brony was his “Demon” who participated in the competition Wisla. The picture was taken in 2015, was shown at the prestigious Toronto film festival, and then in September, the author tragically died during the film festival in Gdynia. His lifeless body was found in a hotel room. It’s partly weird and crazy picture where the groom is obsessed with the “Jewish demon”, whatever you say about him the guests at the wedding. Now many find the origins of what has happened in my life. Director – a fragile substance, and any picture if it is made with peace of cost, not anyhow, always becomes a reflection of his own world.

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